Kelly Had No Idea Dean-Charles Chapman Was In ‘Game Of Thrones’

Kelly Had No Idea Dean-Charles Chapman Was In ‘Game Of Thrones’

– Let’s get to my first guest, y’all. They’re backstage right
now, let’s bring ’em out. They star in the 10 time Academy
Award nominated film 1917. Among the things the really
make this war film stand out is that it looks like it’s all one shot, so you never see the
camera cut, not even once, not through bombings, through
gunfire, through enemy lines, backstage equipment. I think you can see, you
know, we’re giving you a little taste of that right now, minus the multimillion
dollar special effects, okay. Oh, here they are. (applause) Give it up for George MacKay
and Dean Charles-Chapman y’all. Hi.
– How are ya? – Well done, I loved the words. Have a seat, okay, okay. So, here’s my question,
okay, how did we do, is this Oscar worthy, our move? Was it pretty good? – Oh, most definitely.
– I’d say so. – Good answer, good answer, yes. I mean, is it just crazy
being apart of that movie? It’s just fun, right? Doing it all in that one thing? – Yeah, it kinda felt like just before we did the takes again. It’s been a few months
since we’ve, you know, we’ve been ready for like a long shot. So, it took us straight back to it. – Oh my gosh, that’s so awesome. Well, okay, we’ll chat
with George and Dean when we come back y’all, but first, we’re gonna take a break with one, with our own unbroken shot,
Gabbie will you do the honors? – Stay close and stick around, Kelly will be back in exactly one minute. (applause) – Why in God’s name did
you have to chose me? – Well I didn’t know what
I was pickin’ ya for. – No, you didn’t, you never know. That’s your problem. – All right then, go back. Nothing’s stoppin’ you, you
can go all the way bloody home if you want. – Don’t, just don’t. – I didn’t know what
I was pickin’ you for. I thought they were going
to send us back up the line or for food or something. I thought it was going
to be something easy. – Well that was a clip from 1917, which has been racking up
statues during the award season. Trust me, this is a film that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time, and I am also back with
the stars of the movie, George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman. So, congrats on like all of the
awards, all the nominations. Like, I mean, how does it
feel to be like big winners and apart of such an epic film? – It’s amazing, it’s nice, isn’t it? – Yeah, it’s lovely. – We all worked hard, so,
when the film comes out, and people start responding well to it, it’s a dream come true, really. – I imagine, especially that kinda work. What was it like doing all
those long takes, like how, I heard they were six
minute long kind of things that you all were doing, or were they all – On average, five or six minutes, but I think the longest one we did was nearly nine minutes long. – Yeah. – Wow, you know that the
person that messed up though, the one time that messed all
of it up was like oh my god. I would’ve died. So like, that’s an insane thought, to like capture such a big scope, like a war, and to do
that all in one shot. I mean, was that, were you
nervous about messing up any of the lines cause
then everybody would have to re-do it? – Yeah, it happened, it
happened a few times. I mean we rehearsed for six
months beforehand as well, cause you had to kind of like, all the sets were made to measure, you know, because the, like
the rhythm of the story, you can’t edit it. So we had to get all, like
suss it out like a play, and then go to an empty field, and literally walk through the scenes, puttin’ stakes in the
ground to be like okay, the coroner comes on that line, and then we turn left on that line. And then, you know, and
then we did that for months before we even got there, so. – Oh my gosh, okay,
well, was there anything that you were both shocked to
learn about this time period? – Yeah, I think just
how young the men were. Like I didn’t quite take that into account before startin’ this project, and they were babies,
really, you know, 15, 16, 17. – That’s so sad.
