NBA fans booted from game after showing support for Hong Kong

NBA fans booted from game after showing support for Hong Kong

100 thoughts on “NBA fans booted from game after showing support for Hong Kong

  1. This is going to backfire so hard on the NBA and people around them… they are owned by the Chinese. It’s very obvious. Time to take back our sport America!

  2. Solution: keep it simple; just don't attend. Don't support them. Many shun NFL. Also, naive citizenry unaware that Chinese feel situation has been continuously ripe to progressively dissolve an unwieldy U. S., economically.

  3. NBA Just Move to China, You can experience the communist regime. Change your name to Communist China Basketball Association.

    Clearly the NBA have decided they Support HUMAN EXPLOITATION over HUMAN RIGHTS & FREEDOM.

    The NBA No Longer Deserves to Represent Our FREE NATION!

  4. 《Revelation》18:2 – "Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird.” BABYLON = Beijing (A HAUNT = Bird's Nest in Beijing)

  5. China was supposed to be the machine for when "it" all went down.
    They never expected Hillary to lose!
    Meanwhile big tech etc are still going along with the plan.

  6. American Value is Human Right and Freedom … please don't let the $$$ change that … Free Hongkong!!! Free Taiwan!!! Free Tibet!!!

  7. I think that all nba fans in all stadiums should chant free Hong Kong and also Adam Silvia is a moron he shoulf BE FIRED like no joke this is disgusting way to go nba here's the trophy of GET WOKE GO BROKE

  8. Trump: shut up and dribble.😜
    NBA: your a racist!😤

    China: shut up and dribble!😡
    NBA: yes master.😔

  9. How many of you know exactly what had happen in HK? or as soon as you hear CHINA, FREEDOM, you already jump the gun? What some of the fktards have done in HK were absolutely NOT acceptable in, well anywhere. Concentration camp? Please, way better than your guantanamo and bombing of Iraq!

  10. See how love of money corrupts good character? Choices define us. Unite against Fascist China. Boycott China products. Buy USA.

  11. Free speech does have its limits. Can you praise 911. No, you just can’t. This logic is applied to this case. In chinese eyes, some of extremely violent hk protesters are not different from those hijackers.

  12. Woman, do some research on Chinese NBA fans. More than 90% are youth and they do EVERYTHING on their phones, including accessing 100% of internet through VPNs. So they saw the apologies from the Houston's Manager, but they feel that it's not anyone's business (outside China) to make 'free speech' comments to support HK violence and/or separation. If a 'free speech' BS American will say something against my country, I would have the same reaction. And you can talk all you want (after all you get paid to talk, whatever that is), HK belongs to China, just like Scotland belongs to UK, Quebec belongs to Canada, Catalunia belongs to Spain, and so on…

  13. I'm an avid fan of the NBA, and a die hard fan of the Warriors. I'm sad and disappointed at Steve Kerr and Steph Curry who I have a high regards as far as freedom is concerned, you really let your fans down, you've basically chosen money over democracy and that speaks volume on what you're fighting for. Needless to say….you just lost one avid fan…so sorry!!!!!

  14. there is far more ccp penetration than just nba. look up social credit system in China. you will realize it is already 1984 there. 20 milion people are blacklisted. They can't even buy plane and train tickets.

  15. Now… if the phonies in Hollywood want to show some real "bravery" and how much they care about people, blah, blah, blah… they should appear in a "hashtag free hong kong" video. Maybe Jack Nicholson could wear a "FREE HONG KONG" shirt the next time he sits at court side at an NBA game. Maybe the hags on The View could express their support of Hong Kong. Nah… they don't want to be political.

  16. If I went to a USA basketball game and showed posters of how all Islamic people are terrorists, I would be kicked out because it's damaging. Hong Kong historically has been a part of China till the British invaded and killed millions. Now their is cultural differences is causing violence.

  17. Nobody really talks about the double standard issues here? Why celeb makes comments about thing they don't really know the situation and get everybody involved this unnecessary politics? The clippers' owner was forced to sell the org for saying racist comments….talking about free speech and double standards??? you should not touch other people' businesses if you don't know much about it. Like every other issues american gov made up. sure ! sure ! of course. biased media

  18. If US can ban Huawei for security reason, why can’t China ban NBA for political reason?Welcome to the trade war.

  19. Bend the knee for China and Nike. What ever happened to: Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. HYPOCRITES

  20. It has been 4 months since HK so called pro-democracy protestors have been fighting for freedom to riot; freedom to insult, assault the police and anyone who disagrees with them; freedom to desecrate its national flag……, in these circumstances, instigating rioters is not what NBA should stand for. So good on NBA to have courage to correct its wrong doing. Not taking sides, just mind your own business.

  21. Ask the rest of the NBA fans in the stadium whether they were there to watch a basketball game or to listen to some political bullshits.
    Ask Donald Sterling was he granted his freedom of speech.

    You Americunt hypocrites make me sick.

    Btw,was it support HK or support the destruction of HK?.


  23. And our president is a communist sympathizer who attacks Americans instead of defending them regardless of they're viewpoints because that's their right

  24. Agree to boycott NBA. Great expose of the corruption. Maybe the NBA should relocate to China. I for one would not miss them.

  25. American: "no Chinese can see the tweet"
    this shows how ignorant of the american journalist. They think Chinese are all living in China lol.
    gotta tell you , with the Great Wall, Chinese can know what is happening outside the wall, but people from outside the wall don't know what is happening inside.

