MLB The Show 19 – Why Pre-Order | PS4

MLB The Show 19 – Why Pre-Order | PS4

Hi. I’m Ramone Russell from
the San Diego Studio. By pre-ordering MLB The Show 19, you’ll receive three
different content packs to help kickstart and power up
your MLB The Show experience. These include ten
standard packs. These packs have eight total
items to help enhance your Diamond Dynasty squad and
Road to the Show player. Also included is one
Gold Player Choice Pack. In this pack you’ll get to
choose one Gold Player from a pool of players to help jump
start your Diamond Dynasty squad from day one. And by
pre-ordering from Gamestop, you’ll receive their exclusive
Gear Up Choice Pack where you’ll get to choose three
total items to help boost your Diamond Dynasty and Road to the
Show squads from day one. That’s it for the
physical pre-order bonuses. MLB The Show 19 launches
exclusively on the PlayStation 4 March 26th.

85 thoughts on “MLB The Show 19 – Why Pre-Order | PS4

  1. To anyone reading this.

    NEVER PRE ORDER A GAME. You never know what you are really getting. You aint really missing anything by waiting the game to be release. Dont support this kind of bullcrap

  2. Thanks, but no thanks.
    Let's do it the other way around, you give me the game now, I play it a little and I will give you the exact amount of money you want in a couple of months.

  3. Never pre order games guys they try to manipulate you to give your money away without getting nothing back right away

  4. Exactly! Why pre order? We already own this game, its called Mlb The Show 18. Oooh contract extensions, tweaked defense. I'll pass

  5. if you need to make a video telling people why they should pre-order then the game might not be worth pre-ordering to begin with

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  7. nani?

    The title should be: Why to Not Pre-Order

    Pre-ordering digital item is wack

    omae wa mou shindeiru

    I preordered Sekiro for the katana letter opener, not for the game 🙂

    If you put the cap from the gone yard edition into the standard pre-order, I wouldve pre ordered

    or even make it steelbook, I wouldve thought about it

  8. 10 standard packs to "help" enhance your dd squad. If pack odds are anything like '18, you may get 1 silver. What a joke. Done with this crappy series

  9. not sure why there are so many people crying about pre ordering the game… If YOU dont want to preorder dont… Why try to sway others? You get certain bonuses for spending the same amount of money just earlier… Plenty of info is already out on the game, not sure why you would not pre order and get bonus content. People seem to be too concerned about other peoples money instead of worrying about themselves, seems to be a theme in USA right now.

  10. Should be titled “Why Not to Pre-Order” they keep giving us less and less. Unless you pre-order $79.99 editions, $99.99 editions, and even $119.99 editions.

  11. So the developers realized that they don't have enough new content in the game this year to make people want to preorder so they have to make a video to try to persuade you….Yeah, how about no…

  12. And of course there going be group of dummies pre ordering unfinish game, nothing new here in today's game industry.

  13. We haven't seen details about any specific game modes, yet we get a video as to why we should pre-order. This is why I stopped buying the $100 version of this game, it used to be no big deal but SDS is all about $$$ now and it's sad. I hope 2K comes around again, not to necessarily take my money, but to give SDS some competition again. The show was making leaps and bounds when 2k baseball was around. It was always superior, but this console generation has given them to much slack and it just doesn't feel about the players anymore and its sad.

  14. I think people have San Diego studios confused with EA lol that being said I think sony should focus the studio with a new IP not a sports game. The studio is full of talented people it's a shame they waste their time with a sports game, let EA handle that seems like the sheep love their sports games anyways.

    Coz you’ll most probably end up with half finished and broken games eg black ops 4, fallout76 etc… wait until the game releases and read some reviews, talk to freinds and if possible play the game before you hand over any cash..

  16. Same old trash. After buying this game every year up to MLB 16, I skipped the past two years. Looks like I'm skipping again. All of their attention goes to online modes.

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