– I know. And all the equipment
they carried as well, like they even carried like their knife, forks, salt, pepper. Just stuff that you
wouldn’t think that they had in their pockets when they were running over the top and all that. – Yeah, I was shocked by, you know, when you think of war, you think of them, and also the loss of life was so great, you think that they’re
fighting all of the time. And when we were doin’ the research, the kinda most shocking thing was that a lot of the time they were just waiting. And that was the kinda strangest thing. – That’s more of a mental mind game, like that’s a mind game to me. That would be worse. – I think what that would
do to your head, you know, just waiting, waiting,
for weeks and weeks, and then all of a sudden it kicks off. That was the most shocking thing for me. – Okay, so, I heard that
you did all your own stunts. Like did you just get
beat up everyday, Dean? – Pretty much, still got bruises. – Did you want to do that,
or were they just like, look, it’s a low budget, we need you to get your butt kicked. – No, we both did, didn’t we? I think, you know, the
whole one-shot thing, you kind of had to do it anyway. – There’s no point where
they can swap you out. – Oh, that’s true. I didn’t even put that
together, obviously. – Yeah, but we did it. I split my chin on one day,
there’s a scene on a bridge, and I had to jump across,
and I sort of took most of it on my chin on one of those, so. – Oh my gosh. – The kinda nurse came over,
what’s that, whoa, okay, okay. – And you’re like no, don’t act like that, don’t show me, say no, it’s fine. – Cause you can’t see it,
you’re like what, what, what? – So what happens when that
happens though, because, for continuity, you
can’t have that big gash. – No, they just sort of, well Jeanie, the wonderful nurse on set,
kind of just stuck it together. (laughs) – You’re like fighters, you’re
like UFC fighters, okay. So who was the first, Dean,
who was the first person that you called when you got the part, when you got the role? – I found out when I was home alone. I got a call from my agents, and then I started screaming, yes, this is like a dream
job for me, by the way. And, so, my first instinct
was to call my mom. Tried to get through,
straight to voicemail, and for like 30 minutes
I couldn’t get through. She was obviously having like a much more important conversation. And I was like, mom, please, answer, and then finally she
answered, and it was all good. – Oh, I bet she was so proud. That’s so cool, cause
you work so hard to get these kind of roles and this opportunity. – Yeah, I mean, just to work
with Sam Mendes, the director, and Roger Deakins, George,
everyone apart of it was, you know, amazing. – So was there any downtime on set? – Not, not really, to be honest. Like, I think, cause
when we weren’t filming, we were rehearsing. We’d just be kinda
constantly going, always, because you just wanna, like
that big long shot today, it’s a, you know, you guys
were here practicing it before we got here even. You just practice, practice, practice. – I was, totally. I was here just directing it. – The guy said you were
just like two days before, or something. – Yes, I’m very method. So, now, what’s something, Dean, that you could tell us about George, about working with George? – George is honestly the
nicest bloke you’ll ever meet. – That’s not what he said backstage. I’m just kidding, I’m just
kidding, I’m just kidding. – I think a lot of people
don’t know that George is he loves dates, the fruit. – Oh, I was like, I think that’s
good that you like a date, like going on a date. – Well I said that in an interview once, and they looked at me really weird, and then until like I
finished the interview, and I was like no, I mean like the food, not going on dates. – And then I look stranger-ey. – That’s like the healthier
way to sweeten something. – It is, but that’s kind of, I dunno, that kinda kept us goin’,
like a cup of coffee and a cup of dates and you’re grand. – Oh my god, oh, so you’re
good with portions, cool. So Dean, what’s something
now one knows about George? If you were gonna tells us that. – You don’t have social media, do ya? – You don’t have social media? – No, I don’t. – How do you get away with that though? – I just never had it. I had Facebook at school,
and then I wasn’t using it, so I got rid of it. And then I remember when Twitter started, I remember my friend came around. He was like, have you seen this? Like, it’s basically
like Facebook statuses, but you can read celebrities
Facebook statuses. And I was like oh, okay. And I just never got on it, so I’ve, you know, but maybe it’s a good thing, because I’ve seen some of
those selfies there, and. – Would you let your
parents take over your, well not yours, would
you, you don’t have one, but if you did have one, would you let your parents take over? – Not in a million years. – You don’t think it’d be funny? – No, I don’t know what they’d post. It’d be the worst thing ever, wouldn’t it? – The unknown.
