We’re trying to get inside Kind of lost track of It and disappeared on it. Either That or He shot it full of helium Enter The Pass down low to Gortat. Otto Porter just picked up his first foul, wide open inside is Carmelo Anthony Who had a Beautiful feed [commit a foul] Good pass. Melo was so surprised he was that wide open he was expecting Porter to be on his hip and He air balled a two-footer and he’s still smiling about it. Crowder Trying to bring It in he does not want the Rockets to foul He missed it Now Horford’s won a Game This year on a Layup at The buzzer and He lost a Game this year Was a Missed Layup at The buzzer he’s here they Missed a Show already? If They Just arrived from The second Half in these Passes Resulting in Layoffs This Will Happen about Once Every Two Years Pierce Cherry Breeze Bass Steel By the pistons nights all Alone Filled By The pistons nights all alone i Haven’t Seen One guy really Bust Out as They go through This Is a Sports 42.7 yeah This is Exactly where he lost he lost his Whole concentration on That Tonight and I Just Thought Maybe he Steal It Heads Up Play By back Nick Young lost It as he had to As a Terrific Play By Shelby Mac and Then an even Better Past But You can See that paul Just Flies out of Dickens Hannah i don’t know iF he lost it Hands he Was go end Up with the second unit he sees Where he looked over his left Shoulder Make the bow his back six seconds Left Johnson Throws It Intercepted night Two Seconds One Second Long time and Here’s Brandon Knight he would have beaten the clock oh yeah that Was soon wow His Place that he would hide right Now Uncontested Layup he misses her Loses His Left hand he uses his left hand Very Very well it’s not like it’s the first time he’s ever Attempted my Left Handed Layup Tinsley Looking for a Cutter Over The top MILLSAP! Oh! It comes off! What a Play Design By Coach Corbin Rondo with the steel on a Bad Pass from Pounds and Rondo Slips and falls Had to break away and he Just sort of stumbled and lost the ball here Looked like me at Nazereth and Just missed this Step there

100 thoughts on “NBA Easiest Shots Missed

  1. I haven’t even watched the video yet and I already know Derrick favors is on this list.(missed game winning alley-oop)

    I forgot Paul played on the jazz 😥

  2. At 3:00 he was setting up for an alley but his teammate was boxed in and didn’t get down there fast enough but he should’ve just shot it instead.

  3. this video is laughable. I could laugh all day. those shots are easy…how could they miss those easy shots and they are wide open.

  4. Take it from a high school basketball player that played Jv and varsity ball there is nothing easy about a layup driving into the lane. Even when your getting chased because you dont know how close they are behind you …. Now what Chris paul did in that skills test is different lol his head wasn't on that shot maybe he was looking at a girl in the front row or something Even Dwayne wades mistake

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