MLB The Show 19 – Features Conquest Trailer | PS4

MLB The Show 19 – Features Conquest Trailer | PS4

This is it. This is what we’ve
been training for. We’ll march North
and salt the Earth! The roar of our crowd will haunt the ears
of their young! We will erase
our enemies from history so that our names may live
forever! Do you have any idea
what he is talking about? You must be new. Byrce always gets like this
when he plays Conquest Mode. Conquest Mode? Conquest Mode in MLB The Show lets you battle your way
across the country with your own
custom elite roster, conquering territories,
staking your claim, and unlocking some excellent
prizes along the way. And, new to The Show 19, explore new territories
with Conquest Challenges, exciting games,
strategic matchups and fierce competition. I guess this all
makes sense then. Have you got a
problem with that? No, Bryce, we just– Just excited to
salt some Earth. Yes, let’s salt some Earth. – Yes!
– Yes!

68 thoughts on “MLB The Show 19 – Features Conquest Trailer | PS4

  1. Что Стас Ай как просто Васильев здесь делает? Это переосмысление формата Стас бомбит?

  2. Trash. I’m sick of these garbage new age players. Put Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz and Mariano Rivera in the game and maybe I’ll buy it. Just maybe.

  3. Когда снял разоблачение про Поперечного и после решил пойти в бейсбол

  4. Hey play station can u allow cross play for smite. Literally every other company agreed, except you, don't be as holes. I just wanna play the game with my friends.

  5. And the corruption from madden and nba flows over into baseball,lets all buy elite players and call it conquest mode

  6. Стас над нами пошутил? Нашел похожего немного чувака и подшутил??

  7. If some of you are English and use a translator to write Russian language stop posses me off and other ppl here

  8. We are like “ why are there so many Russians” while the Russians are like “why are there so many Americans

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