MIC’D UP: Marc Bergevin at the 2019 NHL Draft

MIC’D UP: Marc Bergevin at the 2019 NHL Draft

Ok, bye. Well, the real Draft is starting. One. Get that outta here. I’ll have orange fingers all night. Prongs, where’s my coffee? [laughs] – [Three-for-four?] Three-for-four. – [Berg is off the rails now.] Now I have no clout. Turcotte? I don’t know… – [The Los Angeles Kings are proud to select from the United States Hockey League, Alex Turcotte.] Pretty good picks there, all of them. We don’t want any of these down here. We’re the Bicep Club — we don’t eat those. Only protein bars. [laughs] Hello? I’m good, thanks. For 15? Yeah, possible, yes. Thanks, bye. He didn’t say. He said, “If you want to move back, I’ll give
you a pick.” What are you thinking Trevor? How is it looking? – We need one more help, I think. And we stay? – We stay. We’ve got three guys there, right now. – I don’t know but I’m going to [guess] [Victor]
Soderstrom for some reason. You never know though. – [The Arizona Coyotes are proud to select
from Brynas of the Swedish Hockey League, Victor Soderstrom.] – Hey, right back at you, there, Francis. Right now what are we looking at? Right now. – Caufield. So right now we’re [going to be] picking? -Yeah, right now we’re going to be picking. We’ve got Arizona…no, that’s gone. Minny, Florida, Philly. -Yeah, we need one more help. We need Dale [Talon] to take the goalie. So it’s Caufield right now. – Yeah – [Depends where these guys are going.] Yeah. The goalie maybe? If he takes the goalie, we’re picking. – Yeah [Phone rings] Hello? No, don’t know yet. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks, bye. – [The Florida Panthers select, from the US National Team Development Program, Spencer Knight.] The goalie. – Yeah We’re picking. We’re picking. Yeah, I’ll tell him. – He’s that good. All right. Now it’s getting interesting… Yeah, we’re going to pick. Ok, bye. – We need goal scoring, too. And we’re pretty good down the middle. – Either one of those guys. Hello? Yeah. What are you offering? Hold on. A third-round pick to move two spots. – No. No, we’re picking. Thanks. – [Philadelphia is proud to select, from the US National Team Development Program, Cam York.] – What do you want to do? I say Caufield. We need goal scoring. We need power play. Let’s go Caufield. – Caufield. Let’s go. – All right. Caufield. Is that ok? Yep. That’s fine. – We can’t miss there. Ok, I’ll tell Webby. Yeah, a goal scorer. – [The 15th selection in the 2019 NHL Draft
belongs to the Montreal Canadiens.] Ready? – Yeah. Just do the top button up? Hi Gary [Betman], how are you? – Good to see you. Good to see you. – I like your jacket. It’s a rental. (laughs) Our captain, Shea Weber, will make our selection. – With the 15th overall selection, the Montreal Canadiens select, from the US National Team Development Program, Cole Caufield. Good job. Atta boy Webby. You did it well. – Good job, bud. – Let’s get back to work. – Did you send me a text? – No. – Where’d you get the inside of that jacket? – I don’t know, but do you like it? – Oh yeah, for sure buddy. Styling. Hey, every time we take somebody to dinner, we draft them. – Keep doing a good job tomorrow. I’ll be checking you out. – I’ll get you some beef. Huh? – I’ll get you some beef. – Hey, if you got me a goal scorer, I can accept that. – Ok. – But he’d better score goals. Tell him what [Cole] is and what you think
he’s going to bring. – Right shot goal scorer. – Yeah. – He finds the open ice and he battles for ice. He gets goals in tight. He’s got a personality. He’s got some character. – Yeah, he seems like a nice kid. He’s so happy to be with us, he seemed energetic there. I had a little chat with him. He’s going to school as well. He’s going to Wisconsin, right? – Yeah. – Get me more players. – Yep. Merci. In the second — it depends who’s there — I
might move one of those seconds back to get another pick, just so you know. – We need to get some defensemen today. – The deal for 50 is 64 and 126. If you guys want to mull that over and come
back to us and let us know. Yeah, ok. Thank you. – The kid you drafted yesterday… Cole, yeah? – He’s a good player. He seems like a good person. He’s a good kid, yeah. He reminds me a bit of [Brendan] Gallagher. – Yeah He’s always laughing. – He’s so happy. He’s one of Pat [Brisson]’s players. – It was good when you said that Pat didn’t
