Jimmy Fallon Thinks Mike Pence Wrote the New York Times “Resistance” Op-Ed

Jimmy Fallon Thinks Mike Pence Wrote the New York Times “Resistance” Op-Ed

-You guys, we have Paul
McCartney on the show tonight! [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my favorite. I just love him so much. Did you guys hear this? In a recent interview,
he said that he once saw God while he was doing
psychedelic drugs. [ Laughter ] Paul was like,
“Oh, man, that’s God.” [ Laughter ] While God was like, “Holy crap,
that’s Paul McCartney! My God! You’re the biggest —
I love you so much.” [ Applause ] We’re excited here at NBC, not
just because of Paul McCartney. But because the NFL season
kicked off tonight with a game between the Atlanta Falcons
and the Philadelphia Eagles. It is —
[ Cheers and applause ] And it’s perfect timing
for the Eagles’ fans ’cause they just sobered up
from the Super Bowl. -So that is — That’s very nice. It’s fun having football on NBC. You can tell
the game was on NBC, because when a player
committed a penalty, they didn’t throw a flag,
they just heard this. [ “Law & Order” chime ] [ Laughter ] Of course, fantasy football
also began tonight. It’s a fun way for people
who are bad at real sports to realize that they’re also bad
at imaginary sports. It’s just that odd combination. [ Applause ] Oh, I saw that later
this season too, the NFL will hold a game
in Mexico. It’s all part of the league’s
plan to combine as many things that Trump hates as possible. It’s really, really clever.
[ Cheers and applause ] Rosie O’Donnell
is doing the halftime show. -Oh, my God.
-It’s going to be unbelievable. [ Laughter ] Jeff Sessions is a referee. -Oh, my gosh.
-It’s just really great. Speaking of the President,
after one of his staffers wrote an anonymous op-ed
criticizing him, Trump is trying to find out
who it was. Today he said,
“It’s kind of fun. It’s like I’m playing a real
life version of ‘Blue’s Clues.’ We are looking for anonymous.
We are looking for anonymous. We are looking for anonymous.
Tell me who he is or she.” [ Laughter and applause ] “Blue, where are you, Blue?” A lot of people
are trying to figure out who wrote the article. Let’s pick some phrases
from the piece and see if they sound like
anyone in the White House. We’ll figure it out right now. We have a computer
that can track these things. Yeah. For instance, the author uses the phrase
“our shared values.” Computer Accuspeech 3000, has anyone at the White House
ever said that? -Our shared values.
Our shared values. Shared values.
Our shared values. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] Sounds like Mike Pence
has said that before. But still it could be anyone.
Okay? Another phrase they used was
“safer and more prosperous.” Let’s see if anyone said that. -Safer and more prosperous. Safer and more prosperous. And safer and more prosperous. -Okay, okay, okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay. Those are pretty common sayings. It doesn’t mean that he —
it was definitely Mike pence. There was one article —
one word in the article that really stood out
that I had never heard before. It was the word “lodestar.” You ever heard that one? You ever —
-Lodestar? -Yeah, lodestar. -Not lone star. Lodestar. -Lodestar.
No one’s ever used that. Can we check it out?
Has anyone used it? -It really was the lodestar. It will be our lodestar. As our lodestar. Lodestar. -Okay. It was Mike Pence.
All right, that’s fine. Let’s just move on.
[ Cheers and applause ] Wow. Lodestar. -Lodestar. -Today at Brett Kavanaugh’s
Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Democrats released some of his
confidential e-mails from 2003. Republicans were furious that
his e-mails were being read. Then Hillary was like,
“Sucks, doesn’t it?” [ Laughter and applause ] I heard that Ford is recalling
2 million F-150 trucks because of fire concerns. Then owners were like, “Driving
my F-150 while it’s on fire? What’s more badass than that? Let’s do it. Come on!
Mud bogging! Let’s do it!” [ Applause ] Hey, guys, I saw that Starbucks recently opened its first store
in Italy. And this is weird. Over there the sizes are
small, medium, and large. [ Laughter ] -Really? That doesn’t make any sense. ‘Cause here
they’re Italian words. -I think it makes perfect sense. Finally, as I mentioned,
the NFL is back, everybody. Tonight, the Super Bowl champion
Philadelphia Eagles took on the Atlanta Falcons in Philly
right here on NBC. We wanted to help you get to know the players
a little better. So with that mind, it’s time
for “Tonight Show Stats.” ♪ -Tonight Show stats ♪ ♪ Tonight Show stats ♪ -First up is Mack Hollins
from the Eagles. His position is wide receiver. His age is 24. His hair cut age is nine. [ Laughter ] Childhood dream is to fully grow
into a Chia pet. That’s right. Some stats. [ Applause ] Next, we have Matt Bryant
from the Falcons. Number of years in the league —
17. Number of daughters’ boyfriends
scared away — 17. [ Laughter ] Pregame meal — two Schlitz Tall Boys
and a pack of Marlboro Reds. Celebrity look-alike is Howie
Mandel on a three-night bender. [ Applause ] And finally, we have Matt Pryor
from the Eagles. Height — 6’7″. Weight — 332 pounds. Looks like —
Abraham Lincoln after sex. There you go. Those are your
“Tonight Show Stats.” We have a great show.
Give it up for the Roots!

