Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights | 11.23.2018, NBA Season

Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights | 11.23.2018, NBA Season

On a roll and LeBron has been awesome and the rest of the crew obviously following you that here tonight for the Jazz Nobody can really figure it out, except we don’t want thing They’re not playing as you’re good you get to the free-throw line but if you get to the line eight and the first test for LeBron James is underneath They knocked it free of Alonso has it up it goes down it goes I’m afraid a is not that difficult. If you’ve all line up means you take 20 shots. You should be able to score 20 points LeBron Gross, let’s see what Brandon ends up catching the ball Contest against the Jazz Ingles Rubio Bounced underneath that’s good feed and a quick dunk having up enough to force there Or just severe specter of it being there exactly. There’s favors a little jump hook is good They have the third view. It’s fast break points and not a ton of possessions Rubio loves to dish in the open floor finds ingles and he fights for the rebound Kuzma and Magee taken by Lonzo tries to kick it to Ingram Attacks all hand layup Oh rats Alec burkas. Mr. Burke’s can score in bunches Levi’s gone. So yes Creed, but can’t one decide Second shot deep and down Fred Meyer whose mug and a take a five zone with it. So all the way he puts it up Wrong market look down at score That’s just extra extras Conversely shooting 47% They’re up 19 to 8 ain’t those misses steps over defender and scores as He goes with Kate CP in front of him who’s in the game little crossover. He goes good body control that time No way you play first quarter from Staples Center first of the two gay of a home stamp on the nose here on Sunday as Mitchell leads in Mid-range for two so from Australia, they’re still shoots 26% a poor percentage X I’m swinging hook gotta go these orders over shocksquatch is it’s Evans game at 18 Right down the middle again a change of direction do take Crowder miss jump shot JaVale McGee, you’ve got a little bit of two big steps and a soft touch for the big fellow in their face We could spit a long look at him When was his draft time in his flat with three empty shot clock Mitchell’s gonna force one up and knock it the top two sophomore score Is that oh no – that’s it – wasn’t it? There is a dark underneath and that’s Royce Kentavious caldwell-pope And I’m a nice scoring dings lately – whistle 15. I know it right. I know yours. They’re only down for shooting 32% Underneath all that was targeted and ticketed for Becky who stays with it and they’ve won 11 of 12 Remember the only loss Kobe’s final game wicked Lonzo ha the score Below she in the games heavy expenses. Will Lake problems the last few years. I’m a great defender Fires do focus harder. He’s showing that he can shoot in Ingalls Into the corner Sefolosha hit but one side now gonna move it. He’s made two in a row steep Knocked out short for caldwell-pope long lead for Grayson Allen Could knock it out of bounds branded English Grayson Allen on is Deep routers too far underneath that was a good shot Lakers on the run their coats kuzma all the way. There is his first basket allowed for an easy rebound for somebody else That’s what is’t does so many things that don’t show up in spots more cuz let’s have two in a row We will pay threes in the last half dozen for twos and the games at Cleveland Rubio’s finally going to get his first basket Not in season Not having much to say about This anemic offense ankles that’s gonna be a screen assist out of it get screen a sit Wow and your bears got what don’t these people well now they’ve got that one goose, but that’s a perfectly run play, but Again, run right into the stone wall of Chandler and Rubio He falls away when dunk champ from of this building last year in the all-star game matter He’s going face. Like he’s throwing it down Council will watch that he’d go fair wrestling match Well, they’d go bad I danced the dunk didn’t use that half of the year for the Lakers 38 points we’re tied and Ricky the challenge and the Miss right at the rim anchoring on both ends of the floor I look for LeBron to be a lot more aggressive here in the second half to his left three deep and down that’s been Three-point displays last year is a steal He can change him skin at Quin Snyder He took over a team that won 25 James the previous year and they’ve won 38 40 and 50 war thunder hits But you had the Lakers they’re up by two 4442 here’s Levon. He said you expect her to be Still ten to shoot times left – don’t have to get scramble both yet Ingram Hi Arthur for the free pass to Brandon England will rust in the logotype the point now Derrick faceless order the key Loses it take if I were a lot of his fan as he was about the television 16 Lakers turtle and a duck fighters extremely inefficient Rubio’s Ticket works that’s on the attack that he beat Becky number 18 of the season Close bangs Indiana there. It is the first lead of the to produce on once the Lakers in this guy is not one of them LBJ gonna launch a today and it’s all gestures that have Miami. That’s if I am This recently just last week Lana dick move down the middle to go through that story little finger all Pick up our energy. That’s what it just totally help are often. There’s instance right now I give the Joshua tipped up a tent by go back watch go bear We’ve made a wise decision in that regard but cameras out Shooting you run here like the piece will be it does any of the teams in? this game either Now they only had five points off today nearly a couple networks finishes with the dog to the tune of a bagel so far And you ask a toll Takers my fucking team from downtown and another layup Oh Slow start games of the year where the treatment David sent to beat the clock. He’s gotta Bend down he’s spin it Kicks it back out to LeBron here. He goes LBJ all the way Didn’t have a chance to make a play LeBron 15 he was like Wow LeBron poised I say that’s where’d your bail shoot a slipstream and just went to the front of the rim Oh No LeBron James dude Yeah, only two of they’ve got six total the LaCrosse got five of them in another basket without a bouncy in the router er 2 By 5 for 22 off the bench. I don’t you. Yeah there just impossible to play this game Not staying on the court so 41k turnovers here at the 4/5 to jazz Lonzo all the way Nice range is a better word The shootings. Yeah, LeBron’s going to launch it goes deep crowd roars its approval As the king of the Lakers leading 86 77, they’d only havens and risk. He’s 2 out of 5 That’s 40% It’s above the season average here comes Ron so fall break Get dime a second ago Burps hangs in the air to score it when I switch up and make your legions What a play and the ledges have won again and they have won seven out of eight and they get to Navy I Didn’t think they could get their base to put what they gave you the first half 38 points Huh picked it up a bit in the second half thing to some more aggression offensively And everyone wins tacos, you don’t have to score a hundred and hold him under a hundred just play some defense and everybody leaves with a

