MLB The Show 19 – Content Update | PS4

MLB The Show 19 – Content Update | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] RAMONE: Hello, everyone. Ramone Russell here once
again coming to you live from the San Diego Studio with
number cruncher extraordinaire, Luis Martinez. What is going on
in the live content world today? LUIS: Well, we’re excited
to announce the launch of Signature Teams. We got a new BR Flawless reward and we got a
Roster Attribute update. RAMONE: So please tell me
and the entire MLB The Show community, what is
the Signature Team? LUIS: They’re
basically super teams, all 30 MLB teams, including all
of the best players in the game. RAMONE: Play three-inning games
starting with N.L. Today. And for the next month, look for
a new set of Moments every week. LUIS: Each set rewards you with
a new Signature Series player. Collect all six for a 99
overall player at the end. This week you can
unlock Signature Series, Jason Kendall, from
the Pittsburgh Pirates. RAMONE: Next up we have a
brand-new Flawless reward for Battle Royale players. Luis, who will people
get by going 12-and-0? LUIS: Signature Series
Chris Sale, a lefty, strike out machine. A 99 overall rating
with a triple digit fastball and a devastating slider
and circle change. RAMONE: Last but, not least, we have a roster update. This week we have more than 90
player upgrades and downgrades. So, Luis, let’s talk
about some of the upgrades. LUIS: The Mariners Kyle Seager and the Diamondbacks Katel Marte
continue their hot streaks. RAMONE: A couple of rookies keep
tearing it up with Pete Alonso crushing the ball
and breaking records, and we have Giants outfielder,
Mike Yastrzemski, making his grandpa proud. LUIS: And two starting pitchers
are striking people out left and right, Jacob Degrom of the Mets
and Andrew Heaney of the Angels. RAMONE: So we’ve got a
big week with more to come. Luis, any clues on the
rewards for the Signature Teams? LUIS: Well, I gotta
keep something a secret. Just keep playing the game. RAMONE: And you can go
to for all the news on
MLB The Show. Be sure the follow us on
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Until next time,
we’ll see you later.

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