MLB The Show 18 – Gamestop Monday: Commentary & Presentation Improvements | PS4

MLB The Show 18 – Gamestop Monday: Commentary & Presentation Improvements | PS4

KIRBY ST. JOHN: Hey, everyone.
Kirby St. John here. Today I’m going to share some
info about the additions and improvements we’ve made to the
commentary and presentation in MLB The Show 18. The first thing you’ll notice is
that there’s a new voice in the broadcast booth. MARK DEROSA: My
favorite places to hit at. I always felt like great
batters eye ’em dead center. A lot of home runs
get hit in this yard. KIRBY ST. JOHN:
MLB Network analyst, Mark DeRosa makes his debut as a
color commentator alongside Dan Plesac and
play-by-play announcer, Matt Vasgersian. This year we had the opportunity
to record a ton of audio with the announcers working
together in the same studio, and we were really
excited with the results. DAN PLESAC: Is this a
live baseball game, or are they taking
batting practice right now? Somebody help me out. MARK DEROSA: This is one of
those where they say it’s good weather for a snowman. KIRBY ST. JOHN: A huge effort
was made this year to produce a dynamic and adaptive
commentary experience. The audio is designed to tell
the unique experience of your team or player over
the course of a season. MARK DEROSA: Played unbelievable
baseball on their recent home stance. Unbeaten, they got on the plane. Everybody was smiling,
dressed to the nines. KIRBY ST. JOHN: We’ve
also revamped the game’s replay system. For the first time in
The Show franchise, you’ll experience full-speed
replays that emphasize the athleticism and atmosphere of
baseball’s most exciting plays. The replays also feature new 3D
ball trails that use color to convey the changing speed
of the ball as it flies through the air. In-game stadium
atmosphere was also a big focus. The number of crowd
animations has been doubled, and the attendance logic has
been completely reworked to factor in variables
like the day of the week, match up, score of the game, and much more. There’s a lot more to
see and hear when you get your hands on
the game. To do that, make sure to
preorder MLB The Show 18 to receive ten standard packs,
one legend card in addition to being able to
pick up your copy on March 23rd. Preorder from GameStop and
receive their exclusive five standard packs
bringing your total to 15.

31 thoughts on “MLB The Show 18 – Gamestop Monday: Commentary & Presentation Improvements | PS4

  1. Can't wait. Loved 17 & 18 is sounding like it's already gonna be waaay better. Now if y'all can just add editing for hair & facial on the players that I trade to my Yankees, that be great

  2. I've been playing MLB the show games on my PlayStation 2 and 3 just recently on PlayStation 4 after the Superbowl and looks like the real thing on television without the overpriced concession stand food, tickets and parking

  3. The whole attendance logic improvement is awesome! I'm a sucker for realism and I think it's silly when you see a packed house for a crappy team or when the home team is getting blown out. Love that they took notice!

  4. LOL every time Mark DeRosa and Dan Plesac Talk about the clothes are not getting in the game because of the non-save situation it’s just so hilarious😂

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