Los Angeles Lakers vs Atlanta Hawks Full Game Highlights | 11.11.2018, NBA Season

Last pox only visit Into Southern California to take on the Lakers this year saying am I starting lineup for the Lakers? It will not be with the team tonight, but it’s super good reason the is expecting wine settle in enjoy it Laker basketball Poor yet tonight from Staples. I’m zone, but it go to the opposition And here’s the former Laker played 23 games for Kent Bazemore Prince is gonna try to get same spot than just a pretty much much shorter, but it’s an older player Taller than just a pretty boy. He just looks 500 the big NBA So we’ll see if that continues Dumped under the line. So Lakers all the reason he was in there long time He got about three held up to 38 points of the paint. The Lakers themselves didn’t have a great offensive game That’s a good dish put macho slabs on my vagine Alonso got into the lead a little bit. It was a nine-point advantage Now nine five LeBron. Oh my spire score. Nothing best start to assert themselves defensively Just don’t want cheese to start to feel good about themselves Twice fought it out of bounds by McGee get that out of there tray on the grasp on this one. Go get your baby JaVale now at least one block in 12 of the 13 games with that one Just pass to Trey young. Nice dish by hand Alex Len. Then he throws it down with a nice play by Trey young Brandon out Alonzo attacks great Yet another assist Lakers down by one Bazemore attacks baseball all the way He was there Jame laganja money out night. Nothing Lakers have rattled off it 14 to to streak Lovely underneath that house stands rumors the mob will come to us but expect what they’re calling them here is LeBron That’s the king of element knock down natural LeBron James points Josh hard all the way story Every game this season and Casey pursue. So that’s something that LeBron and Luke Walton both share guys of this week Thank you, Michael. Raja. No, Ferrando had a game-high seven assists last night open as Marty said drill, is it he? Beats it Squared up nicely done defense now turns to offense for the Lakers Case you’d be at the other end cats we wanted what a salmon outside He didn’t turn the page most reliable three-point shooter this year for this Laker team Making a change sport baseball step back Again, this is the beginning of a four-game road trip for them. In fact their next 12 11 of them are really playoff teams that flop 30% this year but behind These more steals it Trey young. They had the good pastor Beverly and he throws it down us to play in that second quarter field goal the Lakers avoid shot two shots Two field goal attempts at the pin again had his foot on the line that time but another nice looking shot So the Lakers trying to hit their fruits to the corner and they do Cloten tray up games out tray on the bumps the trees. He got it man free Glad you witness tonight here at Spectrum Sports Net ain’t group duty captured shoot instead It goes into the lane and shoots him get it to chatter. It goes right back to him. Then he throws it away two-on-one That is more at his best timing for the Lakers who are down by four Ingram that good position that time but languish air the clean up the lawns to Chandler throw it Amerced halls for the second chance points good play by Rondo now, we’ve got a four on one Brandon because that wasn’t a great first lob at all that are really difficult for the defenders Damn, it gets me and it falls right into the hand so goes Back to how about 13 turnovers? Add another one bounce live Lakers stop playing well back those Lakers will run with Lonzo good pass James Wonderful assist from on that time Jeremy Lin chose alongside to throw the ball should have thrown it to print LeBron here’s Kuzma. Thanks Riley and it’s gonna be take it by the bonds this bounces to John are played by to veil him to take care of that Bobby blood gonna scramble mode that’s good to City eight Nearing the end of half number one. Remember to stick around at halftime all the analysis in the studio head coach buzz They’re down from downtown Son what I was talking about consist bench some some consistency from the three-point line a tray up finally hits it for free TRAI and that’s where he’s gonna make a lot over the last few games Lazo James sees the horses this way baseline nicely. Came close 53:52 lets you pick and turn about James top of the cheese Again defense will win or lose this thing for the Lakers Ronzo steps up. Does he have another three he does? here comes two veils the Hawks are gonna rely on this to be to play makers. They’re in trouble – yes, sir. Napkin can’t store Now the hot stray young prince will launch he’s got it And that’s a Laker home game down there for sure. That’s February the 12th LeBron with the left and What he was just gonna lay it up step it up a bit charge Thanks, everybody does it but it sounds you’re the better team that’s gonna team three-point game after the miss LeBron stinks into traffic counted Negro hit by mcgee to his hip out to get called for it. LeBron all guts it out of a juice box Dude your target may be so the Lakers shoot well now all this up for the free throw line Prince got it Beeler 24 years old third year played all 82 games master Starts nice its come on board Lakers have outrebounded the opponent sees with two Down I said from Oz Oh timeout Hawks as the Lakers now enter the contest LeBron goes to the best with 22 points and five boards four assists and for another lady particular tap out it Gold a lot of them doesn’t Lance not at this time. The bride is always the crowd favorite Felix it’s certainly one of them young Nicely done minutes tonight 11th for Rondo this evening Put 7 go back-to-back day storms down went Stephenson out Right around 5 he gets it to baseball. Yeah City down it goes since crops course They’ve done this all season long. Well, Stevenson’s gonna put up a three of his own. Perfect. Keep it down up for land That stops at 11 – to run by it like I portray on you don’t want any time See if it should shake it bake he’s open he’s gotta go The season-high in turnovers for the Lakers on a shot there Carter eggs in the air and scores him little on big here Trey young you step back Apogee all too easy inside the line The place was bolted to the floor. They gotta clean this up Ingram’s yes Rodriguez Blair already has a thirty five point game this year to stray on Ziggy rebound slam it home to just on electric teams The bring the jar go underneath this plate. I’d rather land It nice one to get for them tough games coming up Kuzma will be in an appointment crayon And the Hawks are out water to to that rarely happened gray gone, whoa talk about You’ve got your walkie in front of him I’m sure hits a bottom of the room. He gets it back stay with it Young surrounded all the Lakers leaders for Hart here. He goes one on two What an NCAA champion Carter slaps it in the final minute that he makes that the worst thing that can happen To us got it, he puts it up With class with for the Lakers lead by one Treyarch go The whole Unbelievable Jr. Saves the day Great dribble penetration, but Tyson got a fingernail on that

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