MLB The Show 18 – For a Fan Like You: Hero’s Journey | PS4

MLB The Show 18 – For a Fan Like You: Hero’s Journey | PS4

Every MLB journey is epic. If you’re eager for a new quest, Road to the Show puts immersive
RPG action in your hands. Create your character and begin
your personal pro-ball journey where every decision on and off
the field paves your path from raw prospect
to all-star hero. Road to the Show’s robust
immersive scenarios put you in the driver seat, not just on the field, but in the clubhouse, the
gym, and the manager’s office, where every decision builds your
players attributes and paves his path through the hyper
competitive world of pro-ball. Will you become the cunning
speedster who sprints to the Majors with stellar defense and
good base-running sense or the hulking slugger whose
raw power raises eye brows in the front office? Whether you
slug, swipe, sink, or swagger, a world full of
decisions and strategies awaits. And your player’s
Road to the Show depends on you.

29 thoughts on “MLB The Show 18 – For a Fan Like You: Hero’s Journey | PS4

  1. So we can not test our ability to try and master what shohei ohtani is trying ? To be a pitcher and position player/DH ??

  2. Just disable the lock on the secondary position key when we create a pitcher so we can choose outfield or infield position! It is a great challenge for players to embark on

  3. this is cool but when your training why is there just grey stuff in the background is that a glitch I hope so I want to see batting cages.

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