Lena Dunham’s Podcast Explores Mariah Carey and the History of “Crazy” Women

-So, you have this podcast.
-I do. -Called “The C-Word”?
-It’s called “The C-Word.” -And some people might
jump to a conclusion as to what that is
supposed to represent. -Yeah. And let’s just say,
it does not mean “cutie pie.” -Okay. -No, “The C-Word”
in this situation, people may think it is a curse.
-Yeah. -A bad curse
for a lady’s center. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -But it’s to mean “crazy.”
-Yes. -‘Cause we’re doing kind of
an exploration of women who have been called crazy by
the media throughout history. And Alissa is a historian,
an art historian. And I’m a crazy person. And the Internet has, you know, not always held me
in its kid gloves. So I try to really come at it
from, like, the kind of — One of my favorite things to be
called is an embattled star. -Oh, right. -So, I come at it from
the embattled-star perspective. And so we explore all kinds of
women who are iconic to me — Mariah Carey, a famous socialite
Casey Johnson, Jane Seberg. And we just talk about what it means for them
to be considered crazy. And we kind of, like, look at
their lives again in light of sort of what we discovered about
things like feminism, you know, slut shaming, the use of women as cyphers
to explore our cultural pain. Stuff like that. -That sounds like a good time. -It actually is.
-I bet it is. -It actually is.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Well, I, you know —
I do think it’s really exciting this era of podcast — what has
been most rewarding for me as being a podcast listener
is the fact that you can get an education
on things that, you know, in a way that is a little bit
less — I don’t know — daunting than sitting down
and opening a book. -Yeah. And you know what you’re
gonna know all about? My feelings about when
Mariah Carey went on “TRL” and offered everybody ice cream. -Got it.
-It’s that kind of stuff. -Because at this point I don’t think I know
anything about that. [ Laughter ] -It was a moment where everyone
was like, “She’s lost it.” She’s in this little top
and jean shorts with this little
ice-cream truck, telling everybody
about her evening. And I’m like, “Actually,
maybe she hadn’t lost it. Maybe she’d found it.”
[ Laughter ] -Yeah. I would hope that if somebody
sees me coming in with an ice-cream cart for
everybody, it won’t be like, “He’s lost his mind.” It’ll be like, “This is the most
kick-ass dude I’ve ever met.” -That is how it would work because you’re a boy
and she’s a girl. -Oh, there you go.
I think that’s very fair. [ Cheers and applause ]
I think that is very fair.

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