99 thoughts on “NBA Daily Show: June 4 – The Starters

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  2. If you are just a fan then it'll be impossible to reason with you, cause, fanaticism affects people judgments. My point is: get ready for a full 7 game series. There is lots of Basketball to be played. And I am not a Cavs nor a warriors follower.

  3. This series is trash…I can't wait until my son LeBron goes to an actually good team and makes shit more competitive again.

  4. Warriors fans are so dumb just watch those bandwagons they dont even know what year the warriors logo change also
    They dont know who gilbert arenas is

  5. Kinda surprised you guys didn't acknowledge what happened to Sterling Brown, given the fact that you didn't shy away from other controversial topics. I'll take an important topic like this over "Fashion or Nah". My 2 cents, greetings from Argentina.

  6. Cleveland will have to adjust to the warriors getting iggy back, missing him has affected their offense and defense, I think golden state will also Steph it up in Cleveland because they know Cleveland will play harder at home.

  7. Tye Lue is a terrible coach. Never makes adjustments, and just has LeBron play 48min each game.

    Start Korver over JR would be a nice start

  8. Real missed opportunity. Better title: “Lords of the Rings: The king is leaving” recounted by J.R.R Weup-Smith

  9. LeBron knew they had a time out. He tried to call it but second guessed himself after JR didn’t call timeout

  10. I agree, Lebron is giving his all cav need at lease two other players to step up & give at least a 20 or 30 points or it's curtains for Cav

  11. Leigh is more famous that the rapper guy. I don't even know who he is (-__-), or I am the only one?

  12. Let’s be honest. This series was over before it even started. Bron made it interesting in game 1, had a good chance taking it if not for JR. Even if they did, they would lose anyway in the rest of the series. You just can not beat a team with 4 All stars which 2 of them were MVP, 3 of them can shoot impossible shot at high precentage, 1 of them can kick people in the dick with another guy on the bench who can break people’s ankles. Cavs had no chance, not with just Bron alone.

  13. Calling it, Cavs down 3-0, NBA tells refs to let Cavs win 3 games, League gets a lot of money for a game 7

  14. My best guess is a gentlemen's sweep. Golden State wins Game 3, then Warriors relax a bit while Lebron goes nuts in Game 4 to save face ( what could be a farewell to Cavs final game) and release some frustration, lets the Cavs win a game. Bring back Iggy for Game 5 and celebrate on their home court . A sound overall strategy .

  15. Cavs need new coaching. Need to change the system, bring in some more two way players (at least someone that can stay in front of D and hit a 2/3 from 3 a game).

    They just look thin and tired.

  16. 2016 Lebron postgame intv: CLEEEVEEELAAAAAAAAAND THIS IS FOR YOU

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  18. I think Steph Curry's monicker should be the JAVELIN (the high-tech rocket laucher weapon) because of his anywhere on the court range. He does the "fire and forget system". When he shoots and he is on fire, it doesn't matter where he is. He will likely hit the target!

  19. Nah .. he was in FULL crybaby mode .. and hes the GOAT .. foh .. pick ya head up and get back in the game… the JR MVP is classic …

  20. TT yelling at bron? Lol you know Lebron whooped that man in the locker room with bench player Lue watching

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