NBA 2K19 – Funny Moments – Barry’s Adventures LOL!

– [Barry] I’m trying to get ninety fired. – [Mark] Alright man, I can’t wait to– – [Barry] I’m just playing, I’m playing the rest of this third quarter. – The rest of the third. – [Mark] Yo, yo, yo Trey, I’m mean, I’m trying to–. – Man you betta, you betta save and quit! – [Barry] Yo Chase,
why your voice so deep? – Did it to it again? (laughter) – [Mark] You betta’ save real quick. (laughter) – Is it still doin’ it? (laughter) (dramatic music) – [Mark] Need help? – Woah I missed a dunk! I have boost on too! Look at that kid, what he say? (laughter) Let’s go. Pick it up! Oh my God! – [Mark] You fucking suck, yo. – It still doing it, for real? You a play shark or, or, what is, what is, – [Mark] I’m a sharp-shooting dookie do, doo-doo, do, do. Yo he shot that? No. – [Game background] And the foul! – Man get out! – [Barry] Y’all not gonna
like that score, bro. – [Mr. Cold Man] Mentally got, outstanding win got worked. – [Mark] Everybody, everybody get out. – Alright Mr. Cold Man,
alright Mr. Cold Butt. – [Mr. Cold Man] Nah, I don’t
like that, I don’t like that. That’s cold, that’s real tough. (laughter) – Don’t help him. (laughter) – [Barry] Whatchu doing? – [Mark] There you go. Oooh, he catch us. – [Barry] Why? Why? Why? – [Mark] I’m out.
– [Barry] Why? – [Mr. Cold Man] Ay yo,
ay yo, ay yo, ay yo, Mark, From now and on, you R1, L1, you don’t touch that touchpad
’till we tell you to. – That’s Barry, that’s Barry – [Mr. Cold man] Oh, my bad, my bad. – And Barry the whole idea of that was to not use a timeout. – {Barry] Yo call it here. – {Barry] Yo my bad Mark. – Barry, Barry, Barry. The whole idea was to not use a timeout. We wouldn’t have went through all of that. – [Barry] I got a free
throw from a moving shot. – [Mark] Hey, yo Barry. – Hey, yo
– [Mr. Cold Man] Let’s not throw Mark, cause Barry
did some Mark ass shit. – [Barry] From a graphical standpoint son, fuck was you doing with that timeout son? – Yo man. (laughter) – Was it doing it the whole time? (laughter) – Not getting credit for that bro. – [Mr. Cold Man] Hey yo
he needs to slow down momentum like this. – [Mark] Oh my God Barry. – [Mr. Cold Man] Barry! – R1, L1. – {Barry] R1, L1!
– R1, L1. R1, L1. – [Mark] I can’t he fouled me! – Yo. – You shot that.
– [Mr. Cold Man] Bounce back I’m lagging. Wait a minute – You shot that, you shot that! You blamed it on the lag. You actually shot that. (soft jazz music) – [Mr. Cold Man] Get up, Chase! (soft orchestra music) – [Game background] Switch! Shoot that baby come on. – [Mark] I love item real quick, you know. – [Game Background] Come on, you got ball! – [Mark] That’s a free throw, geez. – [Unknown Man 1] He
snagged that, the defense. – [Mark] You know I was timing out. You know I was timing it out. – I gotta turn on the fans yo. – {Barry] I spanned it, I didn’t even know that
pass was that crazy– – I got a turnover for that, man. – [Mark] Got no private program. – Hey Ken. [Game Background] You ugly as a mother– – Is that a face, Ken? (laughter) – Did you pay for those tattoos? – [Mark] Who me? – Yeah. – [Mark] Nah I got ’em for
free, I just put ’em on. – How you get ’em for free? – [Mr. Cold Man] How you get
’em for free? Tell everybody. – [Mark] That nigga Ken went in there and do the twist! – Ken went in the tattoo shop and wiggled. – [Mr. Cold Man] Destiny’s whooped my ass. – [Unknown Man 1] Hey Chase, get this little fast-ass nigga man. – I got him man. He made that? (laughter) – {Barry] Oooh, okay. – You shot that. – [Barry] What? [Mr. Cold Man] The D rag, the rag. – [Mark] What the– – R1, L1. R1, L1! – [Unknown Man 1] I get it in my Mac. – [Barry] Yellow, yellow, yellow. We running, we running away from rebounds, that’s what we doing? – [Mark] That’s what we do. – God, the rebound bounced too. – [Barry] You see that? (laughter) – [Mr. Cold Man] I know
you didn’t mean too, yo apart. – [Mark] Alright there. – [Group] Yeah. – [Mark] Let’s go baby. – [Mr. Cold Man] Go crazy brother. – [Unknown Man 1] Yeah.
– [Mr. Cold Man] Pull out man. [Group] Yeah, yeah. (slapping noise) – Why you give me the ball, yo? Why you give me the ball, Barry? – [Barry] Yo, you was under the basket! Carter, you alright man? – [Carter] Ha, ha, ha, ha, my bad. – [Barry] You doing crazy. – [Carter] He, he, you know? – [Barry] I’m tired of this bitch! (laughter) – [Mr. Cold Man] Yo, this is definitely. – [Unknown Man 1] Chase your vision. – Alright that bounced off my head. (laughter) – [Mr. Cold Man] Hell you good, bro, change your watch, what’s wrong bro. – [Mark] My cat, my new sort of tour. – [Forrest Gump] That day,
for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run. So I ran for– – [Barry] Please.
