MLB 18 Road to the Show – Part 1 – HERE WE GO!

MLB 18 Road to the Show – Part 1 – HERE WE GO!

100 thoughts on “MLB 18 Road to the Show – Part 1 – HERE WE GO!

  1. Can anyone answer this? It’s gonna take some baseball ⚾️ 🧠 brains.

    I played the game, I had 5 more hits and 6 more runs than the other team but only 1 at bat more. It’s racking my brain, thanks in advance

  2. I don't know anything about baseball. Is there anyway I can play as a pitcher and also hit the ball? Pitching seemed fum but if I can't hit the ball it's not worth it.

    What position do I choose if I want to hit home runs? What's the most fun position? I wanna make big plays on the plate and also on the field

    Edit: I did some research and maybe RF Defensive cannon would be my guy? I can hit homeruns and also nice catches and have a good arm

  3. I had a Xbox one for 4 years and I saw mlb the show 18 5 weeks ago and I was like mom can I get mlb the show she said yes so i got mlb 2k18 I go in the game I was like this sucks then I watched the trailer it was for ps4 so I begged my mom for a ps4 and I got one for Christmas your a good person tmartn2

  4. Just bought this game. I never even watched baseball before 😅
    The first 2 hours were very frustrating but now I absolutely love it.

  5. You keep blaming it on the computer but really it’s you making the mistakes😂 like I play this game as a short stop and it’s you making the mistakes

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