Megan Rapinoe Wants to Work with US Soccer in the Fight for Equal Pay

-Thank you so much
for being here. -Ah, but of course.
-I love the outfit. I was saying backstage —
-Thank you. -I was worried you were going
to run out of awesome outfits. -No, no, no.
-But it’s really good. I like this week, because I feel
like for a long time, I sort of only knew you
from your soccer kit. And now I’m getting to see —
-Yeah. -We’re all getting to see
your fashion. -Yeah. No, Karla Welch
is hooking me up big time. -Okay, good.
-Yeah, I have someone on my side for sure.
-All right. Very good. -Yeah.
-Now, I feel like the difference between me and the way
I approached sports as a kid in the way professional athletes
your level approach — -Different?
-A little different. -Tiny, yes.
-Every time I walked on the field, I thought
to myself, “Oh, God, I hope
this isn’t a disaster.” [ Laughter ]
-This could go horribly wrong. -This could go horribly wrong. So, I think you obviously
go into it with confidence. With that said, was this result
beyond expectation? I mean, I know you obviously
went in thinking “We’re going to win this thing,”
but, you know, six goals and the golden ball
and the golden boot. And when you look back on it,
you’re like, “Man, that couldn’t have
gone any better.” -It’s how I drew it up, right?
-Yeah. -Of course, I was like,
“I’m going to win everything. [ Laughter ]
I’m going to plant this quote, a couple months ago
to be released to get everyone’s attention
who wasn’t watching. -Yeah.
-Then we’re just going to really blow it out
of the water.” Yeah. No, I mean, I’m just, like, I can’t believe
I’m sitting here. I can’t believe
that all happened. -Was this your third World Cup?
-Third World Cup. Yeah, yeah.
-Third World Cup. -I didn’t do as well in the
others ones as I did this one. -Personally but of course,
you won two now. -Yes, yes.
-And do you feel — having gone out, obviously, you
have the pressure is off of you. You’re always going to be
a World Cup winner coming to this one. At the same time,
is it just as exciting to go through it
when you’re at that level playing at the top
of your sport? -Yeah. It is.
And this one even more. I feel like we had so much more
riding on it with equal pay and just with what’s happening
at home and, you know, maybe this being my last one. Hopefully not, but potentially. I’m not getting any younger. But just felt, like, “God,
we really have to win this.” -Yeah.
-If we don’t win this, this sucks.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-This is like — this sucks. -I feel like I, you know, I’ve been fairly invested
the last two times. I never felt that before.
I’ve wanted you to win. And thought, if you win,
it will be awesome. But I agree with you, this time
is the first time I thought, if you lose, it will suck.
-Yeah. It was like we needed to win.
-Yes. And I’m so glad it worked out. And of course,
you had your parade. Is the parade as much fun
as it looks? -Yes.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] You certainly looked like
you were having fun. -It truly is.
-This is — here you’re pouring champagne down one
of your teammate’s… [ Laughter ]
-You have to stay hydrated. -You have to stay hydrated. You probably didn’t notice
there was a camera there. -Oh. People are filming that? -Yeah they were filming that.
That whole thing was on — How did you feel the next
morning? How were you guys doing?
-Ahh. [ Laughter ] It was, you know, just get right
back on it, don’t you? -Yeah. High-caliber athletes
can bounce back from that probably a little bit better. -We’re in tip-top physical
shape. -Tip top.
[ Laughter ] -So we can handle a lot.
-You mentioned equal pay. I do think it was great that
it was brought up beforehand. -Uh-huh.
-So it’s something that fans were thinking about, fans
who were watching on the field thinking how could they be paid
anything less than anyone else who does this for a living? You had fans chanting it
after the game, chanting at the parade. Do you feel as though FIFA as an organization is criticized
from all sides, fairly. -Yeah.
-Not known for being very quick to adjust and fix things.
-Yeah. -Do you feel hopeful
or optimistic that there will be a move
towards equal pay? -I do. Very much so.
FIFA will be a much longer game. They’re just archaic
in every single sense. U.S. Soccer, while not super
nimble and quick to change, they’re not in a great spot
right now with their fight against us. -Yeah, the optics are pretty bad
for them right now. -It’s not great. It’s not great.
[ Laughter ] It’s not great. I’m just like,
“You know what? Leverage us.” -Yeah.
-This could be so much better for everyone.
Why don’t we just tag team? -Yeah.
-It would be amazing. [ Laughter ]
-Right. -We’re having so much fun. Like, you guys aren’t allowed to
have as much fun as us, because, like, nobody wants to see you
celebrate. Don’t get on this parade. Nobody wants to see you
with the players. -I know — That must have been
— so were they even allowed
to come to the parade? Did they have to come —
-They were — a couple of them, yeah,
were allowed. I think Carlos was actually
on our float. He was getting right in there.
He was living his best life. And I was like, “See Carlos?”
[ Laughter ] -This is a lot of fun. -This is what your future
could be. -Yeah, if you like parades, we’re a good group
of people to hang out with. -Yes. Yeah.

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