– No way better. – [Mark] Now you in some big ass shit dog. (laughter) – [Mark] You right. You right. – [Barry] You walk for seven. – [Mark] He call him for the full one. – [Mr. Cold Man] Say
man you still out man? Y’all the ones that did, I don’t want– See I get this jumper then. – [Mark] Ohh, how y’all got– [Barry] I missed! – [Mark] Oh big boy, move him! Move him out of the way then Chase! – [Barry] Hey yo! – [Mark] Move him out of ya way then! – Y’know what I’m saying? I try, I was trying to pass it man. – [Barry] Yo look at
the point guard name yo. – [Unknown Man 1] I’m sayin’ y’all– – NO! – [Unknown Man 1] Hold
on, lemme get my eyes– – [Barry] Chase throwing
it in, Trey still, ey Chase throw it at me bro. – ISO, ISO, ISO Complete ISO. – [Unknown Man 1] Help me out. He already make that? (laughter) – [Mark] There you go. – [Unknown Man 1] Yeah, go crazy. – [Unknown Man 2] Yeah, uh, big bomb. (laughter) – [Barry] Hey yo, hey yo next time. – [Mark] Yeah, big ISO, yeah. Yeah. Ooh. – We’re a triple threat. – [Mark] Oh Vitro with the move, ooh. (laughter) – [Unknown Man 1] Hey somebody
clip that, hey yo man. (laughter) – But it’s really hard to
pass the ball in traffic. – [Mr. Cold Man] Oh yeah, we like those. – [Barry] Yo no they didn’t. Yes they did! Yes they did! – [Mark] Wait what am I doing? – [Barry] Yes they did! – [Mark] Yo waiting out is– – [Barry] Trying to hit the lock. I was right there! – Yeahhhhhhh, accolade unlocked! Ah! – [Mark] You’re putting
too much pressure on. – [Mr. Cold Man] Keep shifting, keep shifting, keep shifting. – [Mark] Watch that, watch up. – Defense though, what! – [Mark] Why you let him do that. – [Barry] Chase jinxed it, I swear Chase jinxed it. – Oh there’s only. – [Barry] Wait, does he have
a Make America Great Again on his, on his body? – [Barry] Hey yo, hey
yo, situate him brother. Situate him. (laughter) – [Barry] Way got the corner yo. – We got all this, we got
all this back and all that, we gotta go ahead and
get you situated brother. – [Barry] Yeah situate him. No, no, Carter let him ISO. Where he going? Oh my God. – Go ahead and situate real quick brother. You know what I’m saying? (laughter) – Hiding behind shit all day,
you know what I’m saying? – [Barry] Yeah man, let him
know how the ISO guy get down. Oh! Chase doing half spins it’s lit. – [Mark] Doing half spins Chase? – [Barry] Ayyy! Oh my stomach is callin’ my name. (laughter) – [Game Background] Who’s watching him? – [Barry] Quarter is one, for night! – [Mr. Cold Man] Hey yo, hey yo. – Hold on. – [Barry] Somebody do
something this quarter. – Wait a minute, hey Carter. – [Carter] Uh huh. – You shot that? – [Mark] No, no, no, no Barry, Barry. – [Barry] I got it bro. – No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no! – [Mark] One time, one time bro, I got it. – [Barry] Yo, yo, go hold straight up and then flip, and then hold
back on your left stick. And then tap square. – Yeah! Yeah! – [Mark] Nigga do it again! ‘Cause he killed seven squids. – [Mr. Cold Man] The rebound. Yo. – [Mark] You know I’m
kinda’ getting tired of Barry getting rebounds at this point. – [Mr. Cold Man] Facts man! Shit! – [Barry] I was trying to hit that. – [Mr. Cold Man] Yo Chase. – [Mark] Man R1, L1! – [Barry] I missed that? – Run shit. – [Mr. Cold Man] Yes! – We trying to kick them out man. – [Barry] Oh my bad, what
about the round though? – This game sucks man! That’s excellent defense! I hate stretches! – [Barry] Yo yo Chase, I
stole one for the game. I stole one for the game. Let’s get the opposite corner,
I’m gonna go over there. – [Mr. Cold Man] Oh he don’t believe? – [Barry] You don’t believe, you shoot! (laughter) – [Mark] Let’s get it man! – [Mr. Cold Man] Get outta here man. – Hold up, I could rack
up some points now, you know what I’m saying? – [Unknown Man 1] Damn, you about to get, you about to get five right now. – I might– – [Mr. Cold Man] Oh you
brave, I’m doing one. – [Unknown Man 1] Yeah you good. (laughter) – No! – [Unknown Man 1] Yo, that’s crazy. – [Mark] Please, please, please. – Try the L-R role. – [Mark] Oh my God, you selfish bitch. Oh my God. Oh my God. Yeah did y’all spam it. – [Mr. Cold Man] Oh my God. – Ohhhhh, oh my God! – [Mr. Cold Man] He
picked the Michael Jordan lay-up package. – [Mark] You go watch your flex on stream. – [Unknown Man 2] Sorry Chase, I mean– – [Mr. Cold Man] You know
what, go on about him. – [Barry] Chase deserve it. – [Mark] And hey Barry sold like that. – Yeah! – [Mark] That’s what you get. – [Mr. Cold Man] Let’s go. (laughter) ♪ Lying, crying, spying, prying, ♪ ♪ Ultra pig ♪ ♪ You lude, crude, rude, bag
of pre-chewed food dude ♪ ♪ Guys you’re right, Peter ♪ ♪ Yayyyyyy ♪ ♪ You man, stupid, stupid man ♪ ♪ You feel if I’m a maggot burger ♪ ♪ Why don’t you just eat me ♪ ♪ You two-toned zebra-headed,
slime-coated, pimple-farming ♪ ♪ Paramecium-Bred, munchin’ ♪

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