Michigan Football Bye Week Update – Another Michigan Football Show

Welcome to Another Michigan Football
Show I’m Brynn Mickle. And I’m Aaron McMann. This week
we’re in the hotbox talking about the QBs, that Purdue locker-room, the bye
week, and the biggest game of the year. First down:
Wilton Speight goes down with an injury, John O’Korn comes in, guides the
Wolverines to three red zone touchdowns. Do we have a QB controversy on our hands?
We do. You know, Wilton Speight’s injury obviously manifested this whole thing, but John
O’Korn came in and did his job. 18 of 26, 270 yards and the offense just looked
more comfortable Saturday against Purdue. They were able to get down the field – not
only get down the field – but they were able to punch it in from the red zone. I think that’s,
that’s the biggest difference you see between O’Korn and Speight so far. And
who starts that Michigan State game? You know. I think that’s gonna depend on
Speight’s injury. You know, we don’t know nature of it, we don’t know the severity at
this point. Jim Harbaugh has said if they played this week Speight wouldn’t be
able to play. That tells me O’Korn is obviously the guy right now. I do think
Harbaugh wants to see how he reacts and answers in practice. But I would be
surprised if O’Korn isn’t the guy come October 7th against Michigan State.
Second down: Jim Harbaugh unloaded on the Purdue facilities this week blasting
everything from the urinals to the heat in the locker room. Does he have a point?
He does. We in the media were allowed inside afterwards, I guess what you call
the team meeting room for the postgame press conference and it really reminded me
of a grade-school classroom. Cinderblock walls, no windows. It was hot, it was muggy,
it was sweaty. I can only imagine how the players felt. But it’s important to note
that, you know, this isn’t exclusive just to Purdue. There are plenty of schools
across the country, across the Big Ten that do the same thing, you know? Harbaugh
spoke on gamesmanship and teams to do it all the time. From painting the walls
pink to taking things out, this is just one example that, I think, was
made worse by the by the heat in West Lafayette on Saturday. 3rd down: Michigan
is off on Saturday, how are they going to spend the bye week?
Well, they’ll practice most the week. They’re practicing right now. The players
will get a few days off, really for the first time since the beginning of
training camp. It also gives some of the guys banged up
right now an opportunity to get healthy. But the big thing here this week is
recruiting. Coaches will hit the trail. They’ll hit high school games on Fridays,
they’ll talk to recruits and try and land some commitments like you saw last
weekend. Fourth down: Michigan is ranked in the
top ten, has the number one defense, but the big question remains. Can this team
beat the Buckeyes? As of right now, no. I mean, you’ve got too many questions on
offense. You don’t know who the starting quarterback is. They’ve had some
struggles on the offensive line. The receivers still are struggling to
get open. A lot of things to figure out here between now and the Ohio State game.
I’d like to see some more consistency in the red zone. I’d like to see them show
they can score more points against quality Big Ten competition. You know, ask
me again come game week, but right now my answer is no. Well that’s a wrap on
Another Michigan Football Show. We’ll be back next week when we look ahead to the
big game against the Spartans under the lights.

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