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  1. Can you please remove lebron james on the thumbnail even once, please? Every lakers’ highlight has lebron thumbnail on it.

  2. Well I see the Lakers are still sticking together thinking as one ☝️ and connecting mentally to focus on the “W” and that’s how “Champions” do it 🎊🎉🤩🏀🔥💃🏾👑💪🏾🙏🏾#Lakerswantthatring💍

  3. Wizards can keep Bradley Beal. Lakers will be a hard team to beat 4 out of 7 due to their depth and youth. The youngsters on the Lakers aren't afraid to shoot either. If Zo gets hot they're an impossible team to beat. That's why I'd play Zo the majority of the minutes, in hope of rapid growth. He still hasn't played one season's worth of games yet.

  4. They use to read the entire roster in the beginning of every game. Now its "& LeBron has been awesome and then there's rest of the crew".

  5. Lonzo is in the game
    Him and LBJ making plays constantly
    Get 10 point lead

    Lonzo comes out
    other team ties game

    Am I the only one noticing this?

  6. Answer the question will MJ STOP WATCHING THE NBA WHEN LEBRON Da👑 JAMES homie PASS HIM BY most POINTS EVER BY THE ALL-STAR GAME OR A MONTH OR MAYBE 1 WEEK OR 2 AFTER THE ALL-STAR WEEKEND ?? 💯💯😎😎😎🍟🍟🍟🍟 (salty af) 💰💰💪💪🙏🙏… All facts I think he will draw from being a nba owner of a team and invest in something big & better owner sport wise… Then he has so much in envy in all around true player in all sports who is able to do any n everything that a person trys or wanna do then he is a true child of trails n tribulations n stipulations that he dont wanna give up the facts n the game or whatever to someone who is lebron his verification card to the greats n him being better than them all like BILL RUSSEL & HIMSELF who had a great team of people who had a job n accepted it n what comes with it n all they cared Bout was winning never a image… Or being the face of anything they wanted to be the face of better things life wise not idolize or god like wise which would turn you out to be A FAILURE WHEN YOU TRY TO BE ABOVE EVERYONE'S LIFE & ENVIRONMENT SOMEONE ELSE LIVING IN…. So please MJ watch greatness like you but better because he is doing something you refuse n thats make others powerful & shine but have or maintain or gain opportunities like you too… Instead of people making a way the hard & wild no structure way but getting the job done but can't for a long time cuz they not offered guidance from the superior one… HE IS THE TRU ( C murda #nolimit ) YOU BUT A BETTER MORE CARING N FUN BUT FUNNY loving part of the game n whole playground bball playing is really how you approach the game.

