Jogadores de 2,55M no Dream League Soccer 2019

Jogadores de 2,55M no Dream League Soccer 2019

One more video for the channel, today I decided to bring to you,
a modification of DLS, I decided to bring everyone
2.55M players, let’s test and
see if we can play online with this version, see that my players are giants,
his face does not appear at the beginning of the game, let’s start our game and see
if you can play online, if not online
let’s play offline, I will kick forward
and see if the game will run, it happens when not
can play online, let’s play offline, see that my team and
the opposing team has 2.55, I will play only the first time
of the game to show you, ball touch for Vieirinha,
hit the goal, goalkeeper defense, before continuing with the video,
I want to talk to you, if you like the channel, do not forget
subscribe to the channel, enable notifications
and leave the like in the video, my instagram will be
in the description for you, I just scored a goal,
it was very beautiful, it was a goal from afar, even though the goalkeeper is giant,
he keeps failing in goal, this is the fault of the game itself,
no matter the size of the goalkeeper, they will always be bad, I almost make one more goal,
corner for my team, I like to play in the background because
I like to catch the kick first, wrong … it went very far … the opposing goalkeeper will
charge the goal shot I will leave in the description the
download this game modification, you will be able
play with this team, however you will have to uninstall
the old version of your game, and install this new version, I already showed a large part
of the game for you, we are here in 25 minutes
from the first time, I don’t want you to see
everything that has in this modification, I want you to install
on your phone and play, God bless life
from each of you, until the next video
and be with God, I went.

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  1. Você é o melhor jogador que eu conheço, faz um vídeo ensinando a Gente jogar pra ser campeão da 1 divisão, táticas e toques. Já estralei o dedo no like.

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