100 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon Thinks Mike Pence Wrote the New York Times “Resistance” Op-Ed

  1. Funny, Dingbat Pelosi said the same. Does Jimmy get his DNC talking points from them now? I bet it was written by a NYT writer or someone from the DNC.

  2. Who is mean and smart enough to set up Mike Pence in such a devious fashion? KELLYANNE CONWAY – that's who.

    Pence wouldn't identify himself as part of "the resistance."

  3. Well Jimmy Omarosa say it cane out of Pences office by one of his aides
    I think Steve Miller and Trump went over to Pences office in middle of night and wrote it. Now Dog the bounty hunter hot on the traitors tail for 50k .
    I also believe McCain left in his Senate desk for Lindsey Graham to take to newspaper for him the last part hasn't been added TRUMP KISS MY . . .

  4. Wouldn't surprise me. He's just sane enough to write such a piece, and insane enough to believe God is talking to him.

  5. I hope Traitor Trump spends the rest of what's left of his presidency trying to hunt down the op ed writer so he has less time to commit Treason.

  6. Jimmy has become another celebrity hypocrite. It was okay when Trump appeared on his show and let him mess up his hair but now he has cowardly caved into liberal NBC execs and becoming another liberal butt kisser like Kimmel and Colbert.

  7. All war is Deception Sun Tzu the Arts of War, it's not Pence or Melania as fall person DOPES have their uses….my money's on Jr or some General..about the brain of a 5th or 6th grader he said….

    You can go with key words and Donny Jr is sneaky like his dad and knows the charges on that Non Profit Political Slush Fund in NEW YORK STATE CHARGES, DADDY DUMP, HE CANNOT PARDON THOSE CHARGES..

  8. Op Ed was written by some one who works at the NYT. His/her body will be discovered within 2 weeks on a Jersey Shore. This may be the work of one of these flaky liberal Jews like Carl Bernstein.

  9. Kkk Dems are the ones whom brought Nazi SS officer Wernher vaun Braun and his team to the USA and created nasa , All fake news biased stations spread racism and hate daily about Trump , a man whom had no reason to tarnish his name. Do all you haters know the Democrats president FDR , Roosevelt to JFK are the ones whom brought Nazi SS officer Wernher vaun Braun the Nazi rocket engineer , and his team to the USA and gave them jobs . He was the creator of the V2 rocket and the Apollo manned lunar missions , we would not have made it to the moon if it wasn't for Werner vaunbraun working for us . Thank the Nazis for our nasa program, Yep , Democrats brought the Nazis home , and here all you sore losers scream Nazi and KKK everyday about Trump . Your a bunch of ass clowns that forgot their history … And that's why young ones vote for whomever the paid off media tells them to vote for. Learn your history … The red tsunami is coming
    trump 2020

  10. It would be the best thing that has happened in a long time if Mike Pence actually did pen that NYT op-ed. The good thing is that the President cannot fire his Vice President!!

  11. tRump is a genius!!! how many people can insult so many with only 1
    fragment. he is top on twitter! now he has to get rid of that darn first amendment, oh snap~~ give him time, only the 1% will live in america
    no one in wh wrote that, only stupid ppl r in the wh





  13. Possible that the writer tried frame Pence as the writer by including these phrases/words. I doubt it, but it is possible. Probably Pence tho, maybe this is his "see, I'm not as bad as Trump" evidence for when he becomes acting president.

