MLB The Show 19 – GameStop Mondays: March to October | PS4

MLB The Show 19 – GameStop Mondays: March to October | PS4

Hi, everybody,
this is John Livingston, game designer
for San Diego Studios, welcoming you to another
MLB The Show 19 Monday, powered by GameStop. Our new game mode,
March to October, allows you to experience
all the excitement of your favorite team’s season
in less time by having you play only the
season’s key games and moments. Your performance in these
key games will really count as their outcomes will impact
a team momentum factor that in turn influences
how your team performs in the simulated games
that happen in between the ones
that you play. To start your March to October, you choose a franchise. The teams are divided
into four expectation tiers: Favorites, Contenders,
Underdogs, and Longshots. Next you select
a difficulty level. The difficulty you select
will determine what reward package
you will earn if you can take your club
to a World Series championship. There are over 100 unique
team-themed rewards available, and the harder
the difficulty you select, the bigger the spoils. Having selected a team
and difficulty level, you will be shown
a brief video that summarizes
your team’s recent history as well as their outlook
heading into the 2019 season. Now the action begins, starting in the mid
to late innings of your Opening Day matchup. After playing the game
to its end, you will be shown
how the outcome has impacted
your team’s momentum. And as you watch
while the calendar advances to the day
of your next key game, you’ll notice that the outcomes
of the simulated games are influenced by the positive
or negative momentum that you had earned previously. Through the repetition
of this basic game flow, you’ll be delivered
from episode to episode with maximum action and intrigue and minimal menu interfacing. In most episodes,
you’ll play as the whole team, but in select episodes,
you’ll be player locked as one specific team member or asked to execute a key emergent duty of a general manager. As you advance
through the season, unique narrative commentary will progressively
and dynamically unfold the essential story
of your chosen club’s campaign, and this content varies based not only on how
your season is going but also on how your team’s
performance compares to what was expected of them
entering the season. This fast-paced mode
is all about getting your team to the postseason and beyond. March any MLB squad
from Opening Day through October in just a few sittings. Can you elevate your performance to meet
the increasingly big moments that emerge down the stretch? Your poise under pressure
will determine the fate of your chosen team’s season. Thanks for tuning in and make sure
to join us again next week for another GameStop Monday. Don’t forget to pre-order
MLB The Show 19 before we launch on March 26th.

31 thoughts on “MLB The Show 19 – GameStop Mondays: March to October | PS4

  1. Awesome.. i wanna create my own park already.. !!! I still bought the $99.00 as i love collecting the hats but i want my own park

  2. Haven't bought the show for a few years and I haven't looked back. I'm done with grinding to get 60,000 points to level up one stat.

  3. I think I won't buy this year's game . I love the franchise mode and you haven't done nothing to improve it you could have added more historic stadiums for each team you could had introduce create a team in franchise mode .until another company comes out and introduces a baseball game you're just like EA with the Madden football too complacent and adding features that no one wants

  4. I love MLB games.. best sports game of all time. I always use my home team in a 162 game season.. it is a shame that my team is the Toronto Blue Jays 🙂

  5. Do they have historic teams yet with the actual players? Like the 1988 dodgers? But without having to actual create the team and players?

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