MLB The Show 18 – Gamestop Monday: Top 10 New Things | PS4

MLB The Show 18 – Gamestop Monday: Top 10 New Things | PS4

Welcome to another MLB The
Show Monday powered by GameStop. Today we’re going to talk about
the top ten new features and improvements coming to The Show
this year in under two minutes. Start the timer
for the speed round. Road to The Show introduces a
player progression overhaul with archetypes, performance
gains, and focus choices, along with dreadlocks. Couldn’t forget
about the dreadlocks. We’ve overhauled Diamond Dynasty
with our all-new Programs Paradigm. We’re introducing immortal cards
with new legends like Babe Ruth, Vlad Guerrero, Bob
Gibson, and more. Diamond Dynasty also includes
a complete reimagining of the Create a Player with
Create a Player missions. We streamlined everything
in Franchise mode with a new feature with call Phases. The Show 18 has improved ball
physics and even more hitting changes, ball speed,
top spin, back spin, accurate air
density calculations, proper launch angles, and we’re taking into account
accurate models for correct, accurate ball spin for left- and
right-handed pitchers. Batting Stance Creator. You can create or edit
anyone’s batting stance. We have an all-new tagging
engine for smooth and precise tagging animation. Our presentation suite takes the
next step in evolution with the inclusion of
dynamic storylines, quick facts from the
broadcast booth, in addition to our
new color commentary guy, Mark DeRosa. Last and certainly not least, we are taking stadium atmosphere
to the next level with all-new crowd AI, atmospheric effects
such as rain delays, and new stadium-specific
bat drops and camera angles. For more information on
these features and more, be sure to check out our Twitch
stream archives at the link below. Join us next week and pre-order MLB The Show 18 to
receive ten standard packs, one legend card, in addition to being able to
pick up your copy on March 23rd for our early access First Pitch
weekend. Pre-order from GameStop and
receive their exclusive five bonus standard packs,
bringing your total to 15.

36 thoughts on “MLB The Show 18 – Gamestop Monday: Top 10 New Things | PS4

  1. Can't wait. Haven't bought the Show since 15 but I'm definitely coming back this year! All the new features seem like this one is definitely worth it

  2. Played nearly 20 something games and still 56 overall. This year is going to be super hard. If you all got the time in the world goodluck even getting to 70 overall.

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