Meet The Managers #10 | Festus from Indonesia | Top Eleven

Meet The Managers #10 | Festus from Indonesia | Top Eleven

Hello, my name is Festus Harry Ginting.
I’m from Indonesia. I work in telemarketing and in my free time,
I’m always playing Top Eleven. I haven’t been counting how long I’ve been playing,
but I remember playing the game in 2012. What I think makes Top Eleven special and what makes me excited and addicted, is when I’m in a Live Match. I feel like a real supporter who will do anything
for his team to win, and moreover, I’m a virtual manager. It’s so exciting and indescribable. I always look for young players, I enjoy training them
and helping them master their abilities. The moment I am really proud of is not when my player
becomes a top scorer or the best player. I am more proud when I buy or train a player and place him
in the first team and he becomes the player I want him to be. My team always focuses on the offensive.
We’re persistent on the offensive strategy. I think my managing style is similar to Pep Guardiola. I usually play with short passes.
Long passes are for the last minutes. My favorite moment playing Top Eleven is winning the Triple Crown, even though it happened only once. I don’t believe in miracles, but I believe I experienced one
once in a game where I made a comeback. I was losing a match, and in the second half
I changed my formation to 3-1-2-2-2. I was behind 3-1 and in the end I won 5-3. Before playing Top Eleven I wasn’t interested in playing football, because it was tiring. But not anymore.
Nowadays I would like to play it every day. In my opinion football trains your character,
chasing one definite goal it makes us expect the best results.

100 thoughts on “Meet The Managers #10 | Festus from Indonesia | Top Eleven

  1. top elevenen berkelas. sampai mnjdi sponsor klub inggris. saya main dari tahun 2013 ya. berarti bentaragi saya di liput hehe

  2. HOW MUCH DID YOU SPEND ON COINS 😠 ? THAT MONTH YOU WON THE TRIPLE ? If you say 0 🤥 Hate playing against players who have bought there team can spot them a mile off. In the same league 20 manager positions below you with a team and subs with red 😳star players. Should make the tournament longer than a month only fair way and I have been thinking about this for a while. Takes a month of hard training to get your players up to that full star if you buy the right age players. But then for the league to finish and all that training you have done waste of time !!!!

  3. I love this series. Awesome!
    By the way, Nordeus… i WOULD LOVE if you could make a basketball game like Top Eleven, called “Top Five” or something like that… it would be great… i would love it. Please consider this.

  4. 10 TopEleven💪. Festus is a Hood manager and I want to beat him but now I m only at the begin. Not much time, I m become the first, sure about that👌👊. #Festus #CassidyEkeoha #myteamDesertEagle

  5. gua main sejak 2013, addict banget gua. sampe rala bikin alarm untuk nonton tim gua ke warnet, sebelum punya android dan download aplikasinya 🙂


  6. guys we need a new member in our association …he must be active all the time listen to our advice and strong ….if there is anyone just let me know …..
    our asso's name is "the death angels" and im the captain …we are in gold division 1

  7. Manchester united fans looking for league? JOIN MY LEAGUE IN TOP ELEVEN…. Other EPL team followers are welcome too…
    #FAFC2V (association tag)

  8. Ikut senang melihatnya. Kalo saya si dari 2013 awal main. Sampai sekarang, belum pernah treble winner Lol. Dan akhir2 ini pemain bisa ditukar pemain level tinggi, itu keren!

  9. ปีนี้ พราย มหากาฬ ของตูจะเล่นเปนปีท้ายละ แต่ ชปล.แรกในสถิติยังไม่มี มึงก้ยังให้กุตกรอบ 8 เน้อะ เออ ทั้งๆที่ทีมกุก้แชมป์ของ UK Tuar ยิงหน้าหงายมาหลายทีม สัส ให้กุแพ้ทีม กระจอก ในบ้านแท้ๆ พวกมึงอ่ะ เลิก ล็อคผล แล้ว พัฒนา ซอฟแวร์ ให้ดีกว่านี้สะนะ

  10. sebenernya makna nya apa?? banyak manager yg sering menang, liga Champions, liga dan cup. terus come back juga banyak yg terjadi.

  11. sehebat apapun timmu, yang menentukaan menang kalah top eleven jg, tim hebat maka kau akan bergabung dengan tim yang hebat juga. sepertinya tak ada gunanya punya tim yang hebat, saya pernah punya tim yang rata2 bintang 3, tapi bisa jg juara liga karena lawan jg bintang 3, pernah punya tim yg rata2 bintang 6, tp bisa degradasi karena kebanyakan lawan bintang 6 jg, taktik atau formasi omong kosong, moral atau stamina juga omong kosong

  12. W main dr 2013 dilevel 30an w susah dpt duit dan kebutulan ada uptade baru yg bisa ambil alih manager jd w ambil manager 16,jd sekarang nyesel w ngerubah level jd kecil ngeliat update an sekarang mudah dapat duit,stadium udah mau rampung lagi

  13. Musuh di lapangan 90 menit, dan saling support di luar lapangan. Terima kasih buat temen Indonesia, dan temen" malaysia, thailand, vietnam dan negara" lain. Respeck Kami club Girang United. Indramayu Indonesia ✌😊

  14. I never have lucky with Indonesian players and Czech players in my career lol so I avoid buying them
    I've tried 30+ of them and had to sell the following seasons after purchasing them

  15. Ada iklan yg bandal tidak ada tanda ceklis nya gimana bang atasinya soalnya sebab kita butu iklan buat namba energi..
    Ada 1 iklan yg tidak ada tanda ceklis nya kalau iklan itu datang kita tidak bisa masuk ke top eleven.saya harus restart hp..
    Gmn bang atasinya pliss??

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