Meet Moritz Böhringer! (Episode 6) | NFL Undiscovered 2016

Meet Moritz Böhringer! (Episode 6) | NFL Undiscovered 2016

All these people who are playing football
outside of America, they have no way of making it to the NFL. Well, that’s the dream, sign that contract, get my name on the back of a jersey. They offered me a contract, so… Whee! Almost unheard of for a rookie, undrafted,
free agent from nowhere. We knew we had to find somebody else. I’ve never seen someone run so fast in my life. Wow, this is incredible. [NFL UNDISCOVERED] Last week, this 22-year-old
mechanical engineering student from Germany was at home, living with his family. One week on, and he’s in a gym
in the USA causing a stir. His numbers putting him right up there
with the best college players heading to the NFL. Aden and Osi quickly realized
they had a beast on their hands, a real prospect. My name is Moritz Bohringer. [MORITZ BOHRINGER AGE:22 POSITION: WIDE RECEIVER]
I’m 22 years old, and I’m from Aalen in Germany. [AALEN, GERMANY] It’s pretty boring. I get up in the morning, go to my university, study there for the whole day,
then I get home, work out, eat something, and go to sleep. Started playing football when I was about 17. I watched some videos on YouTube
and talk about it with my friends. I found out that we had a team in my hometown but we had only five to seven players,
so we couldn’t play. Boom! With a contract at New York Giants signed, Anthony’s focus is firmly on improving himself. But he still finds time
to take fellow German speaker Moritz under his wing. Just shoot where the ball
is going to be, just try. Mr. Heisman, watch the tip of the ball? [ANTHONY DABLE AGE: 27 POSITION: WIDE RECEIVER]
We went and run on the SHRED mills and, you know, numbers that I’m hitting right now
and even better, like, better than all the guys here. So I guess when he gets the technique down,
he can be real fast. After that when we run routes and that’s really like
the technical part of being a receiver, and that’s where he can improve and do better. You speak English, right? You understand everything I’m saying? – Yes.
– You can speak very well? – Probably, yes.
But he’s so shy at speaking,
it’s almost like he can’t speak English. Yeah. So he needs, just because
he’s going to be in a locker room and stuff, he needs to get more comfortable in speaking. And more sure of himself
’cause he’s an athletic freak. Hoping he can really believe he’s here [TONY VILLANI OWNER OF XPE GYM]
and everybody that’s seen him work out
knows that he’s going to be here awhile. I don’t think they’re sunk in on him yet. – You ready?
– Yeah. He’s around some good people that he should trust. You better use your hands
because you’re not gonna be as quick as we are. So you got to be able to,
your hands got to be way better than ours. And you got to use your strength
to your advantage. And I was just telling him that, you know, take this train ride for the next month
and see what happens. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get picked up
by an NFL team in a month. He’s the guy who, you know,
might not say much but you can tell that he’s listening
and he’s a very focused individual. And as long as he keeps that mentality
he’s going to be okay. Pretty good at listening
because I don’t talk a lot, so I have to listen. That was much better. [COTY SENSABAUGH LA RAMS CORNERBACK]
Also when you study a film,
you’re gonna get a habit. For what guys like to do, we all got habits,
you know what I am saying? On this one, I’m just going to shoot a hand. So you’re gonna have to process
which one it is, shoot, go do whatever. I always need some time to get used to the people and then I get more loose and speak a bit more. The silent one who’s quietly going about his work,
impressing the coaches, but the NFL is tough. Talent is one thing but for Moritz, he faces the battle with so many players
striving to make it to the NFL. The odds are firmly
against the student from Germany. – Well done.
– Thanks. We’re here all the time, so anytime you want to press work
or stuff like that, we can work with you. – Okay.
– All right. Little more than one year ago,
I played in the second last league in Germany, and just 1.5 years later, I’m here, sitting on a beach in Miami. It’s just not real. It just doesn’t seem real. It’s my dream to play
American football professionally. I think it’s a big chance. From the football standpoint,
he needs to improve his footwork, he needs to move his arms a lot more. He needs to work on his blocking, he needs to work on his
understanding of the game. He’s quite stiff at times, a lot,
’cause he’s thinking. He needs to believe. [NEXT TIME ON NFL UNDISCOVERED] This is your opportunity, this is your platform,
this is your stage. It’s an opportunity for us to get seen by scouts. Most you guys are not gonna make it. One, two, three, Vikings! [NFL UNDISCOVERED]

26 thoughts on “Meet Moritz Böhringer! (Episode 6) | NFL Undiscovered 2016

  1. Could you pls stop pushing that guy? He is nothing special. He is actually bad. What do you expect from a german football player? They are a joke.
    I am german btw. I know first hand.

  2. I think he should play tight end. He doesn't seem to be able to run good routes but better than a lot of tight ends.

  3. Wow he started playing when he was 17, Im from germany too and my goal is just to make it to the gfl and I think if he got this far I can reach my goal aswell

  4. ….. "because i don't talk a lot, so i have to listen" 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊😊😊 only a guy from Aalen could say that! Moritz, YOU rock!!! Sehr gutes statement, love it! PLEASE keep going and show those guys who you really are! Auch wenn Schweinshax'n nicht Dein Ding sind, aber zeig den Jungs wer Du bist!! and please ….. keep that GRIN / SMILE 😊😊😊 100% sympathisch und stark! Servus, mach's gut Moritz! Steffl

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