  14. Each member of the craven coterie surrounding this illegitimate president is totally loaded with s**t. But there can be only one LODESTAR. Plainly Pence wrote this anonymous missive. Refer to helpful equation below.

    2 Burrito Grandes + 3 fish tacos = 1 Pence Lodestar.

  15. That Op-Ed wasn't written by just one person. A few people worked on it. That's how you cover your ass. Plausible deniability and all that. Wanna bet?

  16. holy crap. that last ball player is one foot taller than me but two hundred pounds heavier! as an athlete i ride and train between 100-280 km per day at a pace of around 20 miles per hour. i wonder if he could outpace me? i doubt it. all that meat is good for one thing, running, hitting and running and hitting while carrying a ball.

    i can sprint and climb

    two very different sports, one relies on brute force, one relies on mental fortitude and strength and tactics ( but we don't like body contact, or we break )

  17. we use small medium and large because venti and trenta actually mean 20 and 30, and they have no correlation to the content, the size or any other numerically coherent meaning..
    also, who still uses ounces???

  18. It's all really quite simple. The NYT op-ed writer is a NYT writer who wanted people to think it was Pence. I'm sure he has access to all the clips that Jimmy's (and the other Jimmy's) writers use.

  19. How can one human be so insufferable? I was as interested as possible in the premise of this video and Fallon ruined it within less than a minute 🙁

  20. A revengeful CNN journalist wrote this Opinion Editorial in retaliation to TRUMP's fake news accusations of Main Stream Media . Publishing this anonymous article by New York Times is subversive and criminal.

  21. Pence did not do it, in my opinion. No way he is that stupid to leave a word that no one else uses. Or someone is trying to throw him under the bus

  22. Let's be honest, Americans had shitty options in the last election. Trump or Hillary? They are both horrible. At least Trump is shaking shit up. Hillary would have just been more of the same old same old.

  23. The source for the Op-Ed is clearly someone trying to imitate and thus implicate pence. This is an inside job, either the GOP turning in on itself or, more likely, a twisted attempt at propaganda. It makes a new fight for distraction using the old smoke and mirrors.

  24. It was funny how Obama wouldn't pardon Hillary Clinton, before he left office. There's no love-loss between left-wing war criminals. LOL!!

  25. What a shame Fallon sold his soul to the liberal entertainment industry. A year or so ago his boss and producers told him they would fire him if he didn't start lying and trashing Trump. "We need you to provide industry standard opposition to Trump". Liberals have got to be the single most pathetic people to ever walk the Earth.

  26. Republicans should be worried because BETO for Senate is similar to JFK for president! Beto is wise, caring, hardworking AND TEXAN! We love BETO!

  27. its lodestar" trek "roddenberry s spirit trolling white house trying to earn his wings into heaven by driving potus nuts

  28. Pence is biding his time, waiting for his turn to be president when Trump falls. In many ways, he's even scarier than Trump.

  29. The walls are beginning to close in on the corrupt officials of the DOJ and FBI. Many of them have been FIRED, ON LEAVE, DEMOTED, or ABOUT TO RESIGN. Just more Stormy and the Trip and Fall lawyer, Popo, and Manny. And the main stream media is not covering this, and they the Fake News is just indulging with the Special Counsel. But. thanks to Bruce Ohr's emails and text messages, his deposition about to be declassified. What was the Leak Strategy? This is the Great Russian Fiasco that Donald T T Trump is under the control of Putin. To all true Americans, those who don't want Open Borders, don't want Maxine inciting violence, respect the American Flag, Culture, the Constitution, smaller Government, and one official language, please STOP DRINKING THE RUSSIAN COOL AID.

  30. I think the CIA wrote it … cos they are just trying to find something to get trump to fall. just think.. if they did have evidence of russias so called collusion .. then trump would have been toast by now… but they don't … its just one of those lies that got the US into Iraq, Afghanistan,, Libya .. and now Syria … maybe Venezuela as well… LOL!! jimmy should use this as a joke … its everlasting

  31. I don't think there is any such thing as a lodestar, I have heard of a lodestone which Is a building term but lodestar is just some made up crap pence thinks sounds cool, and yea he probably wrote it or else one of his minions did trying to sound cool by using a word that does not exist.

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