  26. The Hong Kong protesters smashed up and destroyed establishments that don’t support them, the founder’s daughter of Maxim Hong Kong voiced out her opinion about these protesters and see how it ends up, the whole restaurant got destroyed. Anyone who said they supported these protesters condone this kind of behavior, freedom of speech should not be one-sided.

  27. Those hooligans, it can be either CCP hired actors to do that or simply target someone they know is quick to anger and violence to do it for them…or it can some ppl who had harbored hate (personal) against the victim….then CCP picks it up and shows the world why the HK supporters should stop supporting them….nobody knows for sure, but ONE thing i do KNOW….MILLIONS walk TOGETHER in support….ppl gather at airport…so many ppl gathered, THIS i know proves they reject the bill…but then again if this is true…then this i say to the ppl who vandalize…PLEASE STOP IT! You are making ppl lose support on you and ur acting like CCP themselves…IF YOU ARE FOR DEMOCRACY…ACT LIKE ONE.

  28. You actually threw out people for chanting "Free Hong Kong?" Would you through out George Washington,
    Samuel Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Thomas Jefferson? Good job on being patriotic. DID YOU KNOW
    Did you ever stop to think that you represent America, not just the NBA? Shame on you. MARANATHA

  29. You know the remedy is simple. Stop watching and supporting. Let them all end up on the unemployment line. There should never have been sports teams so big they can do what they want. They need to be brought back down to reality. Stop watching all sports let them suffer.

  30. this is sad that we cannot exercise our freedom of speech in America when the topic involves China. China should respect the freedom and the Civility of americans in american soil. American companies can sell their products but please do not sell your Humanity and freedom. Where is the land of Free and home of the brave? 🙁

  31. Everytime someone speak on the principles America was founded on. I wonder what Native Americans think, or Mexicans we took land from. Then the robber barons who actually built the country by monopolies and cold hearted business practices. Oh, I didn't mention the 300 years of slavery.

  32. Hahahahaa ,they're not there to support hongkong wtf!americans were always biased especially on the news!they're there because they love the team that they were supporting .

  33. eddiee55 h/why=yhwh=360°


    h/why=yhwh=360° 最高神は言葉であり、神とともにある。これを日本で伝えたが伝わらなくて、世界に伝えたが伝わらなかった。






    I was very sad when I saw a word in the words that were full of messages when I left comments on YouTube about the problems in Hong Kong and China.

    Attack it in China! That was it.

    h / why = yhwh = 360 ° The supreme god is a word and is with God. I told this in Japan, but I didn't get it, I told the world, but I didn't.

    It may be difficult, but it is a concept beyond nationality.

    I had been blogging to protect myself from entertainers and collective stalker. Around my house, 45 cats were poisoned unless they were fake news.

    I am a mom who wants to protect children, is not a journalist, and is not a cult member who believes in God.

    I felt that there was a need to share and review fundamental values ​​around the world, so I just used the name of YHWH, the supreme god who would have a strong influence, to tell me how to think.

    I am not interested in each fight. Have you seen the influence of Typhoon No. 19 in Japan?

    I always feel that there is no god.

  34. Why bring politics everywhere, I hate it. I'm glad they get booted out. There is always the place to do politics, just let the rest of us enjoy the sport without being annoyed. I can't imagine if everybody's going to protest in private malls, and in all sports events. You let one group of people protest to support HK, tomorrow you will have to let another group of pro-China fans to counter protest, what if the Syrians want to do the same, and the Lybians also. Then what's going to happen in all our stadiums, should we allow mini world wars among all the audience in all our games then??

  35. Nothing to do with freedom of speech. It's about supporting violent destructive lawless rioters who even in the US will be shot.

  36. Rarely agree with FOX, but here they are spot on. Dont know why people are turning on the NBA – they are just 1 of many US franchises under fire. I SAY GO TO NBA GAMES – ALL NBA GAMES and HOLD FREE HONG KING SIGNS up ALL SEASON long!!!

  37. These people know nothing about democracy and China. Free speech doesn’t mean u can point your finger in someone else’s nose, they are attempting to create conflict between China and America.

  38. China has infiltrated every aspect of our government, business, and society! Wake up people! Where do you think all of these democrats got all of their wealth from!? They've bought and paid for a great deal of our country as a whole, and they need to be rooted out!

  39. It is amazing how badly the NBA is bumbling this and the entire league seems to have no clue. Embarrassing and really unacceptable for a corporation that supposedly represents the United States. I want to apologize to all freedom loving people of the world and make it clear that I find the NBA to be a disgusting, fraudulent entity. Free Hong Kong and down with Chinese tyrants.

  40. These four show presenters are disgusting, sports shouldn’t be involved in politics, why commented on other countries politics, just concentrate on the games.

  41. That is telling US that, whom do the Chinese trust the most. Or what American have been told by American Media about Chinese have not have access to the web is lied.

  42. Hong Kong is free. Its political system is different from rest of China. By contrast to Saudi, an absolute monarchy, where there are similar claims of torture, suppression, and only one choice for their ruler but apparently that system can be condoned and accepted by many countries who are calling for “Free Hong Kong.” It is such an irony, a hypocrisy and a JOKE for quite obvious reason $$$$$$$$$……oh never mind, its FOX "news".

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