NBA 2K18 Rage. I am the Turnover Gawd! NBA 2K18 PS4 My Career #14 – Playoffs R2G6

NBA 2K18 Rage. I am the Turnover Gawd! NBA 2K18 PS4 My Career #14 – Playoffs R2G6

So I got a video for y’all, but if you ask me Okay, this particular game maybe the worst who came that place is dream Let’s hop into the video. Sorry, bro The Antibes No, hell no, oh Hey Leave go with the reverse land Did you See this Okay, I can’t even make out open buckets We down two points in the first quarter and this is any indication of the kind of game We gonna have it’s not gonna be good Passes it to Scott. All right, I might as long as John waddles star salsa He start hitting me with sows from going to look bad In the first quarter Lord Jesus we are listening please help Turning no, man Who’s becoming a beloved character on this year? It was beautiful the first two no easy looks she knows the replay of that tremendous Horse ink, okay, you must damnit Man, there’s three people right there Hey, let me get a piece of the crowd hey hands up Oh Fernando man You got it. No, you don’t leave disappointing us today show you didn’t come to play tonight for Singing Defense again Good nah, hey. Hey. Hello, sir Wait a step up Noah. Oh My god man drop Five turnovers now The AI is so ass honest gaming. Oh My god Are you evil make that it’s rebounded by he didn’t made that I would have been what go fuck This Minsk Asst he’s judging for kylo not funny easily comes in for Tim Hardaway jr. And it’s Lee I’m so tired today now here Scott. I’m so tired of six turnovers already. It’s me exam side Coming right back after this break to get the fourth. I think it’s nice that bad like that, it’s nice. I think it’s nice Sorry, yeah, I’m gonna wear for today brother This game here. This is This 2k is not up to two K’s Standard and they know it That’s why they put that survey out man They got to clean up bruh it take you 1500 hours to go up one level and everything is crazy when it’s corner Then it’s gortat and it’s Scott and it’s unfortunate Now here’s DJ You can’t – you can you cannot pass the ball to big men in the game Take glue hands take the glue hands off the game, man Shot clock at five help me, please From deep, Please don’t, Wall connects from three-point range Get that iso everybody get out my way there is money Boop boop beep boop boop Dscoop T scooty Boop Whoopee these scoop poop poop poop duty. Whoop scoop poop poop Scoop TD. Will you please whoop Dee Dee scoop Hey look right now DJ guarded closed And the pass to Hernangomez Nigga he dropped it rain drops rain drop down wall These Boys just dropped three straight and I’m never gonna level up. I’ve accepted that by the time 2k19 comes out I’m gonna still be 89 overall. I am NOT going to spend a second or a dollar grinding on this game I need answers How in the fuck?! Did the Golden State Warriors moves to the Utah Jazz in my career playoffs the Cavs lost to the Pistons In the jazz beat the Warriors, oh My goodness thumbs up Subscribe, this is ridiculous. They show huh, man. Oh my god

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  1. Youtube can eat my ass for not notifying me about this. Just gone have to turn post notifications on and off again. smh

  2. Ayoo chase thanks for posting awesome content that can make me laugh tonight I needed a laugh i graduated high school and they shot yo the place 🤷🏾‍♂️ Perry center we graduated at mount Zion and they shot people in the parking lot thank you chase keep up the good work

  3. In the next series, DeRozan gone bring some cheese. Next episode coming in July Playlist gang.! 😂😂😂

  4. On mycareer I play for pelicans we have Westbrook, Butler,LeBron, Anthony Davis, and me all starting and we went 80-2 and won the finals 2k is broke

  5. Chase, please, please play I Wanna Be the Guy on this channel and do Viewtiful joe on your second channel.

  6. Anybody know what that song is at 2:07 that plays when Chase crosses over somebody and you hear that "OH!" lmao

  7. Man I️ don’t even play 2k no more been switched to live, won 1 ring in rookie year w lakers went to knicks in free agency then called it a day fam got tired of grinding spent 20$ on vc went from a 55 overall to a 70 then grind from 70 to 86 and just gave up and the cut scenes was just to much b , live way more fun only cost 39 bucks and I️ got a 99 overall for no vc fuck you 2k

  8. 2k is about that bullshit all day. I've started calling Willie Cauley-Stein Uncle Willy. Dude strokes everything he ain't supposed to touch. My Nuggets team played the Sacramento Kings in the first round of the playoffs and dude was (in order): 6-7, 5-5, 6-9, and 7-7 on threes.

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