Major League Baseball’s Hottest Betting Trends

Major League Baseball’s Hottest Betting Trends

We all know that guy that goes on and on about how long and boring the Major League Baseball season is – we actually have a few of them here in the OddShark office. My advice to those guys – shut up. While they’re busy complaining, I’m taking advantage of all the data we already have to analyze with just a quarter of the season finished. I’ve been using some of this data to cash in the past few weeks and I’ve compiled some great betting trends for you to keep on your radar as the season continues. First up if you follow me on twitter @JTFOZ you know I’m all about that plus money underdog value and I’ve found plenty of it this season with the Yankees and Rockies. The Yankees had been an underdog 14 times this season and have picked up a win in 10 of those games, good enough for a very profitable 71.4 win percentage as an underdog, which includes a 5-1 record as a dog in May. As for the Rockies, check them out as an underdog on the road where they’ve gone a ridiculous 10- 5. Speaking of road value, I love betting the runline, and I especially love betting the Astros runline on the road. Houston is 16-5 versus the runline on the road which translates to almost $1200 in profits based on $100 bets. Moving on to totals, I’ve always got my eye on extremely low numbers and extremely high ones and each side has been somewhat predictable so far this season. There’s been 14 games with the total of 6.5 or less and the over has gone 10-4 in those games. On the high side, there’s been 8 games with the total of the 11.5 or more and six of those games have gone under. We’ll wrap things up with some live betting action and zero in on those Rockies again who are now 22-1 with a +3.5 to run differential when leading after three innings. So keep your eyes on the Rockies early in games and if you can get them in this spot jump all over it. For more MLB betting information including our live in-game cheat sheet and runline report check out the MLB section on Good luck with your MLB bets and as always keep chasing that paper.

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