Karl-Anthony Towns takes his game on the go with #NBA2K20

– The loser of this game— – Yes? – Has to eat these hot wings that are comin’ out. – I’m wit it. – What’s up, everybody? It’s your boy
Meech, and I’m in Chicago. Tonight, I’ll be hangin’ with
my man Karl-Anthony Towns. We’re gonna bowl a few games, and we’re gonna play NBA 2K on
Google’s new gaming platform, Stadia, where you can game anywhere, anytime. Let’s go meet up with KAT. – What up, bro?
– What’s up, KAT? Thanks for comin’ to bowl with me.
– Absolutely. – Here’s your controller. – Which one? That one?
– Yes, sir. – OK. – I already plugged in the Chromecast.
They got Wi-Fi, so we’re good to go. – Oh, we lit.
– Yeah, bro. Before we get to the lanes,
let’s play some 2K and then— I’mma beat you in this, and then I’mma beat you on that.
– Psh, I don’t know about that, but we’ll see. – What team you gonna use? – With the cameras around, I guess I’ll pick Minnesota.
– You gonna pick yourself? All right. – How do you change uniforms? You hit Y?
– You wanna change uniforms? Yeah, hit Y. – Oooh, OK!
– Yeah. All right, let’s get it. You still rockin’ the sleeve? – I used to. I had a elbow thing—
– Uh-huh. – So I was, like, rockin’ it to protect it,
but I think it do look swaggy. Oh, got ‘em. – That’s how you start it?
– No, I thought— – What do you usually do, you know,
on your days off to unwind? – Wow. Uh, usually, I like bowling with friends, but I always like, you know, just, really, playin’ video games. You know, golfing, just really doin’— – Golf?!
– Yeah, I love golfing, man. – How’s all the traveling been treating you? – That’s probably the most challenging thing that has
been for me in the NBA is just the travel. It’s nonstop. – What do you do to keep up with it? – Hope to God my phone works. I ain’t gonna lie, these graphics is crazy.
– Clean, right? And the greatest thing about it too— – Wow!
– You can game anywhere as long as you got Wi-Fi. – I know, and that’s crazy. Cuz if you told me I could just have this and I don’t need
anything else, that saves a lotta space in the luggage. – Nooo.
– Oh, my God! – No!
– Oh! Come in, Karl! Goddamn! – Nooo.
– Sheesh. As long as 32’s on the court, I feel pretty
confident in my, in my ability to win. – What’s, like, the one thing that, I guess,
you were kinda skeptical about with Stadia that you see is, you know, this is the real deal? – It’s the graphics more.
– Mhm. – I feel like it was more the graphics cuz I knew with
my gaming experience—like, PC, but I didn’t know, like, could it really pull it off?
– Yeah, for sure. – And, like, it really does. I’m a guy who’s been playin’ console controller
for years and just to see, like, the controller itself is actually very nice to have. – I mean, I’m gonna show you some crazier things
after we finish bowling, but— Oooh, sauce him up! But this is literally just beginning, man. Thank you!
– That was a good move, Will! – Let’s bowl some. Oh, sh— – There you go. – See what I’m workin’ with? – A little left.
– Got any tips for me? – Go straight.
– OK. I got a challenge for you.
Next person that gets a strike is the winner. – OK.
– Loser has to finish the half with their eyes closed. – All right, bet. Jeez! Uh-oh!
– Yes! – For the nation! – Do I match it now?
– Match it. Sick. – Say less! Oooh. I just threw the sexiest dot to Willie.
What happened to 32? – I can’t see 32. That’s the problem. I don’t even know if I got the ball. – Nah, you got the ball now. You have the ball. YOU have the ball. You’re not—
you’re in the backcourt, though. Press A. Pass it up, pass it—this man just shot a full-court shot!
– There you go. – You’re dribblin’ to the paint right now, but you got a
defender on you. Pass. Jumper. Fade. Miss. – This announcing is just amazing. Just— Oh, I’m still up. Oh, good.
– Yeah, you still up. – It’s lit. – All right, KAT. Let’s hit pause on this, man.
I’m gettin’ a little hungry. Let’s pick the game up at the bar. I got the Pixel here for you.
– OK. – We’re gonna just connect it right here.
– There we go. – You can take this one. Plug it in, man.
Pick it up right where we left off. – This is actually ridiculous. This is the most impressive thing cuz
the graphics are just as good still. What is happening?
– That’s the thing that really gets me. I’m essentially still on console.
– Yeah. – Yeah. – Come on, hit him! Oh, my goodness!
– No way. – Hey, you better hit that too.
– Oh, my goodness! Get busy! All right, I got one last challenge for you.
– OK. – The loser of this game—
– Yes. – Has to eat these hot wings that are comin’ out. – I’m wit it. – Do you have any big goals
before the end of the season? Anything else you’re tryna accomplish or just things
you wanna accomplish in the next couple years? – I don’t know. I’mma see where life takes me. – Mhm.
– I’m not really worried about the future yet because I gotta worry about the present
to set it up, you know? – That’s absolutely true.
– You know what I’m tryna say? – I’m a confirmed bucket. I’m a confirmed—mmm. – I’ll tell you who’s a confirmed bucket: that man.
– That man? – That man. Where the wings at? – Here we go, guys. Hot wings. – This is hot with a H-A-W-T or H-O-T? – Eh, hit it. – Hot is hot. – It’s spicy. – It cool?
– It’s one of them that hits you late. Yo, I appreciate you comin’ out with me,
bowling a lil’ bit, playin’ some 2K. – Yes, sir. – To get your own—
– Yeah. – Go to stadia.com, get your Stadia Premiere Edition. – All right. Say less.
– All right, man. – My G.
– Yes, sir. Good luck! – Appreciate you. Appreciate you, man. But there’s more wings over here,
so you gotta go finish those. – Ohhh.

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