MLB Paychecks, Locker Room Food, and What Gear Do You Get In MLB?

MLB Paychecks, Locker Room Food, and What Gear Do You Get In MLB?

What’s up guys, Coach Madden, and I’m here with Matt Antonelli from Antonelli baseball
YouTube channel he was a major league hitter middle infielder Padres
organization we played together in that organization and he’s got a great
YouTube channel and there’s a couple videos on his channel that are awesome a
lot of them that are awesome but there’s a couple that I kind of want to pick
your brain about and and have you elaborate onto in this video the first
one is what kind of gear did you get in the major leagues when you were in the
major leagues okay so how it works is typically your your team is gonna
provide you with your jersey top in your pants and maybe like maybe like a shirt
like this but you’re not actually gonna get a lot of stuff from the actual team
you’ll get your hat too but most of the stuff you wear like like for me batting
gloves cleats anything underneath my uniform a whole bunch of these dry-fit
type shirts wrist bands all that stuff typically came from whoever your sponsor
was so what happens is depending if you have a sponsor now some guys don’t get a
sponsor and and we actually play with a bunch of guys I know a bunch of guys
that would show up and they would be having a go out and buy their stuff that
you know wherever they go to Dick’s Sporting Goods or something and buy
their stuff so some guys have to get their own stuff are you typically by the
time you get to the major leagues most guys have deals and so how it worked for
me is my agent would set it up so like my first year when we first played
together that very first season companies were starting to send me stuff
and so I’d get like boxes of like some Nike gear and some adidas gear and I got
really lucky on Fort or fortunately for me I got drafted high and so people
wanted to send me stuff after about five six years they want to take it all away
but for a little bit they were actually sending me stuff and so you know I tried
on the stuff and and I told my agent listen I really like this Nike stuff and
plus Nikes a big name and so I said let’s go with Nike so what happens is
once you get that sponsorship they start sending you everything so the type of
gear that I would get from them literally they would send me you know
her shoes cleats you’d wear compression shorts underneath your your uniform if
it’s cold you get kind of like that cold gear that long gear stuff you get a ton
of these dry fits batting gloves wristbands all that stuff and if you
want more all I would literally do is tell my agent hey I’m all a lot of
batting gloves can I get some more batting gloves and he would put the
order in and within a few days I go to my locker and there be batting gloves in
there so you get kind of spoiled at the major league level and some guys get
spoiled at the minor league level but again there’s a lot of guys that have to
get their own stuff and so it really just depends on a lot of things depends
if you’re drafted high or low even though it that’s kind of unfair that’s
the way it kind of works some guys agents have better connections
than others so it really depends but yeah all that gear all that stuff
typically comes from a sponsorship or through your agency it’s pretty in
person on traffic and I didn’t have any sponsors but my agent would send me
stuff so I don’t know if he was going out and buying it or perhaps maybe the
agent has many different players and they have deals so he has a bunch of
stuff and he’s sending it to all his players so it always get a box but for
me it was through my through my agent now one thing I will say is when we were
at the Padres we only got like one shirt one shorts whatever not a whole bunch
and they were usually tee and they were usually at least our years were like
cotton like not comfortable like you know way up here so man they were bad
but I will say when I went to the Mets I walked in the whole Locker was just
packed with awesome stuff it was so cool Spike’s turfs really old locker full of
just stuff to wear so I will say that versus the the Padres organization they
did the Mets definitely hooked on the sweet gear for sure I think probably a
big market team big money teams era but I enjoyed that part of it so second
question is yep what about the pay in the major leagues how do you get paid
yeah when do you get paid how does that whole work yeah I think the
misconception with pay is that no matter what level you’re at you don’t get paid
in spring training and you don’t get paid in the offseason and you don’t get
paid in the playoff if you’re the big leagues you can get you know
you win you get some bonuses and stuff but really you only get paid for that
regular season so when we go to spring training all you get is meal money for
spring training and so what happens is you’d show up and if you’re in the minor
leagues I think when we were playing it was like 20 dollars a day I believe for
most of the for most of my years and I think in the big leagues it was $100 a
day so you show up you go into your club and they usually give you cash they’d
give you you know in the big leagues you get $700 in the minor leagues you get
one hundred and forty dollars and that’s your money and you got to make that last
once the season starts then you finally get paid whatever it is you get paid so
if you’re in the major leagues for me I got League minimum which was my year was
four hundred thousand now I think it’s like 550 maybe or something like that
somewhere around there and you get paid every two weeks so it was like the 1st
and the 15th I think it was you get your check and so it’s either direct deposit
it I think the first year or so I think I don’t know why I did the check would
be in my locker and I have to go and deposit it but after a while you got it
direct deposited and you’re getting paid every two weeks and that goes all the
way through until the season ends and when the season’s over that’s it
like you don’t get paid anymore a lot of people don’t realize that and so you
know most guys go and get jobs during the offseason because they’re not making
