100 thoughts on “NBA Daily Show: Mar. 12 – The Starters

  1. Not a fan of Westbrook, but he did absolutely nothing wrong there. That scumbag seemed to be pretty vocal before he actually realised Westbrook actually heard him. Also had the nerve to deny everything when he was interviewed.

  2. The refs let the game between the Raps and the Cavs get out of control. there were terrible calls all night, there was a clear foul in that play with no call and if the fight never happens Chriss should have gotten T'd up. Ibaka didn't escalate the situation but Chriss isn't innocently defending himself he also did plenty to escalate it as well.

  3. That fan is a piece of shit who deserved to be banned, so I don't blame Westbrook for being pissed one bit… but how the hell does Paul George just last week get fined the same amount ($25K) for a criticism of referees as Westbrook does here for threatening to "fuck up" a fan AND his wife? I mean, regardless of what they were saying, he's literally threatening to beat up a female fan. I dunno… seems like a more egregious boo-boo than saying 'the refs weren't fair to us.'

  4. Fans should NOT be able to shout anything they want. You're the type of pussy that would do some shit like that in a arena but if that player is in your face outside. you'd run away and hide like a bitch you are. Typical racist white people…entitled scared little bitches.

    The real reason why white people feel they can say what they want to NBA players is because 99.9% of them are black and the NBA is a black league, being basketball is a black man''s game.

    Why do you think they never do this to white NBA players? it's no coincidence… You can clearly see the racist element in how white people talk to black NBA players like they do in every other facet of American society.

    And truth be told, white men are envious and jealous of black NBA stars and deep down hate the fact that black players have been the face of the NBA, ever since black men integrated into the NBA.

    They have been wishing and hoping for a great white hope to take over the NBA, since larry bird and even when bird was at his peek, he wasn't even the face of the NBA, Magic Johnson was, being magic bested him in every category. Played in the best Market in LA with the Lakers, only 2nd to the 1st market in New York.

    More championships, MVP's and other accolades but the white media always touts them both as being "equal" Yeah right…

    So if you want to know why white people talk crazy to black NBA players that are worth 100's of millions of dollars with such hatred and disrespect? You only need to look at how white people treat black men, disproportionately in the criminal justice system, how white police officers, shoots unarmed black men, how unemployment is the highest for black men over any other race or gender.

    White people's racist hatred for black men, doesn't stop because they're being entertained by them. The same white people in the stands, cheering and slapping high fives at each other, when a black NBA player wins "their team" a game, they'll call a black person a nigger quicker than you can say, white supremacist!

    These are the same white people, that wants a black NBA player's autograph or want to touch any part of their body, that will call the cops if that same player lived in their neightborhood but didn't know it was him!

    Then say, oh, i'm sorry i called the cops on you Mr. westbrook. I just didn't recognize you….can i have your autograph?

  5. Last nights officiating was definitely a contributing factor to last nights game. Something that NO ONE in the entire landscape of the media is ever willing to talk about so I will. The Raps were getting loads of ticky tacky fouls and the Cavs were getting away with flat out hacking. As a result the Raps defense was largely negated and their offense was hamstrung. The frustration as a result built throughout the first half and that play with 1 second left culminated with Chriss, the Cavs version of a hockey goon, out there to slow the talented players down, fouling Serge, not getting called, standing over him and taunting him and Serge exploding.

    The refereeing in the NBA is heavily skewed in the favour of the home team. The difference between the home and away records in the NBA is literally INSANE and SCREAMS that the whistle massively favors the home team. I don't know another sport where the disparity between home and away records is so wildly disparate. Last night this difference was particularly glaring and included a home team being very physical and getting away with it while the other team was getting called for touch fouls. It's somewhat surprising that this kind of thing doesn't bubble over more often.

  6. Westbrook says the fan said "get on your knees like you're use to"
    That is not Racist, if anything that is a gay slur, which is still a good reason for a lifetime ban.
    Just stop with the racist card.

  7. Kemba should go to Indy. The one thing the Pacers are missing is a PG/a second star once Oladipo comes back thats a hell of a roster

  8. Youre not a minority to understand why we threaten to beat someone’s ass who’s disrespectful to our individual Culture.

