LeBron James Under Fire For Comments On NBA-China Controversy | TODAY

LeBron James Under Fire For Comments On NBA-China Controversy | TODAY

100 thoughts on “LeBron James Under Fire For Comments On NBA-China Controversy | TODAY

  1. Just shut up and dribble. You never even went to college and your claiming Morey isn't educated? This bozo reeks of low IQ.

  2. I just feel sorry for u Americans still don't see what is going on and being brain washed by the US government….It is not about "freedom of speech", its about the bottom line of a nation. Just like for you Americans, the bottom line is racism, for our Chinese, the bottom line is territory problem. You see, when it comes to the bottom line, it is not "freedom of speech" anymore. What Morey posted for our Chinese is just like posting a "N word" for you guys. He just doesn't have the place to talk about this. Try to understand it with your little brain alright?

  3. All these ppl in the comments and none of em Chinese smh just stfu !

    Can somebody from china please let me know whats realy going on?

  4. Le Bron, YOU'RE NOT EDUCATED! China is COMMUNIST & ppl who don't agree with their agenda are silenced. THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE PROMOTING. WTF is wrong with you? Let me guess, you bend over for the Benjamins. Disgusting.

  5. this is what happens when a man expresses himself freely in the US with the truth. The people dont agree with you??? They Shame you. so this is call Freedom of expression? BS

  6. I get it. He’s trying to protect himself. Understandable.

    But isn’t it ironic how he will stand against America, the country that he lives in and is protected by the 1st Amendment, which is the only reason why he’s not going to jail for saying what he said.

    China on the other hand, would throw him in jail if he said something completely againSt Communist China.

  7. Lebron, your tweet and statement is also hurting others, the people who are standing up for democracy and human rights, putting their lives in danger.

  8. I actually support what LBJ posted. There is a way to protest for change and improvements in all facets of Hong Kong citizens lives. But with that being said, there is a big difference between protesting and rioting. And on numerous occasions during their protests they allowed those rogue members to cause violence and financial destruction to your homeland. We all support your fight in my community, but we also know the destruction of financial and future Corp lost a riot causes from a none peaceful protest. Don’t go off line because we are watching and supporting y’all, as a way to force China’s hand. Well unless you really know that you have support from these millions of people across the globe that I know will not put their lives on the line for any cause!
    China is playing Chess right now… and so should you 🇭🇰 👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍🔬👣💪🏼✊🏼🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  9. Wasn't educated, this coming from a man who has an 8th grade education. He is a slave to Nike and doesn't even know it, or does he?

  10. It is freedom of speech or democracy we are talking about here, it is the way the Hongkong protesters are behaving like a bunch of mad dogs. Hongkong protesters would never be allowed in the USA. People were shot by police in the USA for doing nothing. Enough of your holier than thou attitude and double standard . Just take care of your own country and stop telling others what to do.

  11. Very sad & fanatics out here worshipping this dude! The NBA can speak out against Trump & boycott the White House but refrains from speaking out against China & boycotting China🤔

  12. Today you hate him, tomorrow you will vote him MVP. None of us are in China taking actions with those protestors , so why are we talking?

  13. LBJ is upset because the tweet put the players, crew and others in a dangerous situation. The tweet was provocative but the author was not there. LBJ said it: "could've waited for a week" meaning until they are gone. But, LBJ should've confronted Morey personally, his rant to the media didn't help.

  14. We are always so quick but never take in what's really going on….. LeBron is only saying, " you can speak your mind, but what you say often hurts everyone else'. That guy sent a text but didn't think about the Rockets org n Yao Ming is helping that team with China strings. When LeBron said, physically, mentally, spiritually it means what you say can often bring people to hurt you in those ways….listen people before we go after him (this world is so backwards n always ready to go for someone before understanding that person)……

    A hurting world keeps finding hurt

  15. Under-fire doesn't mean what it should mean. I was a Lakers fan a long time ago… when they used to have Shaquille O'Neal, and before Kobe Bryant was raping female employees inside hotel rooms. Now, they have LeBron James, whom cares more about the mighty dollar, and not really the team he's on. He's for whatever gives him the publicity and the money.

  16. Lol remember this sell-out considered himself the greatest of all time. He himself doesn’t know what he is talkin about

  17. I'm sticking with the original Space Jam my childhood that I was growing up is Michael Jordan Albert any LeBron James Space Jam 2 doesn't even exist

  18. Lebron James is the ignorant one. What a moron. Torture camps, people jailed for speaking their mind and this dope is bowing down to Communist China.

  19. What about all the other races of men who have been siding with self
    interest and money over the lesser peoples freedom for generations of
    years. lmaoo

  20. What about all the other races of men who have been siding with self
    interest and money over the lesser peoples freedom for generations of
    years. lmaoo

  21. Proof that some sports clowns should stick to pushing shoes and playing with balls there intelligence is useless pathetic trash

  22. Nobody cares about black people dying here in America….. But the black man is supposed to care about everybody else 🤨………….🤬 Outta here..

  23. Good Job 👍 LeBron 👏💪👏👏👏 👏👏 👏👏 👏 stand with your people 🤬 everybody else's problem….. Because nobody cares about ours…. I'm proud of you brother 💪 Blacc Power

  24. I wish America would go hard for black people issues here in America the same way they go hard for every other issue everywhere else Great Job LeBron 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  25. White amerikkka attacks lebron for not standing with chinese human rights abuse victims AFTER blackballing kapearnik for standing up for black american human rights abuse victims .#Hypocrisy?

  26. If China is so bad why is Americans business doing business with them? All your clothes and shoes made their so LeBron not the only one complicit? LeBron an easy target, you Americans murder black people on video and get away with it? Eric Garner and all other police murder are human rights violations?

  27. 😂😂 People mad that he's worried about making money than opposing China! Why the F%&k does he care with what's going on in Hong Kong? What interest does he have there? He certainly has interest in China because they will make him a billionaire. Sorry if LeBron doesn't care about your activism and cares about making money for himself and his family. If you don't like him hurt him where it counts in his wallet, don't buy his stuff.

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