NBA GameClips: Kyrie Irving ACROBATIC Layups

Kairi head on a swivel going to work damps it puts it up in their car our AT&T high-speed replay Shots makes that guy right here Irva gets in the paint Yeah Called a professional hat skål that make you smile always a Little shake a little bacon. Oh yes to take with the last video You know what? I’m talking about please the real athlete of the family, but I think the ball handling of other players to see right there caviar Urban drive pass green how about the beautiful finish with the left hand my goodness? Goodness watches The pace of the game very treating but nobody really gets too To the facts inside out Pick and roll, how about the hard jagged cut? Three by Jaylon brownie his isolation doesn’t settle but watch this takes his body That’s what Now there’s a Laker defender to wait Oh

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