any money anymore so unless you’re me if you’re a major
league I then yeah you’re probably not going and bussing tables and stuff like
that but if you’re a minor league player you’re probably going and getting some
type of job I used to come and do I used to do lessons and run clinics and camps
and all that stuff but we know guys that did all kinds of stuff over the
offseason so that’s how pay worked well two things one I remember when I learned
about the living off money yeah and they would give you money in
spring training if you didn’t want to stay at the hotel and you want to live
somewhere else so they cut you a check or give you cash I forget but it was
like four in the minor leagues was like 800 or something to go live somewhere
else so what we would do is we find three or four guys and we’d go rent a
house so now we got eight eight hundred times four which is thirty two hundred
good and so we could get a nice house for us yeah Spring Training we’re living
in this nice house you know got some food money now extra money so when I
learned about that living off money I definitely capitalized on that the
second thing I wanted to ask you was so what does that come out to
so every two of the first and fifteenth yeah at major league salary not the
taxes and all that what is a paycheck I can’t remember my exact amount but I do
remember before taxes I think it was like sixty-five thousand for the month
and so you break that down let’s say thirty something thousand every two
weeks but then you take out taxes so I don’t I honestly don’t remember the
exact amount but it was obviously way way more than we were again I think it
was probably coming out to like twenty thousand dollars every two weeks
something like that and so you go from the minor leagues getting paid some
months you get a couple hundred bucks you know like I remember getting checks
in the minors my first year you get a check and it was like for what two
hundred bucks every two weeks maybe and then you go you know fast-forward to get
to the major leagues and I’m getting league minimum the lowest player in the
app in the league you know you getting twenty thousand dollars every couple of
weeks and so it’s a little bit different then you talk about the guys getting you
know twenty thirty million dollars a year and then it gets mind-boggling and
they’re getting money from sponsors and yeah other deals whatever they got crazy
now what about the food in the major leagues how is that different from the
minor league yeah so peanut butter and jelly is typically as you know that’s
where you for when you first show up in – yeah exactly
a little different so you when you get there it’s peanut butter and jelly I
remember when we were in Eugene Eugene was my first stop it was that was it it
was like peanut butter and jelly before the game Peter and butter jelly after
the game like that was it right and then as Scotty yes exactly
so as you move up you the food gets a little bit better
it does depend I think on the organization and where you’re playing at
I think for the Padres for us like when we got to double-a and San Antonio
that’s when the food started to get a little bit better so you’d get food
before the game and after the game like they’d actually cook you some food after
the game so you might get some steak or some chicken you know some corn on the
cob and stuff Triple A usually gets a lot better usually you’ll get you know
they’ll start actually going out to restaurants and get them like I don’t
know maybe like a PF Changs night we’ve get some rice and some chicken and stuff
and so the food does get better there and then when you get to the major
leagues that’s when it’s the absolute batch that’s when you can literally you
know I used to go to the game walk in and I’m a really picky eater so
I’d get to the game and I’d be like I’d be burger I need the bread it’s terrible
die die you burger all the time so I’d walk in and I’d go up to I’d go in the
calf and I go up and go hey could I get a burger with some fries you could do
whatever you wanted thing they cook it up for you give it to you boom you’re
good you can have that before games after games and then you’ve got big
leaguers like we have Brian Giles that would have sushi nights so we’d had he’d
bring in a sushi chef and there’d be just sushi everywhere and so it really
depends the older guys if you have a team with veterans they usually really
take care of guys and they’ll have those type of nights and stuff so foods a
little bit better at the major league level in the minor league level I
remember to Lake Elsinore yeah Outback I know he did once yeah yeah and he came
for the whole week it was unbelievable I remember he brought it out back one
night and they had like the grills out there and they’re cooking us up like
everything but that’s what big leaguers do that’s the best part is when when
they come down to the minor leagues to rehab they almost always do something
for the team whether they buy food or bring in a cooker something so yeah I
was really low for the peanut butter and jelly and then when we moved up I think
did it get up like $13 a day-trip lace 13 exactly big league was 50 a day I
think it was 50 a day so yeah you get more food but you got to pay more but
when you get to the major leagues you don’t really care especially when you go
on the road and they give you $100 a day and you only have two you only get $50
you know exactly and you’re making two grand a day pretty much anyway on a
shoot you guys have aspirations for for a nice little job anyway thank you so
much he’s got videos on all three of these
subjects and a lot more he gives like behind the scenes information of when he
was playing in the major leagues some really cool videos over there these
three videos are on his channel definitely got to go check it out he
talks a little more in detail about them gives
gives you some secret behind-the-scenes stuff of really cool stuff so I’ll leave
his link down below go subscribe to mr. Antonelli thank you sir
thank you I appreciate it we’ll see you guys next time

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