100 thoughts on “Nasty Candy Apple vs. Real Candy Apple (GAME)

  1. All these people are like: LiNk AnD RhETt aRe hAvInG tEnSIOn.

    You’re literally just assuming things. Stop. It’s not cute.

  2. I love the consistent female disappointment in this video lmao, but especially the mildly horrified "Liiiiiiink" at the end

  3. “It’s A crapple!” lmfao!
    This show— amazing
    The message— Amazing
    The hosts— amazing
    The decor— amazing
    One of the best shows I’ve ever saw on YouTube. Need more of this!

  4. Honestly, GMM will always be my favorite show because of Rhett and Links' chemistry.
    It's just such a treat to see them be best friends.

  5. I come back to this every few weeks just to watch link become slowly swallowed by rage. It’s the little things in life yanno

  6. U know what I do not like the Wich or man who that said he was cheating but he definitely cheating……..😠n that's not fair that he always get a Apple

  7. “You might need some mouthwash after this one”


    Link: your lat spell didn’t help me at all

    Me: 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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