MLB The Show 18 – Feature Talk: Road To The Show Progression | PS4

MLB The Show 18 – Feature Talk: Road To The Show Progression | PS4

We’re evolving Road
to The Show this year, and this is a mode we have in
the game for people who don’t want to use everybody. Some people just want to create
their player like the RPG and just use him. So you’re basically trying to
start in the Minors and make it all the way
to the Majors, right? After you create your guy, you’re going
to pick an archetype. This is a big change
for Road to The Show. This is going to govern the
type of player that you want to become. So here’s The Wizard. The strengths are
fielding and speed; weakness is power because you can’t do everything. You have starting caps and max
caps on all of our attributes. Those max caps, you
can’t improve upon those. Those are going to be locked
unless you put on some dope equipment like some
shoes, some cleats, and you can go past the
cap, but it’s a tradeoff. Do you want to hit for contact? Do you want to hit for power? Do you want glove? Do you want speed? So you’re going to
choose Ball Hawk. Why the Ball Hawk? Because you can improve them. A lot faster to improve a
Ball Hawk than a Powerhouse. Power Corner?
Absolutely. Hit home runs. Power corner. Something told me you
were going to pick that. Let’s try Mr. Reliable. Mr. Reliable?
All right. I’m going to go Good Hands.
They’re kind of in the middle. I want to be somebody that can
help out the team in multiple ways. Gotta go Plain Filthy. I think it’s just the guys
with the nastiest pitches. You know what I mean? When you have nasty
pitches, you get outs. This is dope. Oh, almost. So if you start to increase your
speed and your reaction time, you’ll eventually be
able to get to that ball. And that’s what’s really
fun about Road to The Show. Everything you do, that’s
how make your guy better. You want to hit for power? You need to hit
doubles, triples, and home runs. All of the points
are autospent now, so you can’t create that 99 guy where you’re like I want that
99 speed. I want 99 contact. You have to do it all
in realtime in the game. Cool.
My guy rakes. It does.
So you got Batting Clutch. So these are all
attributes going up in realtime. So we’re looking at the Base
Gain screen which is all new
to MLB The Show 18. So you can see on the screen
here your Contact went up. And your Contact went up because
you got base hits against right-handed pitching. Your Power also kind
of stayed the same, but it went up a little bit. So let’s go down here to
Arm Accuracy which went down. Why did this go down, Trea? I might have thrown the ball to
third base when I was supposed to
throw to first. I don’t know. I know where to throw
the ball in real life. So another thing is players
learn stuff from being on different teams and
having different teammates. Let’s say you get
drafted by the Yankees, you are going to have
opportunities to train with really good players that hit a
lot of home runs and that will help you hit more home runs just because you’re
on that team. It’s realistic man. It’s cool. And that’s a small snippet of
what’s in Road to The Show this year. Pre-order now.

46 thoughts on “MLB The Show 18 – Feature Talk: Road To The Show Progression | PS4

  1. Well the Swim Late Cheese is confirmed at 1:25 how in the world that was a hit? Lol same BS like last year 😏

  2. Looks cool and all, but I mainly play diamond dynasty. Is the online fixed from last year? If not I'm waiting for a major sale before I buy this game.

  3. There's no need for Archetypes! We're not playing offline if I want a player that can do everything well there shouldn't be anything that stops me from doing that! What about players you're importing that are about the "Caps"?

  4. I don’t like any of the things they added to rtts…I don’t like that our players have caps now on attributes..I don’t like that we can’t choose what we put our points into and we can’t decide what we want to get better at

  5. Well you say they cannot make a 99 overall player? What about the people who put the game on super super easy and hit a homer every at bat! Then get tired of the game because they are maxed out?

  6. Only demand i have to let these changes slide is:
    Let us create our own archetype or let us customize one of the meagre 6 selections we have to choose from

  7. Only demand i have to let these changes slide is:
    Let us create our own archetype or let us customize one of the meagre 6 selections we have to choose from

  8. cap limits unless you put on equipment…and use microtransactions of course. Haven't they found out by now that we do NOT want restrictions. WTF

  9. Where can I leave feedback for the studio? Because I am really heartbroken here. Big fan of the series and RTTS has been by far my favorite mode, but taking away the option to pick which team you play for is absolutely terrible. I understand the logic of making it more realistic and similar to real life in not being able to choose your team. But this is a video game. NOT real life and the escapism and exhilaration of being able to play for my favorite team is one of the things that kept me coming back. Now that is taken away. Options are ALWAYS better. People who want the more realistic experience can still get it and choose to be randomly drafted, but people like me, this really plucks the heart and soul out of what I love about the series. I feel like there's nothing here for me. I tried for hours to manipulate how my character was made, went through the showcase and all that, made my guy really good, really bad, but no matter what I did, no matter how many times I went back to college, I could never get picked by my favorite team. It seems impossible.

    I'm really heartbroken man. And in my real life, I'm having a crappy week right now too, the worst of which is bad foot pain that's keeping me from walking well. Having the euphoric experience of seeing my guy on my favorite team would be so great. But I can't get it. Please, please, PLEASE patch this. I can't stand it, and honestly, I would probably stop buying The Show games if this option never returns. That's not a "threat" because, yeah, I'm just one guy and one lost sale is probably nothing, so it isn't a threat. It's just how I feel. Please change this.

  10. For mlb 19 u should make a game where the road to the show players starts the journey in little league world series. That will be sick

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