  7. No trades!! This team is improving and this team will be tough to beat in the playoffs ..ppl forget that playoff LeBron is a different animal and with a built fellowship like lonzo aggressiveness Ingram's ability to score and make his own shot kuzmas fearless attitude able to make shots and McGee's consistent play on both sides …not to mention the bench driven by rondo Stephenson who can do it all Chandler's leadership in defense and presence..kcp who has the ability to knock down shots Hart who I think can become a scorer can knock down shots …awwn it feels good to see the Lakers contending once again go Lakers !!!

  8. the best the KING James Beast is Unstoppable this year🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️💯💯💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  9. Good win ! Ingram saves the day. LBJ finally scores to close it out. McGee is a VIP EVERYGAME.. Lonzos points helped and D.M.not playing helped. Lakers played good Defense eventually.

  10. I don't care what anybody says, I'm 100% certain that LeBron is going to be turning Chandler on to his "supplements". Just watch, watch how all of a sudden Tyson Chandler's muscles and his minutes will be going up more every month.

  11. I swear ever since last season lebron 3pt shot has been going in anything he shoots out there 8 outta 10 hes making it. Who the hell changed his 3pt shot to a 97 this ain't 2k.

  12. KCP SOOOOOO TRASH. 5 pts in 27 minutes🤔. He’s getting close out three point shots. Smh why don’t they swap out him and harts minutes

  13. Damn, that was a crazy game, wasn't it? The Ass with their insane last second dump off passes in the second half and the Slackers athleticism.

  14. People that were hating on the Lakers in the very early part of the season don't get that Lebron paces himself and the team.

  15. The Jazz did well clamping down the Lakers offense forcing them to score only 90pts. However, their scoring woes continue to haunt them managing only 83pts in 4 quarters. I think its time Coach Snyder shuffle his first five.

  16. I feel like Lakers need a Kyrie feeling…please don't kill me in the comments… I just think Kyrie would fit well and he's a free agent I think, why not? Even Westbrook if it was possible

  17. I've just figured out the Laker's postseason best 5:

    1. JaVale McGee – C
    2. Anthony Davis – PF
    3. Kyle Kuzma – SF
    4. Danny Green – SG
    5. LeBron James – PG

    Automatic Reserves:

    1. Dwight Howard – C
    2. ? ? – PF*
    3. ? ? – SF*
    4. Alex Caruso – SG
    5. Rajon Rondo – PG

    * Area of real Concern for me….especially if Kuzma is on the starting unit

    Who could get as a PF or SF

    Perhaps, Kuzma would have to come off the bench….

    1. JaVale McGee – C
    2. Anthony Davis – PF
    3. LeBron James – SF
    4. Danny Green – SG
    5. Alex Caruso – PG

    That's not a bad line up

    2nd unit

    1. Dwight Howard – C
    2. Kyle Kuzma – PF
    3. Jared Dudley – SF*
    4. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – SG
    5. Rajon Rondo – PG

    Not bad….*but this isn't a good replacement when LeBron goes to the bench for a rest

    * need a better option at the 3.
    Who could be that player out there?
    Does this points to Carmelo Anthony ?
    I sure do hope the Lakers pick up Melo asap….sit him down, and drilled in his head what specifically they want from him eg.
    Playing defense, and remind him that the game is a team sport, therefore he needs to pass the ball to his teammates…that are in better positions relative to him in those moments….simple

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