Marcus Mariota Tennessee Titans vs Jameis Winston Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2015

Marcus Mariota Tennessee Titans vs Jameis Winston Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2015

So today I wanted to talk about 2 rookie quarterbacks
that are receiving a lot of attention and they are facing each other in their matchup
for this week and that is and that is Jameis Winston of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Marcus
Mariota of the Tennessee Titans. Now both of them were drafted in the first
two rounds (picks) of the NFL draft last year. The Titans being the second worst team technically
picked Mariota. The first pick went to the Bucs and they picked Jameis. These 2 teams now have these new quarterbacks
that are going to hopefully transform their team to perform better than they did last
year. One of the big things that is being talked
about is given their amount of success in their college game. They both are Heisman
winners and both brought their teams to the next level and brought a tremen2dous amount
of energy and a different way of looking at the game in their college career. They both also displayed successful characteristics
throughout their career in college, I think Mariota was most known for his athleticism,
he is very quick, and he has the ability to rush. Jameis Winston has a very strong pass and
is known for throwing those deep balls. He is also very big, almost like Ben Roethlisberger So given that they both have these different
characteristics and they are on different teams you can start by looking at the teams
without the quarterbacks So the Tennessee Titans were not that great,
hence they got the second pick Both of the teams had new quarterbacks (coaches)
on their team last year which is interesting. Lovie Smith on the Buccaneers and then Whisenhunt
(Ken) on the Titans so both of them are facing new coaching staff so that is a little bit
different and now they are getting new rookie quarterbacks so now the questions could be
how well can these new quarterbacks in addition to being new on the team work with the coach. I think there is some discussion about whether
Lovie Smith is better suited for more veteran quarterbacks and I haven’t looked too much
into that but I think that is a valid thing to think about in terms of the franchise success In addition to the new coaching staff the
new offense that a lot of them were able to draft given their position in the draft that
there are a lot of things that are up for change this season. I think the Titans are most concerned with
their offense. If you look at their depth chart you don’t really see too many names.
Bishop Sankey has been brought up and they also drafted Dorial Green beckham, so they drafted him
and there are expectations for id he can fill that position. We know that Mariota is more
of a passer than a deep thrower so having those running backs to give the ball to would
be pretty essential in Mariota’s success I think that given Jameis Winston is more
of a deep throwing he is going to have Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson (wide receivers). So the teammates that are going to be on the
field with these 2 quarterbacks puts Jameis Winston on the winning side. Systems that have been used to analyze these
players one of them was a model that incorporated their statistics from their college careers
along with their physical characteristics, schedule against defenses, things like that And it projected their success in the NFL
compared to college and they compared it to quarterbacks like Russell Wilson, Andrew luck
all those recently drafted quarterbacks were included in the model to see how Jameis Winston
and Marcus Mariota compared. They found that they were around a score of
higher than average but they weren’t indicating any elite status So Andrew luck would be an elite player and
he did earn a higher score when using this model when compared to Marcus Mariota and
Jameis Winston. So in addition to the model that can be used
to potentially predict their success as quarterbacks, there are scouts So people that have watched them since their
college career and they know how players transition from their college play to the NFL play so
they can predict things that an algorithm couldn’t necessarily think about maybe like
the suspensions and social drama associated with Jameis Winston and things of that nature
that you cant put a number on necessarily So the scouts tend to favor Jameis Winston
whereas the model favored Marcus Mariota It was a very slim margin but still it would
suggest by data that Marcus Mariota as an individual is probably going to do better
in the long run or in the first 4 years of his season then Jameis Winston So a little bit of clarification on the model
and it takes the first 4 years of the quarterback’s season so it would have Russell Wilson’s
first 4 years, RG3’s first 4 years, Andrew lucks first 4 years and it would compare their
college career to what they did in the NFL and using this model they predicted Marcus
Mariota and Jameis Winston’s score So using this model they found that Mariota
was slightly favored over Jameis Winston they also said that they weren’t going to be
elite quarterbacks like Andrew luck but that they were going to be similar to RG3 RG3 now is maybe not as powerful as a quarterback
as he was his rookie year but that is good in terms of their first year, they both are
going to be doing pretty well

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  1. If they play well this season I may consider picking up the better qb as a free agent in my fantasy league once my qb Luck has his bye week

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