Mark Pope on BYUSN 1.20.20

Mark Pope on BYUSN 1.20.20

I said right as I shot it, I said Kolby Lee! Welcome coach, yes a tough week after Gonzaga but it was great to see Kolby Lee play so well against sd. It was fun to have you come over and validate his hard work and that means a lot to him I bet. He’s growing right before our eyes. Is it martin Luther king day today? Have done an mlk shout out, he’s the greatest coach ever, as a coach you capture the hearts adn inds of your players and that’s what mlk did in a big way. You’re right and I think that the most important thing he did was capture the minds through love. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only love can do that. When you talk about words that should go throughout our society love is one of them. Hate cannot drive out hate boys, only love can do that. I love how our guys competed. When you look at our team right now and I hope that cougar nation is looking at those guys and taking the time to see how they’re putting everything they have. Zac seljaas is putting everything out there. We got beat straight up, but I was proud of our guys and their intensity and energy and as we go throughout this season, we’re rewarded by what this season and what that’s going to be. We got beat, straight up, we gotta get way better and we gotta have that focus every day. Could your Kentucky title team have taken this Gonzaga team? Yes. When I say that, they beat us. If we did that different and there were things where we could’ve done some things different but they were the better the team, and they’re not the number one team in the nation for nothing, they’re amazing. What will help you when they come to Provo? I’m not going to tell you anything you don’t know. Tillie is great, he’s 6’11” and he’s great and handling the ball. Lee is in a full front and they get a pass in for a layup. He’s shooting the ball better every game. He’s so smart. We tried switching on him but he’s smart to put the right read on it every time. Their backcourt is fast and explosive. We saw how it was at 12:50, we were close but they had like 6 straight transition layups adn it was a bad stretch in the second half. There was a larger list that we’re going to have to look at. Your generalities are hard to follow, that recall was impressive. We got some stops, there was a possession where Lee had a three and Nixon had a three and we missed a few, and Dalton came and stripped the ball and we were stuck in a six point game and it was a battle seeing where it went. What’s the timeline for yoeli? I can 100% say that I 100% don’t know. It’s got a long way to heal and we’re trying to be cautious and not take any chances. He’s sacrificed a bunch of games this year and we gotta make sure that he’s healthy on the floor. Is there a way where he would be bandaged and not take any shots, but be there for defense? Like bubble wrap? Yes we could do that, but we just are down on bodies, I don’t Hink that we would do that. As much as we want him back on the floor, we have to do it when he’s healthy and ready to go. You said that when he’s confident and comfortable, how much are you leaving it up to him and how he feels? So there’s some markers, he hasn’t been practicing even, he’s been through some drills and grabbing the ball is different from shooting a floater or something, so we’ll see how it goes in practice. How’s it going with the resume? Yeah, we, I’m proud of where we are for sure, I think that what we’ve done is spectacular, and all the action is coming up in the next six weeks, and it’s kinda early. We gotta go and do our work. That work starts with pacific, let’s start in chronological. What’s the scouting report? Jahlil Tripp is great, they have some big wins in the wcc, they had Santa Clara on the ropes. They just got their pg back, he played his first shot of that and had 16 minutes against Santa Clara so they’re going to have their full team. They finished so far 12-3, they’re used to winning down there so it’s going to be a challenge. It’s harder ont he road, you take two on teh road, what’s it like to get two wins on the road? We just gotta go out and have unbelievable intensity, we’ve come out every night piqued to compete. We gotta do the same things and rebound the ball. They’ve rebounded more than their opponents in most of their games this year. Damon has been a great friend for a long time adn they’re going to be tough and scrappy and if we can match that we’ll be great. How are you emotionally, your daughter is going on a mission how do you feel? It’s tough man, but I’m going to be over there, I have access to all BYU facilities. I feel like Damon has that same facial expression the whole game. He is so funny, we’ve been playing together for a while, if

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  1. I just saw way too much hesitation to shoot in the early part of the game. I stopped watching a few minutes into the second half. He's right about the rebounding. Every one of the guards the ENTIRE first half, if they were outside the key, wouldn't crash the boards. They just watched. What's that about?

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