– The unknown. – I feel like my mother
would be hilarious. Like it would just be random things, and she didn’t realize she posted it, and it would be great. I feel like it’s something
I’m gonna do on Mother’s Day, I’m gonna have her take
over my social media. – Yeah, you should. – Yes, it’s gonna be just chaos. – She wouldn’t know that she posted, I remember my mom, my dad,
the first camera phone that he had, my mom looked
at it the wrong way round, and she went oh my god, there’s a camera? And she looked down the lens like that. – She’s like I got it, I’ve almost got it. – She’s like it’s all
black, I can’t see anything. – Something’s wrong with this phone. So George, anything funny
you’ve picked up about Dean? Like working with him? – About Dean, well, Dean is,
again, is a lovely bloke. You couldn’t meet a nicer human. – A lovely bloke, I love how you speak. – But he, um, he likes a nap, Dean. He likes a good nap.
– Don’t we all? – We all love it. – Yeah, don’t have kids. (laughs) – It’s gone, yes. – Just remember your last nap. – Yes, remember your
naps now, hold on to it. So, Dean, I am a hardcore
Game of Thrones person, and I had no idea you were in it twice. – I was. – Like I knew Tommen, but I
didn’t remember the other one for some reason. – Yeah, it was only a small part. It was, I think it was
back in season three, I played a character
called Martyn Lannister. – Yeah. – And it was in like two scenes,
they killed me off again. They stabbed me, and I
remember actually on that day on set, George R Martin, the
guy that wrote the books, was there, and David
and Dan that created it. So I guess that kinda my audition for Tommen without me knowin’ it. So yeah, like six months later, I got a call to say you’re
comin’ back as Tommen. And I was like, who’s Tommen? I don’t watch the show. So I ended up catchin’ up, watchin’ all the seasons,
loved it, super fan. Walkin’ through the sets for
the first time was honestly like walkin’ Disney Land, like
all the characters and stuff. – I can imagine the set up. – And then I remember steppin’
in the costume department for my costume fittin’, and they was all like, yeah, let’s, let’s get your crown fitted. And I was like, what, crown? And then they put on a crown on me, and that’s how I found out I
was gonna be King of Westeros, so that was pretty cool. – And then you found out
you were gonna die, again? (laughs) So apparently you die really well. – They must just hate
me, that’s what it is. – No, you’re awesome at it. It’s just such a, it’s
such a huge epic thing, so it’s a cool thing to be apart of, that’s why I brought it up. I’m a big fan, so. – Really?
– Yes. – You watch the last one?
– Yes. I am not like the others,
like people got upset with it, and I was like really excited about it. I thought it was really well done. I was like, people, like get a life. It was really good, yeah. (applause) I did, I liked it, I know
a lotta people didn’t, but whatever, don’t watch it. So, George, you auditioned for
Game of Thrones too, right? – Yeah, yeah, I did. Yeah, but like, it was
the same casting director, Nina Gold, who cast 1917. So, I auditioned twice over the years. Cause before, you know,
before it had become a thing, in that first series, and then
the second time I auditioned, I got an okay, I know what this is now, this is like the biggest
TV show on earth, so. – And then you ended up
working with the same people that you didn’t hire for that, but you got hired for this one. – Yes, yeah.
– That’s amazing. I always tell people that at The Voice, like when they don’t
make that cut, I’m like, oh, don’t show that you’re
just like so angry on camera, cause you never know what you might get from that opportunity. I always say that. Like you never, cause it’s upsetting when you don’t get something,
but at the same time, who knows what’s around the corner, and they’ll remember you and
be like that was a cool dude. Like I wanna work with that person. So, well done. – I’ve had like so many kind of like parts that I haven’t got, and
I’ve met the director a few years before or months before, and then, you know, you get
in the room a second time, and that’s when it comes good. – That’s so cool, it’s
hard to be an actor. That’s so nerve-wracking, I
would never wanna do that. – I couldn’t do what you do though. – Well this is easy,
but what you do is not.

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