MLB Draft Profile: Quin Cotton – 8th Round (#234) Cincinnati Reds

(hip hop music) – [Announcer] Quin Cotton
goes after the first pitch and drives it. Did he get all of it? That, at the wall, looking up, gone! A solo shot for Quin Cotton. – Quin Cotton, Junior, right field. I’d say my strongest skills are, I do a lot of things well on the field. You know, I can impact the
game in different ways. I get on base, get some hits,
drive in runs, steal bases. I play good defense, throw runners out, so I don’t really feel like
there’s too many weak points to my game. It’d be an honor. It’d be an honor, you know? This is something I’ve
been working towards my entire life, something I’ve been preparing for for a very long time, so that finally happening
would be really exciting for me and my family. – [Announcer] Cotton’s gonna go for two, the throw, the slide, not in time! Ooh, did he go off the bag? He didn’t, held on. – I think, ideally, winning
World Series Championships, that’s what it’s all about. It’s about winning on the biggest stage. It doesn’t get much bigger than that, so that’s what I wanna do.

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