MLB The Show 18 – Settle It: Correa vs. Bellinger | PS4

to Settle it in The Show. Today we have the
ultimate grudge match, a battle between two stars from
last season’s epic seven game World Series. In this corner,
the man with the ring. He has everything to lose, Carlos Correa. And for his opponent, rarely do you get a chance at
such sweet revenge, Cody Bellinger. So Battle Royale is an online
game mode in MLB The Show, but you draft your team. So you got to be strategic here. BELLINGER: I’m gonna go old
school I think for a catcher. RAMONE RUSSELL: Okay. CORREA: I got to go
teammate right here. RAMONE RUSSELL:
Gotta go teammate. BELLINGER: I need a pitcher. RAMONE RUSSELL: Bullpen is very
important in Battle Royale. CORREA: Ooh, Chapman. RAMONE RUSSELL: All right. They just picked their
teams in Battle Royale. Now it’s time to
Settle it in The Show, game one of three. BELLINGER: Curveball. He’s swinging at my dog. CORREA: Beat it.
Beat it. BELLINGER: That’s
why he picked Simmons. RAMONE RUSSELL: Oh.
That’s gold. That was a call. BELLINGER: Secret weapon.
CORREA: Legend. BELLINGER: Oh no. RAMONE RUSSELL: He pimped it. We got a tie game.
He pimped it. Top of the first,
three-inning Battle Royale game, Settle it in The Show and
Carlos swinging at junk. And he just overran that. Okay. Got a base runner. BELLINGER: Yeah. RAMONE RUSSELL: Uh-oh.
Okay. Paul Konerko coming through. CORREA: Oh, Turner, baby. BELLINGER: Man, I have no
clutch factor in this game. RAMONE RUSSELL: A little bit. Who made these uniforms? I need to go back to art class
because they were not this ugly when I made ’em this morning. BELLINGER: Those
pants are pretty brutal. Dive. CORREA: Take three. RAMONE RUSSELL: We’re
going to take a quick break, second inning stretch. We’re going to do a
littlen racing. On three. [LAUGHTER] BELLINGER: What do you got to
do? Hold it down? [LAUGHTER] BELLINGER: Should
have walked him. CORREA: There’s no way. RAMONE RUSSELL:
Carlos, how you feeling? CORREA: I feel
confident I’m going to lose. BELLINGER: Oh no. CORREA: Let’s go.
All the way all the way baby. BELLINGER: Uh-oh. RAMONE RUSSELL:
Oh, and the shift. With the one hand. Safe. Okay. BELLINGER: Now we go. RAMONE RUSSELL:
Pujols with the blooper, with the blooper. CORREA: Let’s go. RAMONE RUSSELL: Cody is
down to his last swing. And he’s out. That’s the ball game.
Carlos wins. CORREA: Now that I
see the blue balloons, now I know it was rigged.

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