think… He said, “Why are you taking him for dinner? You’re picking 15th.” He said, “Unless you move into the Top 10, you won’t see him.” I said, “You never know.” So [Jayden] Struble, otherwise we move back. Are you still on? Hold on, hold on. I’ll let you know. Hold on. If Struble goes, we do this, ok? – Yeah Hello? We’re going to pick this one. Yeah. Ok, bye. Struble kid. This guy is a Greek God. – [Go ahead Montreal.] – From St. Sebastien’s, Jayden Struble. – [The Canadiens have selected Jayden Struble from St. Sebastien’s.] We’re moving back. – Ok 64 and 126, right? If you want, we’ll do 50 for 64 and 126. Ok, so you want to do it? Ok, we’ll do it. Ok, bye. Trade. LA gets pick 50 for 64 and 126. Jayden, congratulations. – Thank you. – Welcome, Jayden. – Thank you. – Welcome, big guy. Hello? I just moved the pick. I moved it for 64 and 126. Sorry, bud. Ok, thanks. Bye. He was going to do it for, uh – we got a better
deal. – [The next selection belongs to the Montreal
Canadiens.] Trade to announce. Trade is done. – [Not so fast.] – [The Montreal Canadiens have traded the No. 50 overall pick to Los Angeles for picks 64 and 126.] We’ve got four fifths, eh? – Yeah Hello? Yeah. If I can, yeah. Let me check, ok? Ok bye. He wants to move a third this year for a third
next year. We have two thirds. Just keep it in mind. – Ok Let’s see what we can do here. We’ve got four fifth-round picks. – Four fifths for a second. Yeah. Maybe I push a fifth back and a seventh? Do you want a fifth this year for a fifth
next year and one of — Hold on. Oh, you don’t? What about a fifth this year for a fourth
next year? Because I have an early fifth and you’re probably
going to have a late fourth. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ok. He doesn’t have a fifth next year. Ottawa doesn’t. Florida’s got two. – San Jose has Ottawa’s. San Jose’s got two this year? Next year. He’s got three sixes. So we got our fifth back, eh? That was for Thompson’s deal. – Yeah And the fourth. We’re coming up. – Yeah Who have we got? Move the pick? – No! (laughs) Hello? Ok hold on. For 64 if his guy is there. Is our guy gone? We’re picking right? We’re going to pick. Thanks. How much do you like this guy? – He was on the World Junior roster. Left shot [defenseman]? – Yeah I’m good, how are you? So what’s the pick? For which one? 77? No, I’m picking at 64. Ok bye. – [Go ahead Montreal.] – From Modo, Mattias Norlinder. – [Montreal selects, from Modo, Sweden, Mattias Norlinder.] Hey, do you really want that Fairbrother? – Yes You *really* want him? – Yes – You want Fairbrother, right? – He’s hard-nosed. We’ve got a couple of hard-nosed guys. Him and Struble. He’s very physical. – He’s got a heavy shot. – He scored 10 goals this year on defense. We take him, otherwise we move back. If Fairbrother is gone, we move back. If Washington wants to do it. Hello? Yeah. We have one guy, if he’s gone, I’ll do the
deal. Ok bye. – Gianni Fairbrother Left D. Hard-nosed kid. Hello? Hey. Yeah. Ok bye. We’re flipping fourths for next year. – This one for a fourth next year? Yeah. He’s going to be at the back of the bus, probably – his fourth. That’s the only thing I’m worried about. We can talk about it later. – [Next order of selection, the Montreal Canadiens.] – [Go ahead Montreal.] – This pick is in memory of our longterm scout for the Montreal Canadiens of 48 years, it’s our first draft without him, Mr. Elmer Benning. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. And with the 206th pick, Kieran Ruscheinski from Spruce Grove, AB. – [Montreal selects, from Spruce Grove of
the Alberta Junior Hockey League, Kieran Ruscheinski.] Ok, we’re done. [Phone rings] City morgue: you stab them, we slab them. Who’s this?

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  1. 2:50 À gauche de l'écran c'est censuré car le mec se promène sans pantalons!

    Jersey censored or Men without pants!

  2. I seriously hate MB i really hope he gets fired. He so ruined the team with his stupid trades and free agents pick up.

  3. 1:01 guaranteed that was Pierre Dorion he was talking to. Speaking French and Ottawa was just a few picks behind trying to move up

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