  9. Have to agree with Leigh, stupid magpies here in Australia, been swooped a few times too, nearly got me in the eye. Best NBA show for sure

  10. Have to agree with Leigh, stupid magpies here in Australia, been swooped a few times too, nearly got me in the eye. Best NBA show for sure

  11. There is no reason why VSP shouldn't have its own Daily Top 5, I am sick of this Leigh Ellis mailing in one highlight pack per episode and acting like it's a significant contribution. The magpies didn't stand for this crap and neither should we!!! We want a daily top 5 VSP bc we want to increase Leigh's work load by 500%!!! You got Trey slaving over twitter collecting hashtags in trashbags, Skeets and Tas basically Wilbonning and Kornheisering, and then Leigh is just like andddd that's what aye call a very solid pleighhh! Jack Daniel I know you're reading this, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT YOU F'N DRUNK

  12. Why did Westbrook slapped that fan's hand at 6:11 though? Didn't seem like he was going to do anything but to get some dap.

  13. westbrook got into it with fans in philly and denver too. hes sensitive and thin skinned. idiots out there will push his buttons. “get on your knees like your used to” old school player wouldve just talked shit back and move on. and dude had racist tweets yeah. but when media pulls the race card it manipulates peoples opinion at the whole Utah fan base. that was more of a homo insult . but hey my independent thought and opinion isnt allowed these days. i expect an irrational retort from some sheep with no profile

  14. Swish bombs are good and all but Leigh has to start giving bank shots more love! Those are the definition of fundamental basketball! How about bounce passes that end up in lay-ups Leigh!

  15. If you think about it, being the greatest player ever for a franchise and getting a statue might be better than winning a championship

  16. lol i was at my cousins wedding a few years back and the two doves they released that were supposed to represent unity flew out of the cage and went two opposite directions and one flew into a tree

  17. I'm a huge jazz fan and have been my whole life. Been to countless games. I've never witnessed something like this, but I don't doubt it happens a bunch. The same thing can be said for ANY other team in the league. There are terrible people everywhere. This isn't an isolated incident. I'm sick of all the negative talk on jazz fans because 99 percent of us are good people.

  18. Raptors better hope they dont play Nets! They been giving them problems all season and just a hard playing team.

  19. whats Marquese Chriss supposed to do in that situation >?? just cop the punches ?? yeah right. should not be suspended at all.

  20. Wow Mavs fan said "fuck your mother" and just got suspended for the reminder of the season while the jazz fan said a normal insult and got suspended for life. Lol "get on your knees" is worse than "fuck your mother" ?? People are dumb dumb

  21. The media covered the Ingram CP3 fight for weeks and blew it up majorly. Half the shows didn't even bring up this fight and Ibaka gets lucky with only 3 games

  22. The refs let the Raptors sit and simmer on medium temp on the stove, Chriss clearly held Ibaka’s arm preventing Ibaka from trying to get the ball which the League has said is dangerous. The foul wasn’t called, there was a slew of other no calls that went in favour of the Cava in that game, then Chriss stares him down when he’s on the ground and then says something that clearly pissed Ibaka off A LOT and that’s why it happened. Because the refs screwed up so much and missed the foul call on that play is probably why Ibaka gets a 3-game suspension instead of a 5-game suspension

  23. There's only one bird that absolutely freaks me the hell out and that's an owl. I mean they really freak me out man

  24. That guy was a racist a**hole! I'm glad he was banned and I'm glad screenshots of his racist Twitter page were shared acrosss the internet. For $25k, I wish Russell had popped the guy square in the jaw! #EXPOSED

  25. I'm torn on the Ibaka/Chriss fight issue. To start off: I think Chriss did infact deserve at least a game (MAYBE 2) and Ibaka definitely deserved at least 3 (and I'd argue up to 5 as well) – however I feel like the NBA's reasoning on Ibaka seemed… incorrect? If they did state that the 3 games were because of "him starting the fight, accelerating the fight and his history with getting into fights" then that just seems off to me. I'd argue Chriss started the fight (tangling Serge up, harming other players earlier in the game, and saying whatever he had said when Serge had gotten knocked over) but Serge had also definitely accelerated the fight (responding by attacking Chriss when he was walking away) had I'd argue deserves 5 games for going for a chokehold on Chriss which is going MUCH too far, in my opinion. While I'm OK with teams having a "tough guy" to keep their teem headstrong and the such – I think having a player like Chriss going out and actively starting trouble the way he did that night should be downright punishable – even if a fight doesn't break out (and maybe moreso if one does).

  26. Chriss should not have gotten games. If Chriss doesn't defend himself Ibaka likely knocks him out. It's not fair to Chriss that he can't defend himself

  27. USA is mad. Children are killed in schools but they are sensitive if someone swears in a basketball game.

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