MLB The Show 18 – Box Art Dilemma | PS4

MLB The Show 18 – Box Art Dilemma | PS4

– At MLB The Show,
we like to go big; big fun, big stars. So for this year’s cover we went with the biggest guy
in baseball. – Uh, what’s that? – That is a box for
MLB The Show 18. It’s got to be big
enough to fit Aaron Judge. – Whatever. – Let’s go with a smaller box.

48 thoughts on “MLB The Show 18 – Box Art Dilemma | PS4

  1. yo quiero cambio de id desgraciados para eso pago como haci que encuesta porque no hacen una encuesta de que tan mierda es el servicio de playstation japoneses de mierda son medio sonsos

  2. …..a simple piece of paper with the box art or a drawing would’ve been easier to carry…nah who am I kidding? This was funny!

  3. Sports games is pretty dumb IMO; especially with how every year they release a 'new' game; even more so these days since a lot of them have ridiculous amounts of microtransactions probably because the developers know they don't sell well enough so they have to make back money some how.

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