yeah what’s going on everybody it’s your
boy iPod King Carter here I’m back with another video this video is a little
different today we’re going to be talking about rep methods for slashing
shot creatives shock rating slashers as well as pure shot creators or playmaking
shot creators or anything we’re really shock rating in it that’s not the
three-point shooting bill now the first thing you want to do is make sure you
are 90 overall if you are not 90 overall go grind if you can’t grind because
you’re looking at this video and you need a rep method hopefully this helps
you at the point guard position if you are not a point guard you’re gonna have
to go ahead and grind those post pins work that baseline and we get the 90
overall come in and make changes like I’m doing right now if you have any
point guards on your team or players with better play making venue that can
sometimes play point guard and you are a shooting guard or a small fort or a
power Ford or a center take them out the game put the best of the best on injured
reserve go ahead and put yourself at the point guard position make sure you flex
those minutes for some of the better passers and people you want in the game
the most so let’s go ahead and hop it to this video because I’m telling you guys
right now this is the best rep method after patch eight and I’m gonna tell you
why and I’m gonna tell you what to k try to do to us let’s get it alright guys so
first thing that you guys need to know is that rep methods are not dead for our
builds we can get off for about I would say 50 to 60 K my points per game on
12-minute quarters on Hall of Fame and subbing out at the third quarter so you
do not have to play the whole game now first thing that you want to start off
by doing is drop that baseline it doesn’t matter if it’s a great defending
big or lackluster defending big what you want to do is you want to call quick one
elevator rip get up in that post make sure you got your back to the baseline
drive that baseline and wait for that defender to show his face and it is a
poster riser every time now the reason why I am so hype about post arises is
because that is how these builds eat if you do have posterizing whether it’s
on bronze silver gold hall-of-fame it doesn’t matter
poster roger is beautiful even if the double-team comes which is a big thing
that patch 8 tried to roll out they tried to stop us ladies and gentlemen
they tried to tell us hey hold up that person is trying to go to the post he’s
trying to do that drop step he’s trying to do that postman well guess what
you can’t stop us because this right method still works now as far as a
youths go you guys will see a few plays where I do call quick one elevator rip
and I still go for the alley-oop sometimes but I’m gonna tell you right
now alley-oops aren’t worth it they’re just not the only time that alley-oop
suit you is when you are in take over if you do have take over and you’re looking
to get teen take over you do not and I repeat do not want to go to the postman
you do not want to go to the drop step you do not want to catch the ball and
try to dunk it on your own you want it to all be on the cpu and the reason for
that is when the cpu throws the ball to you whether you catch it or not it’s on
that player whether the a turnover happens after the ball touches your
hands it is no longer on you it is on the cpu so you won’t have to worry about
to take over getting got now you guys notice right there man the postman came
the double-team came and I still survived it didn’t get bumped for
whatever reason the postman animation will not give you a bump animation now
I’m slowing this clip down because this is the best way for you to know that
your loop is gonna get off what you do is call your quick one elevator rip from
behind half-court especially when you reach that time when they’re gonna
double-team you as soon as you get past half court and call it with lust I’m
telling you guys just because whenever I get in the game I always say to myself
34 points to 36 points is when the double-team is gonna come let me drag
this player behind Kevin Durant and I’m going to the rack now that right there
is a poster Iser you do not want to go for highlight slam dunks no no no no no
you want everything everything you possibly can do can get
to beat a poster Iser because polarizer gives you the most points and I will
show you guys that after this game the reason why this video is so
straightforward is because it works now when the double-team comes and you got
team to take over you get your assist up now I know it’s not much for some of us
I know it’s this really don’t matter for some of us but hey you can still get off
if you run the brake if you got team take over of course you know what r1 l1
does it’s the most cheesy display at the Rec and pro-am at the park for those
fast breaks so you go ahead and get used to that and run that ball now you see
them going back door once again catching that and trying to get another
posterizing animation man it’s all about poster risers now they they passed us on
alley-oops they passed us on post pins they passed us on drop steps they passed
us on moving shots they passed us on just about everything all we have left
is poster risers guys so if you are a shot creating slasher a slashing shot
creator a shot craving slab whatever you are it doesn’t even matter if you you
could be a play making shot creator for all I care polarisers count for unlike
you don’t have any moving shots you have to hit consecutively to get just the
amount of points you will get from maybe 15 posters you will have to hit all of
the moving shots which in fact the moving shots count if you miss a moving
shot your points are going down it’s not at times 10 times 20 times 30 things
it’s a 10 out of 20 thing it’s a 20 out of 30 thing and that pisses me off
because we needed these rep methods to help us now check this out I got nine
alley-oop finishes are only got 3,200 points I got more than that almost from
fast-break scores blocks an assist together come on 2k Oh check this out I
got 38 highlight please only 2300 points I got more than that from dodging pics
but check out those poster risers man 10,000 points for ten polarizer dunks
not only that look at the strong finishes I get more and strong finishes
then I get four loops this game is insane but with that being said guys
this is the rep method you need is guaranteed 100 K my points every hour if
you do it the right way by going for them poster risers I hope that I can
help and I hope you guys enjoyed hey what’s going on everybody if you made it
to this part of the video I want to say congratulations just let me know who
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why actually to do that a little bit later so basically I have been trying to
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integration thing now I’ve had t-shirts up on there that I’ve probably made
years ago and those t-shirts really don’t coincide with the way of the
landscape of 2k and everything like that so what I decided to do was make it my
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now I remember telling you guys to put brown inside to check I’m gonna give you
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you know controllers like all different kinds of things right as well as trying
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cameras I use my capture cards I use all different kinds of stuff my entire setup
the whole nine now I know that there are a couple people that come to my channel
to figure out what they need to start off their channel and where my channel
currently is the budget of things that I have is currently too high for those
people but what I will be creating is actually budget builds that people can
stomach when they’re coming out and starting out so what I want you guys
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you a message alright so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video I hope that it
helps a lot of people with the whole wrap method and everything like that I’m
going through a lot of the same things we’re grinding and you know creating new
characters trying to figure out what too is 2k it’s gonna patch next and
everything like that and also one thing I ask of all of you for anybody that is
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and I’ll be a happy man but I’m hot
you guys in the next video don’t forget comment bro if you’re watching this I’m
how about you guys later peace here you can’t watch this whole video
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  3. its crazy that they did this and nobody else is punished. We should be able to hit OUR shots and be rewarded for it

  4. Don't need to be a 90 overall to do this just need to play and have 5 really good games sim all the way threw either play the play offs or just quit out every one and boom new contract

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