MLB Miraculous Ladybug – Blue Feelings (parte 3) (Lukanette) – Motion comic

MLB Miraculous Ladybug – Blue Feelings (parte 3) (Lukanette) – Motion comic

Based on Miraculous Ladybug Drawn, edited and written by DianaVazk3z Please don’t edit or re-upload anywhere. Marinette! Let’s go! Yes! What are you doing? I’m trying to make a call. Plagg, wait! But it’s not working… …it’s broken… What do you mean? No matter how many times I call… …she wont answer… Hello! It’s Marinnette. I’m not able at the moment, leave a message. Marinette… I wonder… what happened? She looked really sad… And no one never knows… …what a woman with a broken hearth could do. Plagg! Transform me! Thanks for comming with me, Luka. You didn’t need to. It’s always a pleasure to hang out with you. Then… see you later! Marinette! What’s up? Well… she looks too happy.. Hi…! Luka, can we leave this talk for later? …my mom is calling me… Ma…Marinette…come here to help me!! what can I do? See you soon… Sure, bye! I guess it’ll be the next time… *hidding* To be continued… Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the video! Don’t forget to follow me and share with your friends!! You can also read my original comic in webtoon: Heirs! The link for it and my social networks it’s in the description below! Leave your comments and we’ll send you a big HI in the next video!

62 thoughts on “MLB Miraculous Ladybug – Blue Feelings (parte 3) (Lukanette) – Motion comic

  1. Hola!!! Soy muy fan de tu comic. Quería decirte lo bueno que pienso que es sin que el comentario se pierda en webtoon😅 Aunque no sé dónde se pierde más… Pero si, me encanta tu estilo de dibujo y la forma en la que haces tus historias. Sigue haciéndolo 😉

  2. Wouu finalmente 😙 valio la pena esperar 😆😆 omg ya quiero ver el que sigue
    De verdad dibujas bellisimo amiga 😙😙

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