100 thoughts on “NBA Daily Show: Dec. 7 – The Starters

  1. Whoops guys. Totally got distracted yesterday with visitors and forgot to do timestamps. Please forgive me

    The Starters

    0:00 Start
    0:30 Intro

    True or False?
    1:40 Melo will end up on Lakers
    6:05 Gobert deserved to be ejected
    10:15 Rockets are a lost cause

    12:30 Worst of the Week

    16:20 Top 10 plays from the past 7 Days!

    20:15 WOJ BOMB

    21:20 Pick ‘Em Play
    21:35 Very Solid Play

    21:50 WEDGIE!!

  2. Gobert played 3 min, Donovan Mitchell score 6 points. In theory, the jazz should have lost by more than 50 like they did against the mavs, but instead they win by 27.+

  3. When the hell are they going to start fining referees??? Look, I get it, it's damn near impossible to get every call right. That would be an unreasonable expectation. But when there is CLEAR bias against a player, for whatever reason, and that bias is allowed to influence the outcome of a game, then the referee(s) who made the call should be reprimanded. Period. I'm so sick of refs being seen as perfect and infallible.

  4. Tas shut the fuck up. Gobert did NOT deserved to be ejected because he was being targeted by the refs. It's totally uncalled for and the refs should be punished or fined for this.

  5. The Lakers should not get Carmelo He is past his prime and a shadow of himself and besides He is also not a team player and never was even to begin with.

  6. Could this be a Banana boat conspiracy? Melo is trade value is low. Wade is retiring . Now CP3 is showing his age and the Rockets are losing. Could these "undesirables" find their way to . . . Lebron? And then, magically regain their basketball abilities! 😂🤔😱

  7. Melo got 2 options sit on the couch or sit on the bench, this a so call rebuilding year for the Lakers, right so why not Melo

  8. I wish melo, was still super good. And I wish he was super good still being on the Knicks. I’m a NBA fan.. not a melo dickrider

  9. I’m such a big CP3 fan I wish he was like LeBron good.. same with dwade and melo. I just wish the banana boat crew⛵️🍌 😔

  10. IF Melo can adapt to the new kind of Basketball that relies more on ball movement he can go to LA….but reality has to sink in he is a bad fit for any team

  11. Why is JE Skeets always on Leigh’s ass lately? Chill dude, stop being so rude to him, so critical of his VSP and just everything he does. I know you do it to try and joke around at times, but bruh chill dude. It gets to a point where it’s not even funny and just straight up rude.

  12. Come on Lebron only said that about Melo to help his friend out that at least some interest in him grows and that the narrative will be the best player in the world wants him signed.

  13. Thx guys! The take on Gobert's ejection was awesome! The ref targeting the player and 'creating a bad situation' on purpose. That's exactly how it felt. So frustrating the NBA has a history of backing this up, no fan wants to see this. Adam Silver, you got work!

  14. That DeAndre Ayton statement alone illustrates why Doncic should have gone number 1. But I'm glad he's on the Mavs, good move Suns and Kings 😉

  15. I think Ayton was right, even tho it's the NBA there is no point in lying into your pocket to keep a positive vibe going. It's necessary some times to call it out, we saw it with Boston and now they are slowly coming back.

  16. Interesting trade. Curious how Milwaukee looks next year. They gave up quite a bit for shedding no salary and taking on some for next year. Can't imagine they don't re-sign Brogdon and Bledsoe is playing very well too. Seems they have confidence in Thon Maker and obviously wanna re-sign Brook Lopez. Plus the big contract for Khris Middleton. Surprised they didn't move Tony Snell but gave up 2 picks. On the other hand they get a very good back-up point guard, don't have to pay guys they don't really need and are clearly in attack mode. Definitely like the trade for the Cavs

  17. These refs are also calling way too many fouls and when a game becomes 3 pointers and free throws then it becomes annoying.

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  19. Melo is going through now what Adrian Dantley went through in Detroit back in the late 80's. Dantley was an elite scorer that just didn't fit well with what the Pistons were trying to do systematically. If Melo can find a system in the NBA that believe in his offensive abilities and wants to go through him then he's still an all star but unfortunately Melo is in a league that doesn't encourage his style of play. Melo is like Kobe, TMac, AI, and all the other great scorers of the 2000's. The game has moved on from those type of players. The coaches now and systems are built like the Spurs and Warriors. No one is the center of attention. Every player is moving component and no one stands head and shoulders above as a leader or offensive focal point. It's all about having 3-4 guys who can score, not one guy putting up 60 and the rest supporting that franchise player.

  20. u dumb mfs lakers dont want melo, we got beasley!! thats magic team dumb bitch, and wtf are we letting go or trading, and wtf about kuz, dumb mfs!!

  21. Absolutely False, on the Lakers rumor.

    There is no way Magic wants that lazy ass, primadonna on the Lakers roster .. which by the way, is working just fine as it is.

    When you have granola, with yogurt and fruit on top, you don't add Arsenic if you wan't to improve it, do you? NO, so why tf would the Lakers want that bad luck charm on their roster? Just freaking why?

  22. That moron who's plugging for 'Melo to the Lakers is clearly a halfwit who wants the Lakers to lose, that's why he's pushing the stupid idea so much :/

    The Lakers taking on the most hated contract in the NBA would be suicide for their playoff chances, period.

  23. if the officials are gonna start calling plays because they want to send a "message" to a certain player or a type of personality in the league, then the entire NBA is a joke. Seriously, how can this be in any way fair? Rules are rules, being bias shouldn't be a thing at all, this is ridiculous to say the least.

  24. i wanna see melo on lakers! don't give up on melo guys.. he needs to be happy too. even tho he's a millionaire he should still have an actual retirement rather than just being booted from the rockets

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