100 thoughts on “NBA 2K20 – The Next Neighborhood | PS4

  1. I have nothing to do with 2k, but i came here to dislike because they decided to turn this game into a casino marketplace….

  2. So let me get this straight you're making it seem like there's "activities" when really they are just additional items that require an absorbent amount of VC to access. Can I ride my bike from mypark to the VC bank so I can head to the casino that's in myteam.

  3. Never have I loathed a game company before as much as I loathe 2K for this game, and for what they did to SupMatto on the Borderlands 3 side of things.

  4. DISC GOLF IN NBA 2K! If it's a micro transaction to play that or you have to grind up to a 90 or something, I'mma be mildly annoyed.

  5. My people you all are woke but it’s time to boycott I’m tired of paying 60 + for an update from the previous 2k games enough is enough

  6. A cheesy my career story that nobody asked for, WNBA also something nobody asked for now race cars, dodgeball, casinos…..they don’t care anymore literally🤦‍♂️ all that money on things that could’ve been spent on better things….just wasted

  7. I like how at 1:37 nba 2k20 pops up to remind us all that yes this is a basketball game. The “new” neighborhood isn’t any different from 2k19 just a couple of buildings Rearranged.

  8. Take this down sony, your brand is now attached to this predatory manipulation and preying on children with gambling, in was is just supposed to be a b-ball game smh

  9. That’s weird I didn’t know you could play basketball inside a Casino as a way to take a break from all that gambling

  10. I disagree with the idea of the government telling companies what to do, if you don’t like loot boxes, don’t buy games with them in it. Let the market decide on what they value and don’t value and don’t impose your opinion on others.

  11. New DLC: Black Jack for sports cards, Horse Racing where if your player doesn't win we will send him to Moron Mountain.

  12. Remember when we used to get excited because 2K released new footwork ability or hesitation moves? Yeah me too. This is garbage, jumped the shark

  13. I dont know how to feel about the new basketball mode in Big Ballers 2k20. I feel like they could have improved the existing games such as roulette, and expanded on the big spending theme by adding more games such as black jack. It doesnt look polished enough or rich in content to distract me from the main attraction. I hope I can move my existing player from behind the tables and on to the court.

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