MLB The Show 18 – Gamestop Monday: All-Rise Edition Unboxing | PS4

MLB The Show 18 – Gamestop Monday: All-Rise Edition Unboxing | PS4

another MLB The Show Monday powered by GameStop. I’m Ramon Russell from the
MLB The Show development team, and today we are going to unbox
the All Rise Edition for MLB The Show 18, exclusive at
GameStop in limited quantities. So let’s open this bad boy up
and see what we have inside. The first thing we have is the
exclusive new era 950 Snapback All Rise Edition baseball cap. We have The Show
logo which is embossed. And we have this really dope
gold “All Rise” under the bill as well. We also have the Judges
gavels and his number. And to top it all off, we have “The Show” in gold on
the back of the cap as well. Also included is MLB The Show 18
which will come in this fantastic steel book
which is a locker. So these are the physical items
that you’ll get inside the box. Now let take a look at the all
the digital goodies you’ll get included as well. The All Rise Edition includes a
DLC voucher for these items: One digital Diamond Dynasty New
Era All Rise Edition 950 hat for use in game. One Mission Starter
for your Gold player. A Mission Starter for
your Diamond player. 11,000 stubs. One classic stadium for
use in Diamond Dynasty. One sponsorship pack. Ten standard packs. And 30 MLB The Show PS4 themes. Make sure to join us next week
and pre-order MLB The Show 18 to receive ten standard
packs, one legend card, in addition to being able to
pick up your copy on March 23rd for our Early Access
First Pitch weekend. Pre-order from GameStop and
receive their exclusive five bonus standard packs,
bringing your total to 15.

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  3. What’s the point in making a limited edition when sports games are immediately worthless the next year? And there’s only two physical items included, TWO!

  4. should put a referee mode that we can arbitrate games and also when we finish the player's career we could be manager of a team

  5. Man I love the physical stuff. I can care less about the digital stuff though.. gonna have to pass on this unfortunately, I can’t justify paying $100 for all that..

  6. Remember I use to rip the codes out of tips and trick magazines were fun we pay for the fun stuff instead of using codes and unlocking stuff..

  7. New Era hat 30$ the game 60$ plus tax 100$ stubs and packs 40$ worth.. it's worth is you love Diamond Dynasty and the Yankees which I do ..

  8. Some people: 'But there's only 2 items in the box!'
    Me: 'Well, what did you expect? A 10 pack of condoms and a "Stadium peanuts 4 life voucher?, as well as shoulder pads for tackling the hot dog vendor going for a foul ball?"'

  9. Now I'll have someone to talk baseball with. That would be my 9-year-old Grandson who is like a sponge when it comes to learning everything. Give him a week with this game and he will be able to name every player on every team. And I watch every game that I can, especially the Yankees, since 1951. Go Yanks!!!

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