Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal (5-4 on penalties) Reds win dramatic 10-goal thriller | Highlights

Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal (5-4 on penalties) Reds win dramatic 10-goal thriller | Highlights

Ball fired in for Oxlade-Chamberlain. Cross is looking for Brewster! And it’s turned into his own net
by Shkodran Mustafi. Now Maitland-Niles, Mesut Ozil again,
there’s the pull-back and the shot, it’s a brilliant save, but Torreira’s there
and Arsenal are level. Free kick taken quickly. It’s well done by Maitland-Niles,
and Kelleher’s there again, and it’s turned home by Martinelli. That’s a loose pass by Elliott,
and Saka, for Martinelli! And he simply does not miss. Liverpool’s captain needs to score now
to give them some hope. And of course he does. Well, that’s short, and in they go
for Maitland-Niles, and surely now… Well, it’s a gift from Liverpool. Oxlade-Chamberlain wins it! Oh, my word!
That is absolutely frightening. But they keep fighting – Origi! Absolutely brilliant! What a turn by Divock Origi. Saka to his left,
Willock with the effort! That’s brilliant. What a stunning goal
by Joe Willock. Williams again. One more cross – there’s the shot! He’s done it! Divock Origi
for Liverpool in stoppage time! Can the young Irishman
make himself a hero? That’s a lovely penalty to start. Well, he’s already taken one
and scored one tonight, Milner. Make that two from two. And Kelleher almost gets there. Lallana. Again it’s another lovely spot kick. That’s another fantastic spot kick. Brewster against Martinez. Oh, that’s another really good penalty. And Kelleher gets there
and makes a magnificent save! Liverpool’s late, late hero. And now smashes the ball home. Kelleher waits. – Keeper’s left. – Maitland-Niles to keep Arsenal alive. And does so marvellously well. On a big night at Anfield,
against big opposition, at the Kop end. A penalty to send Liverpool through… And Jones does it! What a moment
for him and this young Liverpool team. Simply not knowing when they’re beaten, Caoimhin Kelleher will take the plaudits,
along with Curtis Jones.

100 thoughts on “Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal (5-4 on penalties) Reds win dramatic 10-goal thriller | Highlights

  1. 2:17 first time the sec commentator speaks except for “yeaaah” “yesss”. Yet again embarrassed himself

  2. Swear Origi could score whenever he wants.. he just waits until we're a goal down or for the last kick of the game 😂😂

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  4. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but this Liverpool magical way of doing things seem quite Alexis Ferguson-esque when the Red Devil's were killing the Premier League and there was a rumor that AF made a pact with the Devil for all that invincibility…🙄

    Can anyone see the similarities?
    There are things assisting them on the field that normal persons can't see as their spiritual eyes are closed.


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  8. Ve Arsenal'ın Willock golü harika bizim ligde ya 1 ya da 2 gol var böyle bizim Çin ligi bile bizim ligden bin kat iyi

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  10. Soccer is very important to balance your personalities as a subject matter.Other shitty sport I Ayari Rachid don’t respect to be imposed..I specifically talking about Arsenal vs Liverpool weeks ago..None of us won’t give up. 5-5..Beautiful isn’t it.I am back for good that’s why they fear my language hhh.Faithful to the rest of my life as a Gunner fan to the end of football not life. I am stubborn so I tried not to refuse to any Champion In the world. Thursday I am so ready hhhh.

  11. I’ve lost with Penalty kicks but Arsenal are somehow will be back back to shut down plenty of clubs starting from Thursday.

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