Michigan State Soccer vs Michigan | Spartans All-Access | October 23, 2018

(upbeat rock music) – Obviously this game, great
opportunity, rivalry, crowd. I don’t think there’s a whole
lot that needs to be said about this game and what’s at stake. I think you guys, you guys all know, you’ve heard me say this before. You’ve got to play with that
edge, with that relentlessness, but you also gotta be
able to relax and execute. It’s a team that’s got to able to relax and execute on the ball. Think about the four words, we haven’t touched on that as much. Okay, four words, confidence,
consistent, selfless. You gotta do whatever it takes to help your teammates out
today, do whatever it takes. This is about the team tonight, alright? And relentless, we’re Spartans. We never give up, we never quit. You have that edge, you
have that relentlessness. Know that Michigan is in for 90 minutes of relentless soccer for Michigan State. You can do that, you’ll
have the Big Bear Trophy right back in this locker
room boys, alright? Good luck.
(clapping) (rock music)
(footsteps) (cleats clattering)
(overlapping chatter) (whistles blowing) – [First Male Announcer] We welcome you to East Lansing, Michigan, where the Big Bear Trophy is on the line between Michigan and
number 12 Michigan State. Look, this is the battle for Big Bear. We know it’s going to be hot, even though the temperatures
are in the 40’s. That’s what you get when the Wolverines and the Spartans match up. This is the 23rd
rendition of this rivalry, the 19th time that that Big Bear Trophy has been on the line. Give it away, Hallahan was onside. Left footed into the box, and
Hague comes out to get it, with Rosendall bearing down. Ball from Mertz to Borges, you said he loves to press forward, and Hague makes the save.
(crowd roaring) [Second Announcer] Michigan so far through the first 25-26 minutes, has had the better opportunities,
better run of play, but Michigan State through
Dejuan Jones has showed that they’re able to get
forward on the counter. (shouting) – [First Announcer] Henry
Mashburn is the keeper. And a foul ball–
(whistle blows) Dejuan Jones wanted the goal.
(rock music) Centering ball just at
the edge of the six. Freitag has it, oh, just wide of the post. (shouting) Stepping front by Mukuna
into a dangerous spot! And a goal!
(crowd roaring) It’s the freshman, Jack Beck! (teammates cheering)
(crowd roaring) – [Second Announcer] A big
moment for the freshman, Jack Beck scores a big goal, makes it one-zero moments
into the second half. That’s a big, big goal in this match up. – [First Announcer] Good turn from Jones. And Mashburn swallows it up. (whistle blows)
– Run the green! – [Player] Get out there, Jack! (dramatic music)
(shouting) (crowd exclaims)
(whistle blows) – [First Announcer] Kleedtke bearing down, Jimmy Hague goes sliding. (whistle blows)
(shouting) Borges, steps forward, draws
the foul card on Mutatu. – [Second Announcer] Not
sure how that was a foul. – [First Announcer] I’m with you, and it sets up a chance
for the Wolverines. It’s Swyke, knocked down. Ybarra is there and it poked in! (crowd roaring) (whistle blows)
(crowd roaring) You got the trophy going. There’s Dejuan Jones,
scored the winner last year, swung over to the freshman Mutatu, trying to get around Borges. It goes all the way through the six. (crowd roaring)
(whistle blows) And we will head to
overtime in East Lansing. – Let’s get the ball in their end. – [First Announcer] Hallahan
has come all the way back, no foul called on Beck, play it forward, as it’s pulled forward ahead
by Jones, foul is called. Mutatu went tumbling, so
it’s a fifth yellow card in this match, four of them to Michigan. Michigan State has a free kick opportunity in an excellent spot here. (whistle blows) Ooh!
(whistle blows) – The hand is pretty high up.
– That’s Ybarra! After 110 hard-fought minutes
in this outstanding rivalry, final score tonight
Michigan and Michigan State played to a one-one draw. – You guys should feel proud
about how you represented in this environment, it
wasn’t the exact way, but I know all 4,000 people,
whoever’s in the stands there, are saying “Man, that’s one
darn good Michigan State team.” You represented our school
and athletic department great, so I’m proud of you guys. This is the time we wanna start playing. This was a great match-up for us that tests us in all parts of the field, and so, we’ll get better from this, and then we’ll be ready to
make a run here, alright? Proud of you guys, well done, well done. (clapping) – [Player] Let’s go, boys. – [Player] Go State on
three, one, two, three. – [All] Go State! (upbeat rock music)

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