Multiball Training in Table Tennis I Pongfinity

Multiball Training in Table Tennis I Pongfinity

A few weeks ago we made a video of our training
session. Since you guys liked it, we thought that we
would make another one. So this time, we are going to show you what
a multiball session looks like. [The main idea with multiball training is
to get to do loads of repetitive shots] [Multiball training works so that one player
feeds the balls to another player who is hitting] [This is a typical footwork exercise] [Multiball is a great training method because
you get to choose where you want the ball to be fed, with what speed you want it and
with which spin] [Doing multiball footwork exercises is tough,
hence it is a great way to train your stamina and consistency] [Usually the players swap turns after each box] [As you see in this exercise, when you play with different spins (underspin & topspin) the exercise immediately becomes more difficult to play] [Counter topspin further
away from the table] [Camera 1, Miikka 0] ;D Thanks for watching guys, I hope you liked
it! If you want to see more of these training
videos, leave your ideas in the comments and give the video a like. Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Multiball Training in Table Tennis I Pongfinity

  1. Turn captions on for some extra insights into the training method! Next week we'll do a new episode of your challenges, so leave your ideas below. Have a nice weekend everybody!

  2. Roll a piece of paper
    When playing, make sure you the ball goes through the paper (rolled paper) and then make a hit with the ball (skills if want). Basically in both hands you have a rolled paper in a hand and that racket on the other. Goodluck 🙂

  3. to pingpong challenge 1 make 10 ''jumps'' whit the racket with a dice. I did try and it is almost impossible 2 smash a crispbread with a pingpong ball. hope you pick this in your next video=D

  4. Can you make trick serve video (I'd like to see a serve that goes around the net and lands on a corner of a table)

  5. Make the video of a match of best of 5 and keep it up I am your new subscriber okk please make a new video of match and please subscribe my channel B3 publisher

  6. Please can you do a tutorial on some good serves, the serves that otto did at the "illigal serve guy" stereotype was so good, and if they were illegal can you teach us how to do them legally! 🙂

  7. Great video, thanks! I have a question: is it more realistic if the ball bounces on the table before feeding it? or directly from the basket, tossed and hit by the racket? thanks a lot!

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