Kareem Hunt replaces Spencer Ware
fantasy value about to go up welcome to another exciting episode of skill I’m your host King Coopa J and today we’re gonna be talking about Kansas City
Chiefs rookie running back Kareem Hunt replacing Spencer Ware Kansas City
Chiefs fans this is where we’re at all right so we’re replacing Spencer Ware
how was this affect you guys now let’s just get into it right last season 2016 Spencer Ware he had 921 yards the average 4.3 yards dude
only had three touchdowns that’s not bad he almost had a thousand yards now there
was only one game against the Oakland Raiders where he rushed for 131 yards
that’s not too bad but this is what I’m looking at okay so you got a a rusher
who’s good in the passing game who’s good for short line be good for goal
line they will miss that but at the same time the only brush 100 yards one game
last year Alex Smith said this guy if could do like everything which he can
what you can Andy Reid’s offense is based on right it’s a running offense we’re
looking at the rookie running back Kareem Hunt he was drafted in the third
round we’re looking at Charcandrick West who is a proven pass catcher out of
the backfield he’s also good for like past blocking and stuff like that he’s I
then we’re looking at CJ Spiller who is the faster running back out of the bunch
and CJ Spiller ain’t done nothing since like 2012 do had like 1200 yards and
he’s been trying to bounce back says now Now Spencer Ware is 229 pounds you know the most physical runner on a team like replacing this guy is going to be tough
they use this guy for goal line they you this guy for short yards they use this
guy for like options like he’s very very very very physical the question is can these guys still compete can the Kansas City Chiefs compete without
Spencer Ware yes they can compete I think there’s still a very solid team I
watched some footage on Kareem Hunt I mean they really are behind this guy
that they’re there with it they wouldn’t have drafted him if they weren’t
he ain’t really got no breakaway speed but he got like a little burst going up
the middle now Andy Reid did say nobody’s replacing Spence Ware he is
a big part of their organization he’s a great football player he’s not going to
even say that any one of these guys are gonna placement what I’m thinking if you
drive buddy in the third round you start now one of the buzz you already know
what time it is bye-bye Ware okay where is Kareem Hunts
the fantasy value is shooting up everybody’s talking about this guy we
all know coach Andy Reid likes to run so where do you draft this guy for all my
fantasy people watching this now look I’m gonna tell you where the draft is
guy right okay so we know Spencer Ware didn’t pop 100 yards but once last year and
we can’t say that about this guy and and Charcandrick West only did it like two three times when he had a starting role before Spencer Ware
took it over so with these guys with this bunch but
this offensive line I’m saying look draft this guy third round maybe middle third fourth if you very very lucky because he’s considered like
you know a sleeper because nobody really know about this guy except the Kansas
City chief fan base you know cuz I didn’t know nothing about him until I seen you
know ESPN int flex should be solid not an rb1 I’m saying more like a really
really really really solid RB2 and hopefully he would just have a breakout
season and he could be an rb1 and everybody would pick them up listening
to me you know do you think the Kansas City Chiefs can still compete without
there and start running back Spencer Ware or do you think Kareem
Hunt is gonna come in beast out you know impress coach Andy Reid and there’s not
gonna be anything else to worry about solid rookie campaign can you do
what Zeke did can he do what um Howard did his first yeah I don’t know let’s see
jumping in comment box let me know what you think about this Kareem hunt RB 1 RB 2 for my fantasy guys like don’t like Spencer Ware
going down torn ACL knee injury oh my god that’s ugly I planned on picking this
guy anyway if you know this channel make
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did it and and remember if you’re not here to debate you’re here to hate peace

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