MLB The Show 18 – Rating Reactions: Aaron Judge | PS4

MLB The Show 18 – Rating Reactions: Aaron Judge | PS4

“Your ratings tell us you should quit baseball and
try out for the NBA.” Who’s doing this? Lowest rated
attribute is vision… I think it says 26. Overall ratings,
Aaron Judge, 86. Okay. A little B plus action. That’s not too bad.

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  1. I’m not one of those people that think he’s a 95-99 by any means but the fact that Trea Turner is an 82 that means judge is only 4 overall points better than him is kind blasphemy. 88-90 should’ve been his rating.

  2. Everyone has to understand the new rating system better; 85-99 is a diamond, however they said in their stream that the live series players will be separate from the career arcs and the immortals, if Mike Trout isn't a 99 then no way judge would be a 92 or whatever. From what I got from the rating system now; 85-91 will be average for live series players, 92-99 will be immortals and career arcs, I could be wrong though

  3. If he's an 86 based on what he did last year as a ROOKIE no less, then I guess Stanton is a 85, Harper is a 84 or 85, Machado is a 80… dozens of superstars better be less than an 86. And for those of you saying hitting for .284 average means he don't hit for average, you're a fool. By that logic I guess Altuve should be in the 80s as well since he doesn't hit for power right? Power means 40 plus homers By that "average" logic. Trout should be the only position player in the 90s.

  4. Come on PlayStation really Judge is an 86 overall the dude can hit the baseball out of the park with his eyes closed.

  5. Ok can we all just agree a dude with 90+ vision, has 90’s+ power, and has a good arm, he’s basically the Vlad Guerrero card now, which is what everyone wants for judge

  6. Did ppl forget that this might just be for Diamond Dynasty and even So compare any other RF He is Still the Best Guy there.Don't Try To Change my Mind

  7. Vision should be a 90 and his contact should be what gets a lowish rating. The man walks a lot and strikes out cuz he whiffs. He should be a 88-90 rating. 86 is too low, but it will probably be moved up instantly.

  8. Thinking 85… 86 is good I'm but vision should be higher maybe 30-35. Great power hitter but probably not 90 or above because high strikeout rate.

  9. Had Kyle Schwarber had a full season, no injuries in 2016, he could've easily put up similar numbers to Judge. Judge, as of now, is massively overrated. Those K's have to come down.

  10. Vision a 26? The man hit 52 homeruns and broke records for being a rookie. Should be at least a 90-92 easily. At least he is humble about it. Probably will hit 60 this year easily.

  11. 50 HR, 100 RBI, 100 Runs, 100 BB… find me a rookie who has done that or will ever do that? Bet your best player hasn’t even done that ….

  12. One of the top players in the game and only an 86! I loved his reaction because in the baseball world, B and above is very high.

  13. Dude had the highest OPS in baseball last year, he plays great defense, he has an absolute cannon arm, he steals bases, and he's only 25. C'mon now

  14. His rating is right, his vision, or lack of vision in strikeout amounts and swing and miss tendencies hurts him a LOT

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