Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 10.22.2018, NBA Season

Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 10.22.2018, NBA Season

And ready to go with his teammate spectrum sports that proudly presents the NBA this evening It’s the Lakers chin on the starting lineups first of all for the Lakers the dirtiest pers They lost to the Blazers the other night by 13 in track meet with this unit. It’s joke He plays two weeks right after starting the season with a ton 56 and two games LeBron ticket Lonzo first I’ve been put away on the other end of the ledger LeBron is only 1 for his first feel 11 from beyond the arc DeRozan that’s what he does. Well, he gets in rebounding 13 and a half per his first two games Forbes LaMarcus, I want you for mid-range than anybody the industry in the third game of the year, but he really searched for his perimeter game While one of the Lakers hits the deck gets Lonzo and shakin bacon a pick by McGee Going downhill lob to McGee from LeBron the key spin to smaller set the thing for DeRozan not by T species beats six to shoot Forbes comes around the tip and he nails it from beyond and that was in the opener did not play the other night With a loss here at Staples Center to Houston good move by DeRozan, you know, he’s back home for the San Antonio Spurs lives of trying to find He scores that’s those also that resided the ball exceptionally well Oh BJ Johnson good Pasty-faced, it’s a second ago Lakers missed another one in the booth of a great opportunity The bar DeRozan where he operates with authority, which he’s Stephenson and treesa in for the Lakers in a moment Lonzo him up download a Beasley can’t get it Lonzo picks it up and scores with eight assists on their 14 baskets Opus, they’re just inviting Lonzo to shoot the crowd water Nativity Santa knows that the Spurs are going to cool off Bert taunts tied up Makai Lou now the Lakers got to get back Belinelli, well, they’re not cool and They’re just the time to get it surveys looks here comes all the way Shot clock at 15 o’clock 2:25 bird x to power its way he actually Found the triple they have 40 Wow Kuzma trying to add to the lake with toll he does JaVale bounces for job charts, what are the Sooners so they can run it’s down to nine Patty Mills all in labor for Belinelli Watteau Beautifully run horse coos he’s gonna get into the paint wide open Lance Stephenson Rebound 500 genes are only a good rebound. But while he’s in the air, he’s a wilderness. We’ll take it LeBron with the basketball the blonds both downhill spinning block by Rudy as he denies LeBron LeBron bouncing scoring the key JaVale was gonna write back to him He goes the clock established for all the way and very easy that hunted through the 13th Now they’ve warmed up like the Spurs were the beginning. They’ve been 14 to 20 70 percent that stretch but they can’t Run and he gets it ripped away One-on-one launched with his back to fetch away and Ford scores and scoring Stole away actually Again tempo tempo Talking about Lonzo, dr. Kuzma miss me on three choose the spinner Last year and he gets it tonight so far to start as roll DeRozan miss Donna Kelley and Bella Valley switches it through of eight as we wipe down at the first half DeRosa counted foul, Patty Mills DeRozan Boyd is such a heavy player finding the space get it good attune the torque times he’s in here and shoot a greater LeBron two big steps and the Fonz McKee match them with three of his own to Zeus month Seven of his eight baskets have go live tonight as all grid is newly added to the game with his system Aldrich long jock long rebound. It’s the heel DeRozan. That’s their fourth offense last Missed most of the summer we are delegating Lonzo as he found LBJ and the six-time all-star five-time all-nba Is 3 for 13 from downtown this year rudy Gay caldwell-pope – easy Applaud with a head of steam LeBron going into the red back to Kunz on its way. Yes, sir Look, I’ll just ranch eyes a couple of title stand away. Good poked away by hot kitchen truck over. Here. He goes The rows in the Two guys fighting who Zuka for Secretary defenders have to be there but the double came over to Zuma They go other side of the tour DeRozan arrears of the raid the attacking 47 Aldridge for the Spurs has 11 in this quarter LeBron flash goods But he’s opening at deep With the dozen when a five Lakers, it doesn’t figures while they are just And Aldridge gets it apiece. He can’t hips chopped by the writers Harlem let’s park at the rats. Yes 3.02 Lance one-on-one, Maddie knows it’ll Hold it with one hand kicks it out to heart on its way. Rainbow. Perhaps a deep three for castrated survey Working on there’s little versus bad their first time And he shoots that three LeBron James, he’s gonna loan up to three and it’s in there for LV. Jean de Rosas That’s good defense by the lakers cut them off There’s little floater wasn’t there, but I do He’s honest that’s what you have to do them You’re brought back to the basket count lights up. So Colton will step back score Get 18 triple-doubles Russell Westbrook To losen open. Oh, he banked it in and needed heart right way LeBron open his lanzhou touch pass to new spot I don’t know what Llanelli DeRozan will shake and bake. He’s got baseline No heart Utica good job. Who the gay nothing, but net DeRozan again Lakers have a chance to break One should have been able to finish one yet this year. Here’s bill Stowe He’s picked him up and scoops it up high off the glass Three-point game Rosen you got Forks line of thread hitting a three Three of them on the road Not completely done yet Underneath the car Slams at home We’ve got a school quick and here comes the fun trying to do it quickly corner Kuzma on its way something Three they can tie the game with seven with six years were gone for the time The back screen does he come back to the poll? Here’s DeRozan with away But now it’s up to his teammates, oh here comes LeBron into the lane pull up a 15 I’m out Spurs Thank you, buddy You got three minutes to place of defense right here In Forbes sit to watch footage and on the clocks of the three minutes in OT Lonzo’s gonna try it Ron James remember they reset the clock to 40 look lon bounce Williams Williams pick up the ball and they finally do doesn’t see the trouble passing zone Don’t give up two three. Yeah shot-clock game cost us about the same Don’t I live right there later, dude, and he’s got it. Here’s the treat at least for now, unless we go another road team Go get another This gives the bars taking it out. He’ll take it out to get it right back Oh Give it a patty melt. So we’ll take the shot and the Spurs have the lead Lonzo six point eight LeBron LeBron James working on rudy Gay for the lead Spurs waited it over John well after fighting back and sending this thing into

78 thoughts on “Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 10.22.2018, NBA Season

  1. Bruhhhhhh, looking at the comments now, after our two game win streak, is funny af. I'm a Lakers fan, we delusional, but it's because we were spoiled by Kobe. I remember John Ireland saying how before, Lakers fan could look at the schedule and be like, that's a win, that's a win, etc. But honestly,

    We winning at least 1 chip these 4 years. I'm watching the Spurs game rn and we look good af lol

  2. Magic Johnson your work is not done as yet. Only advice I can give is trade trade trade. LeBron needs another 20 point a night player on a consistent basis

  3. Lebron just riding out and cashing in his 4 year contract with the Lakers. Let's see if they land Durant next year which I think they will.

  4. This is facts if LeBron score a high percentage and and get two championships within the next four years on the Lakers he will be considered as one of the best players one of the best player to ever play the game winning championships is making history

  5. This is the game we should’ve won but it’s alright to all u spurs fans out there were getting revenge on Wednesday. And we’re going to beat u guys again on Friday.

  6. DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. WORK. ON. YOUR. FREETHROWS. I love you LeBron, but this is the moment when all those extra points pay off.

  8. I remember watching LeBron make that and-1 thinking “oh wow, he’s really putting on a show.” Aaaand then he missed both FTs -.-

    I love you Bron, but you gotta make those

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