Naomi Osaka calls Serena “mom”, Nadal flicks Djokovic off | Australian Open Rally for Relief RECAP

Naomi Osaka calls Serena “mom”, Nadal flicks Djokovic off | Australian Open Rally for Relief RECAP

The 2020 Australian Open rally for relief,
a charity aiming at helping those affected by the dangerous bushfires down under went
on this morning and it was a complete hit. The top players including Serena Williams,
Caroline Wozniacki, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Naomi Osaka, Petra Kvitova,
Dominic Thiem, Coco Gauff and Nick Kyrgios all participated in the light hearted and
heart warming exhibition style event. The action began with Serena and Caroline
heading two doubles team appropriately called “Team Williams” and “Team Wozniacki”. Team Williams had Djokovic and Nadal pairing
together to face Wozniacki’s Tsitsipas and Zverev. The former pairing won, but not before giving
us one of the moments of the tournament. Nadal gave the Serbian signals to serve down
the t but quickly changed it to a middle finger which joking did not mean serve body. The very next point Djokovic took a fun jab
at the Tsitsipas and Zverev saying them and they’re next gen contemporaries are too
slow. Naomi Osaka subbed in for Zverev at one point
and her plea of Stef to take the ad side so would return Thiem’s was “so cute” to the German. Speaking of Osaka, she posted this nice picture
on twitter alongside Serena captioned my and my mom. Its really nice to see that these two competitors
Serena and Naomi are still relatively close, and its clear Osaka still regards the 73 time
tour title holder as a role model, inspiration, and even a motherly figure. Other activities were a Federer Kyrgios exhibition
singles in which Roger took, and an AAKD style target contest. The rally for relief was an immense success
raising a total over 4.8 million dollars from ticket sales and online donations. Additionally, in classic Fedal fashion, Rafa
announced that he and Roger will together donate a total of 250,000 dollars. With you’d these gestures, selfish would
be the last word used to describe these two great champions, but Canadian Brayden Schnur
called out the world numbers 1 and 3 for their lack of speaking out against playing these
harsh Smokey conditions. Schnur told the Australian Associated Press
that calls for change “have got to come from the top guys,”. Roger and Rafa are a little bit selfish in
thinking about themselves and their careers. Because they’re near the end and all they’re
thinking about is their legacy, they’re not thinking about the sport itself and trying
to do what’s good for the sport. So those guys need to step it up. They’re just trying to shove us on the court
because we’re qualifiers.” Now you may be wondering: “why attack these
two why not add Djokovic into the mix”. Schnur probably left the worlds number two
out of the conversation because of his ATP Cup statements calling for the pushing back
of the start of the tournament. My thoughts about Schnur’s statements are
this: I do understand where he’s coming from because the top players are being treated
like kings while the qualifiers are expected to play in these adverse conditions. However, coming at Roger and Rafa wasn’t
the best thing to do because while they are two of the biggest players in the sport, you
have to remember they are players themselves. You need to be looking at who is enabling
this unfair treatment and that is the tournament organizers. They are the ones forcing the qualifiers out
in these bad conditions, not Nadal and Federer so while I understand where he’s coming
from Schnurs arguments are misguided. Do you agree with Brayden calling out Fedal? Also do you think of the Rally For Relief
charity event? Leave your thoughts in the comment section
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9 thoughts on “Naomi Osaka calls Serena “mom”, Nadal flicks Djokovic off | Australian Open Rally for Relief RECAP

  1. Apologizes for the low audio audio the first minute of the video. Going back to the tennis, do you agree with Schnur that Nadal and Federer are selfish?

  2. Tell Schnur to make history like Nadal and Federer and he to will receive the same treatment in the years too come.

  3. Maybe this shnur do not know who rafa and roger is. He should known them better before saying bad. How dare you say they are selfish. Joining the rally for relief event in australia is a good gesture from these players. Any its fun esp rafa who is enjoyable to watch esp when he is doubled with novak and playing with the firefighter woman. I really admired rafa. Goodluck in the AO. Dobyour best and god will do the rest. More power. God bless.

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