100 thoughts on “NBA Daily Show: Feb. 11 – The Starters

  1. oh man, Mcgee's screamin like he saw the NUN in front of him..laughed my ass off!!! If you watch closely Tobias Harris hheard the scream and ran to close him.

  2. Leigh lost a great opportunity when they put Boogie's doink assist in Weekend whoopsies instead of making it a Very Solid Play

  3. It's totally awesome how this show has diminished Trey Kirby's role to something irrelevant that provides input on topics like Justin Bieber dribbling handles

  4. Love the staters but you all are serious okc haters they ball out every night getting everyone involved play good team basketball and nobody says anything the disrespect 🤔

  5. Anthony Davis can still play to evade the penalty. I don't think the league said how much. So I'd put him in the last two minutes of every game. 😂😱

  6. Okay, gotta be biased here: some random shit and no talk about the rolling Thunder? Better have it in there tomorrow, you're late

  7. We are on pace for only about 36 & 1/2 wedgies. This is unacceptable, start sticking those misses guys, time to step it up.

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